Carved by Yuuya Shimoi in 2018
Rares shunga series

Want to find out all the secrets of Hokusai's Rarest Shunga Series?

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Philip van Kerrebroeck

E.V.A. van  Kerrebroeck

Prof. dr. Ph.

A unique publication of very high quality

This is a great publication that reviews the best shunga in a unique publication of very high quality. Any collector of shunga will find this a treasure, but also anybody interested in Japanese art will love it. Even, any human interested in sexuality end erotic’s (and who is not!) should have a look. A masterpiece.

What's inside

    • Why is The Horny God of Izumo Hokusai's rarest series?
    • What are the intentions of the randy doctor in plate no.9?
    • What is the hilarious dialogue of the copulating street dogs about?
    • Why is one of the lover's collecting "body-fluids"?
    • What is the connection with the pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein?
    • Find out about the female "tormentor" and her three fatigued lovers!
    • Lots of interesting insights on the accompanying Japanese text!
    • You can find all the answers and much more....!!
Rarest shunga series
Shunga Gallery

About the author

Shunga Gallery is conceived and created by specialist art dealer and historian Marijn Kruijff.

In 2000 Marijn started selling ukiyo-e art and inspired by its aesthetic and commercial appeal, over the years he focused more and more on the erotic subgenre called shunga. The genre within ukiyo-e that explores the erotic secrets of ancient Japan.

Over the next two decades Marijn’s shunga content was removed from several platforms including YouTube and Tumblr, and it became increasingly clear that there wasn’t anywhere where artists and lovers of shunga and related sensual art could freely share and express these interests, somewhere to enjoy the aesthetics of shunga without restraint.

In 2016 he started the website and blog Shunga Gallery, which has now published more than six hundred articles and five eBooks.  

The growing interest in his mission can be seen in the number of new subscriptions growing daily.


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Wonderful information
 Beautiful, clear design and yet more wonderful information and images to perk up my tea breaks. The hits keep coming, and coming, and…
Mark poysden
Mark Poysden (US)
Superb, as usual
Exciting, informative, documented ... Superb, as usual. Thank you so much.
Renauld (France)
Thank you!
Beautiful frames and informative commentary. Thank you!
Alan James
Alan (US)
Rarest shunga series
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Rarest Shunga Series

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