Octopus ravaging diver girl

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A nude beauty with an octopus on her head is piching a dwarf diver

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EBook Playful Lesbian Girls As Portrayed in Classical Chinese Erotic Art

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Playful Lesbian Girls As Portrayed in Classical Chinese Erotic Art

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What's inside (35 pages)

  • More on the intriguing background of these lonely concubines
  • Larded with enticing images of secret lesbian rendezvous
  • Detailed descriptions of the paintings in the book
  • What is the story behind the painting of the two girls on the cover?
  • A rare scroll with twelve lesbian couples
  • A passionate poem dedicated to lesbian love-making in China
  • And much more....

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  • The Complete Shunga Legacy of Katsushika Hokusai (EUR 4,97)
  • The Anatomy of Hokusai’s Rarest Shunga Series (EUR 7,47)
  • The 25 Most Important Classical Shunga Artists (Vol. 1) (EUR 3,97)
  • The 25 Most Important Classical Shunga Artists (Vol. 2) (EUR 2,97)
  • Keisai Eisen: The Sensual Metaphors in the Yoshiwara Pleasure Quarter (EUR 3,47)
EBook The Secret Gay Art in Ancient Japan and China

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The Secret Gay Art in Ancient Japan and China

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    What's inside (113 pages)
      • The most comprehensive study on this specific subject ever published
      • 46 rare enticing illustrations of homosexual rendezvous as portrayed in shunga
      • 23 unique illustrations of gay encounters in classical Chinese paintings
      • Including many unique images not seen anywhere else
      • The origins and development of homoerotic shunga
      • Many new insights on both Japanese and Chinese gay erotica  
      • Detailed descriptions on dozens of prints and paintings
      • Differences between Japanese and Chinese views on the depiction of gay sex 
      • Gay fantasies as designed by Utamaro, Hokusai, Keisai Eisen, and many others
      • Gay parodies on the tales of Osome, Oshichi and Heike
      • A gay cyborg, hermaphrodites, horny monks, submissive actors
      • Striking examples of modern gay shunga
      • And much more sensual secrets...
Lawrence buttigieg testimonial

I think that your project (SG Premium) is great and you’re dealing with the subject in the right manner. I really enjoy going through all the articles/studies.

Lawrence Buttigieg

(Artist and Shunga Gallery Premium member)

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