The Anatomy of Hokusai’s Rarest Shunga Series

  • Why is The Horny God of Izumo Hokusai's rarest series?
  • What are the intentions of the randy doctor in plate no.9?
  • What is the hilarious dialogue of the copulating street dogs about?
  • Why is one of the lover's collecting "body-fluids"?
  • What is the connection with the pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein?
  • Find out about the female "tormentor" and her three fatigued lovers!
  • Lots of interesting insights on the accompanying Japanese text!

  • You can find all the answers and much more by downloading your copy now....!!
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Exciting, informative, documented ... Superbe, as usual. Thank you so much.
Renaud (France)
Beautiful frames and informative commentary. Thank you!
Allen F., Greater Philadelphia - USA
Great book that offers nice content. Many insights on Hokusai that were new to me and with profound details on the prints. Love the images too. Very enticing! I am looking forward to the next Ebook...haha - Thanks!!
Peter L.- Gouda, The Netherlands
"Thank you for this gift. Great color remakes, it makes them more real. Beautiful works."
Bob D. - Quebec, Canada