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Everyone knows what a samurai warrior is, and they are featured in Japanese folklore, Japanese art especially shunga art, in movies, in books and in all forms of creativity.  Including, and you can believe this or not, erotica. Japanese samurai warriors are erotic!  They are certainly not pornographic, but then, shunga art is not pornography. It is sensual, it is vibrant, it is alive, and it is much wanted by collectors worldwide.

What is it that makes samurai warriors sexy?  Well, they are sensational!  If you look at the shunga art, samurai wear flowing robes, they have hair that blows in the wind, they carry swords and they are not scared to use them. They also make great lovers and in many a shunga print you can see a Japanese woman lying side by side with a Samurai Warrior, limbs entangled, both having a very good time!  Pleasure on both sides seems guaranteed.

A samurai is passionately kissing his lover while making love in the open-air near a river

‘Near a river’ – Utagawa Kunisada

Samurai are often painted with Japanese woman, perhaps a girlfriend, but also, often with geisha or courtesans. The samurai had needs too, and a sexual dalliance between a aamurai and a courtesan was certainly not unheard of. Samurai were never shy about their needs for sex and in fact, if you look at shunga prints and images, you realize they turn the world of sexuality upside down.  They are not all about sexual pleasure though, they are in fact about peace and community coming out of sexual pleasure.

Men fantasize about being samurai Warriors.  Women fantasize about having Samurai Warriors.  shunga art show Samurai Warriors at their best.

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