Decadent orgy with westerners

Enjoy the aesthetics of sensual art without restraint

"True beauty is the sum of our erotic dreams" (Salvador Dali)

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I am Marijn Kruijff and the founder of Shunga Gallery. I love and sell art and in the beginning the content I added to this website was

intended to provide additional background info on shunga art work to my clients.


But as the list of members to our bulletin grew I saw an underlying need. One of our members

put it nicely 'Your platform offers an oasis in a desert of prudishness.' This and many other similar

reactions have made me realize that many fans of sensual art are looking for a place where these 

aesthetic needs are met.



That is why I will increasingly focus on creating more content. The starting point remains 

classical shunga but I also pay attention to adjacent sensual art forms such as shibari, hentai,

modern shunga, tattoo art, photography, Chinese, Indian, Western, modern (sensual) art. 

Both old and new!


Over time, the Shunga Gallery team has expanded with my brother Thijs (off-line operations) and 

co-author Darya. Recently our team has expanded with three more authors.

Together, we will continue to dedicate ourselves fully to the satisfaction of your 

aesthetic needs concerning sensual art....!!



Where to go now? Just start by downloading our free ebook using underneath button. 

These include extensive studies on shunga and its great artists..!!

Your site is artistically appealing and intellectual. Comparing genres of artists and form with Shunga has been an enjoyable revelation.

(Roy Ricci - USA)

Dear Marijn,

It struck me the other day that we have been working together on building my special shunga collection for over 10 years! The first receipt I have in my records is from 2005, and I think that might not be the first one.

I just wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation and respect for your knowledge, particularly in the area of these woodblock prints, and for your incredible professionalism when it comes to working with clients. You have never failed to provide fast, detailed, and candid information in response to any question.

And this is not trivial: the packaging and shipping of these works has been 100% safe, secure and reliable. I keep my pieces stored in the papers you wrap them in, to this day.All the best as you shift your exclusive focus into shunga, an area that has been growing in exciting ways, worldwide, over this past decade.

With best regards,


Dr. Brian P. Coppola (高伯乐) Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Chemistry
Associate Chair for Educational Development and Practice
Department of Chemistry 930 North University Avenue
University of Michigan Chemistry

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