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  • Featuring the greatest selection of images focusing on erotic pee art ever published
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  • reveals 700+ of the most arousing images of urinating figures throughout art history
  • entertaining written introduction to this fascinating topic 
  • including the kinkiest examples you'll ever come across
  • including numerous references to other sensual work of the concerning artists
  • a lot of work has gone into identifying many artists who often work(ed) anonymously
  • including interesting stories behind some of the works
  • completely uncut and uncensored NSFW material
  • fascinating are the naughty artworks you'll find in the doubtful cases section
  • including countless clickable links to interesting sources
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To give an impression of what's inside, you can find a little pee-k here:

Starting in the Renaissance with Jan "Mabuse" Gossaert's painting of the goddess Danae. in which Jupiter turns into a golden rain to seduce the young woman, via the "pissing at the moon" piece of Pieter Breughel the Elder, etchings of Rembrandt, the intimate toilet visits as portrayed by Francois Boucher, to the innovative 19th century masters Georg Emanuel Opiz, Félicien Rops and the Post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin. The twentieth century and twenty-first centuries were soon to offer a reinvigorated and brutal vision of urination, a barrage of urinary provocations, where the prolific Russian-born illustrator Rojan immediately catches the eye with, among other things, his stimulating version of Little Red Riding Hood in which the main character is disturbed by the wolf during a pee break in the forest. Or what about the ...

  • kinky photography of the provocative artists Andres Serrano, Gilles Berquet, and Frédréric Fontenoy, a.o.
  • masterful shunga fantasies of ukiyo-e artists like Kitagawa Utamaro, Utagawa Kunisada and Kuniyoshi
  • numerous refined illustrations by comic legends Georges Pichard and Milo Manara
  • impish lesbian adventures of the graphic storytellers Slartzee and Rebecca Hap
  • bold sketches and drawings from the British medical illustrator Tom Poulton 
  • charming girls who have retreated behind a bush by the Dutch impressionist Harry Maas
  • the "golden rain" fantasies of the indiscreetly libidinal expressionist Guillaume Soulatges
  • unrelentingly blasphemous fantasies of the Chilean dark artist KerbCrawlerGhost
  • rare "pee" examples by the spanking artist Waldo and piss-drinking slaves of Giko
  • grotesque "defecating" art of Yoshifumi Hayashi, Odd Nerdrum, Cervolex and others
  • rare pieces by Pachu M Torres including one of a peeing bondage slave sporting a fox mask
  • homoerotic examples of among others, Sadao Hasegawa and Martin of Holland
  • anonymous erotic photography from both Victorian and contemporary times
  • rebellious chicks of Nikita Ogurtsov and squatting girls of Gare DeSadall 
  • ink washes of Marlene Dumas paying homage to Rembrandt's Pisseuse
  • femdom fetishes by obscure illustrators like Jim of Germany and Giko
  • giant "watering" mistresses by femdom fan favorite Namio Harukawa
  • peeing ladyboys of the American fetish legend Eric Stanton
  • grotesque erotica of the Polish illustrator Jan Draws Erotica
  • humiliating reveries of the extreme BDSM artist Joseph Farrell
  • dark, atmospheric street scenes of Frans de Geetere
  • Hajime Sorayama's urinating pin-up goddesses 
  • countless examples of graphic hentai art
  • enigmatic black-and white poetry of Apollonia Sainclair
  • bush pissers of the Finnish artist Sirkku Rosi
  • pee background stories
  • and (MUCH) more 

The Pee Art Museum Offers the Most Arousing Images From Art History

pee cover 1

Exhibition Room 1

In this first eBook, in addition to an introduction to this striking theme, you'll discover an extensive visual overview of unique pee art from the Renaissance to contemporary times. Including compelling "Golden Shower" artworks by, among others, Francois Boucher, Frans de Geetere, Rojan, KerbCrawlerGhost, and Guillaume Soulatges. 

pee cover 2

Exhibition Room 2

The second eBook offers 72 carefully selected images divided into the following categories: vintage and modern photography, classic shunga, modern Japanese, and poo secrets.

Time to Take Shower (2011) by Devil's Neighbour

Bonus Exhibition Room 1

Fetish art is the genre par excellence where urinating figures regularly emerge. In this exhibition room dedicated to this genre you'll find many kinky examples from the subgenres BDSM and femdom including condescending horse girls, older chubby females humiliating teenage girls, voluminous mistresses sitting on scrawny male slaves by Namio Harukawa and notorious femdom artists like Hines, Giko, Sardax, Jim of Germany and many others.

pee art milo manara

Bonus Exhibition Room 2

This room houses, among other things, rare shunga gems from the late 18th and early 19th century often drawing on the genre's beloved 'voyeuristic' narrative, lustful examples from comic book art with many brilliant "piss" tableaux from the oeuvres of comic greats Milo Manara  and Georges Pichard. Concluding here with the bold hentai art (Japanese pornographic anime and manga) from recent times portraying desperate girls looking for a place to relieve themselves..

