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  • The most extensive study on Hokusai's shunga on the net!
  • Don't miss out on the insights to this great ukiyo-e master
  • Check out the background info of his best works
  • Covers all his contributions to shunga
  • His unmatched sensual virtuosity
  • Find out about his influences
  • His most famous series
  • And much more....

  • Extra bonus content on Hokusai's Octopus design!
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This is a great publication that reviews the best shunga in a unique publication of very high quality. Any collector of shunga will find this a treasure, but also anybody interested in Japanese art will love it. Even, any human interested in sexuality end erotic’s (and who is not!) should have a look. A masterpiece.
Prof. dr. Ph.E.V.A. van  Kerrebroeck
Great book (and here is why). Shunga has been in the shadows for a hundred or so years… and open discussion was more or less limited to academic writing or the collector’s underground. This book is symbolic of a more mainstream and accessible shunga, meant to be available to the general public alongside its legitimate cousins from the woodblock printing eras. I think this is the leading edge of a “Hokusai Wave” of interest, and books such as these can add to this energy.
Dr. Brian P. Coppola