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  • about Eisen's fascinating motives behind the books while enjoying the visual mastery of this ukiyo-e icon....!
  • all the 27 exciting illustrations displayed in Eisen's book series 'Konote-gashiwa (Child's Hands Oak)' including detailed descriptions
  • a lot of background on the objects surrounding the intimate protagonists
  • butterflies with phallus-shaped wings, flowers with phallus chalices (!)
  • a two-headed Paradise Flycatcher (!)
  • and much more...!!
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Exciting, informative, documented ... Superb, as usual. Thank you so much.
Some person - Company BV
Beautiful frames and informative commentary. Thank you!
Some person - Company BV
Thank you for this gift. Great color remakes, it makes them more real. Beautiful works.
Some person - Company BV