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Do you get excited about erotic art?

We do to.

Maybe we are not the biggest platform on erotic art. But Shunga Gallery offers a very own and unique perspective.

Combining content  from different writers with unique imagery that is very hard to find.

With more than 20 years experience in buying and selling Shunga. And more than 10 years establishing and expanding our website, blog and community. You can say we have become one of the authorities in the field.

Download our FREE E-Book on the great Japanese UKIYO-E and Shunga master Katsusuka Hokusai and start your journey to get to know us.

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Who are we?

Shunga Gallery was originally a website to promote and sell shunga pieces. The first articles were intended to provide additional background info on shunga art work to ourclients.


But as the list of members to our bulletin grew we recognized an underlying need. As one of our members put it nicely " Your platform offers an oasis in a desert of prudishness. " 

This and many other similar reactions have made us realize that many fans of sensual art are looking for a place where these aesthetic needs are met.

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What artists say about us

"  As you know, I don’t say a lot about myself – but sometimes I talk about my work. Thank you Marijn and the ShungaGallery for giving me the opportunity and welcoming me to your sumptuous site."  

Apollonia Saintclair

" New article on my "Tako to Ama" at the Shunga Gallery! I love when they do articles on my work,and I also love that the Shunga Gallery is such a wonderful website for all erotic art! If you haven't been there yet, be sure to not miss out! Completely free from censorship! You will find a series of articles relating to my work, as well as a few interviews I given them over the years. Go now! "

Senju Shunga

" I really enjoy seeing/reading the features on your site. The whole setup is very professional and the articles well researched."

Lawrence Buttigieg

" Hey! thanks a lot for the article... "


" The largest Shunga Platform on the Internet. I love the gallery's professionalism and collection type to be complete. I think the gallery has huge potential. I recommend visiting the gallery to enjoy the beautiful work. "

Pigo Lin

" Thank you so much for this article. I visited you gallery site and really liked it. Proud to be part of it. Hope you don't mind if I share the article and your site in my Fb group.I hope to hear from you again in the future. All best! "

Michael Hutter

" It would be a real pleasure and an honor to have an article about my art on your site... "

Zoe Lacchei

Free E-Book

The Anatomy of Hokusai’s Rarest Shunga Series

  • Why is The Horny God of Izumo Hokusai's rarest series?
  • What are the intentions of the randy doctor in plate no.9?
  • What is the hilarious dialogue of the copulating street dogs about?
  • Why is one of the lover's collecting "body-fluids"?
  • What is the connection with the pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein?
  • Find out about the female "tormentor" and her three fatigued lovers!
  • Lots of interesting insights on the accompanying Japanese text!

  • You can find all the answers and much more by downloading your copy now....!!
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Exciting, informative, documented ... Superbe, as usual. Thank you so much.
Renaud (France)
Beautiful frames and informative commentary. Thank you!
Allen F., Greater Philadelphia - USA
Great book that offers nice content. Many insights on Hokusai that were new to me and with profound details on the prints. Love the images too. Very enticing! I am looking forward to the next Ebook...haha - Thanks!!
Peter L.- Gouda, The Netherlands
"Thank you for this gift. Great color remakes, it makes them more real. Beautiful works."
Bob D. - Quebec, Canada