pee pic Berquet

Bonus Exhibition Room 3

Ever since the early days of the invention of photography in the 19th century, the naughty intimacy between people with all their different preferences has been a favorite subject. Every now and then there were also voyeuristic snapshots of shy women urinating, of which you can find some rare early examples in this "Vintage & Modern Photography" room. Less introverted are the female protagonists in the fetish-chic settings of Jean Paul Four and Gilles Berquet whose diagonal urine streams cross the image. This and much more revealing photographs.

pee art Kaockl

Bonus Exhibition Room 4

This exhibition space offers the urinating figures as displayed in homoerotic art, a corner where it is not entirely clear whether the imagery depicts urination or something else, and a section with poo art by Odd Nerdrum, Javier Gil and Stu Mead. In the last category you'll find the pee theme as featured in shock art that we've classified as Taboo. These are mostly the bolder expressions of fetish art including asphyxiation and misogyny.

pee art Claveloux

Bonus Exhibition Room 5

Here you'll find the first part (Various I) including a mixture of 68 "pee" artworks that are slightly more difficult to categorize, starting with an engraving from the early 16th century of a drunken Bacchus with playing putti and ending in 2021 with the work of a reclusive artist with a kinky Indian twist.

Danaë and the Golden Shower (2008) by Alexander Sigov

Bonus Exhibition Room 6

This room is a continuation of the previous one and starts with ten candid sketches with the "pee" fantasies of the British medical illustrator Tom Poulton, then shows you various pieces references to "Danaë and the Golden Shower", early 20th century postcards with a wink to the recipient, Sex Bizarre covers, and dozens of other exciting examples of "pee" erotica .

pee art by The Garden of Good and Evil

Bonus Future Exhibitions

The PAM. is unique as it contains an ongoing exhibition that will be updated regularly in the future, so that you can enjoy new pee secrets and stories again and again.

Three Bonus Mystery Gifts

Visitors of the P.A.M. will also find three mystery gifts inside!

What visitors of the museum say:

"I have always craved for peeing art of all kinds, and I'm intrigued by the history of erotic art related to urination. This gallery is pure gold, and I can't wait to start my journey in this online gallery. I am eager to view art from all over the world. I really value your work."

(Craig L, Hong Kong)

"Just in case you thought this membership bonus was a bit of an empty come-on, allow me to recommend this copious benefit to you as a life-long seeker after the unusual in erotic art. This archive is huge, various, and would take you years of effort to research and curate by yourself. Shunga Gallery has done the work for you and rewards your marginal extra commitment (at a cheaper monthly price!) in excessive detail and quantity. The historical range of this erotic fixation is impressive as is the sometimes extreme nature of the images. I have never seen the great majority of the material assembled for you here."

(Peter Fogarty - United Kingdom)
The pee art museum gallery is unique in its genre. I have never seen such a great collection of pictures and materials presented as drawings and photography. I would definitely love to see this topic developed further.
(Artem - United States)
The Pee Art Museum represents a remarkable collection of seldom seen art work, which ranges from sensuality to provocation and spans a very broad geographical and historical distribution. I, for one, particularly enjoy the most sensual and tender pieces, but some of the kinkiest ones also tickle my imagination and libido in a very pleasant way.
(Gautier M - Chile)

"Touring in P.A.M. is an exciting experience. There are so many drawings and pictures relating to hentai comics and other genres. Unexpectedly I found the works of Milo (Manara) here as well. This genre is quite fascinating."

(Pete YHL - Hong Kong)
"This is an amazing collection! So many interesting styles, and different approaches to depicting pee! Definitely worth the price!"
(Hector - United States)
"What a fascinating collection of pissing ladies (I ignore the men). I particularly liked the lesbian couple who pissed on each other."
(Jean Dupois, France)

"An amazing place, filled with delights difficult to imagine. Never eschewing artistic merit, senses are thrilled and enchanted. I would recommend anyone with an interest in erotica more developed than mere porn to join and explore. The fee for lifetime membership is well worth the reward received."

(Gerrit - South Africa)
"Wow! The Ebooks and all the bonus features are great! Impressive selection of piss fantasies. Looking forward to the future updates."
(Erich Kr, - Düsseldorf, Germany)
"Beautiful new addition to Shunga Gallery and not to be missed for fans of this fascinating fetish."
(Tristan R,, - Lille, France)
"I like that the images are divided into different themes. I have already discovered many new things. George Pichard is classic!"
(George E. - London, United Kingdom)
"Thank you for the access to the pee collection, this is extremely helpful!"
(GcubedArt - Erotic Artist)
"Playful pee imagery. The treatment here is one glee and a wink and a nod at pee as something naughty but what harmless erotic fun. The comics also express a sense of primal connection as well as plain and simple delight. The desire to connect and exchange power and pleasure is at heart of it all and in fact so much of erotic art."
(Carmelo Militano - Canadian poet)

"I'm quite familiar with this subject but was still pleasantly surprised with the collection, such as with Milo Manara and Giovanna Casotto to name a few. Fan of Georges Pichard and Namio Harukawa."

(Slartzee - Belgian artist)
"The museum is very good. I never imagined there were so many images related to pee. Highly recommended!"
(Andrew W.,- Minnesota, U.S.)
peeing nun KerbCrawlerGhost

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