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For many years, as a long-time collector of Japanese prints, I had only a passing interest in shunga. However, since joining Premium, I have become much more aware of the importance and beauty of this genre. Every week, Premium gives me access to many new, well-researched, and richly illustrated articles that showcase particular prints and artists in compelling ways. Most articles include numerous cross-cultural references, for example, that help place works of erotic art in global aesthetic and historical perspective. These articles also highlight the humor or subtle social commentary that may underlie more obvious sexual content. In my opinion, Premium’s low monthly price, accessibility, informational content, and full-color illustrations make it preferable over many books on the topic. I would encourage anyone with an interest in Japanese prints, erotic art generally, or even cultural anthropology and psychology, to become a member of Premium.
James Tiesinga, Anchorage, Alaska