Original Hokusai Prints For Sale
Marijn Kruijff
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Original Hokusai Prints For Sale

3 min

Japanese greatest artist in history Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) excelled in all ukiyo-e genres. He produced his most iconic designs in the landscape (The Great Wave) and the shunga (The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife) genre.

The following Hokusai prints for sale are all available in our gallery:

hokusai prints for sale: secret encounter from ehon tsuhi no hinagata

Secret rendezvous‘ (c.1812) from the series ‘Ehon tsuhi no hinagata (Picture-book Models of Loving Couples)‘ by Katsushika Hokusai

Secret Encounter

In this monumental image we observe a lover’s covert, hasty encounter with his mistress. He glances surreptitiously to the left; she has just come from the bath, after washing her long hair. According to the eminent ukiyo-e expert Richard Lane this is one of the masterpiece of the series. (Click here for more info on this print!)

Hokusai prints for sale: Ejaculating adolescent

Ejaculating adolescent‘ (c.1820) from the series ‘Kurawa no tanoshimi‘ by Katsushika Hokusai

Dozing Geisha

A tragicomical design featuring the climactic moment of a masturbating young male during a hot summer day. His left hand is still holding the undergarment of the dozing geisha that exposes her private parts and which was the subject of his excitement. An affecting scene like this shows the true mastery of an artist like Hokusai (click here to check out the price!)

hokusai prints for sale: foot massage from Manpuku wagojin

Foot massage‘ (c.1821) from the series ‘Manpuku wagojin (Gods of Intercourse)

Attentive Female Peeker

A courtesan and a beloved client are making love in a striking pose with the male sitting with spread legs while his female partner rests her feet on his chest. Look for the attentive female peeker in the other room. A classic Hokusai design from his acclaimed Manpuku wagojin series. (Click here to check out the price and more…!!)

hokusai prints for sale: Surimono depicting a couple in the doggy-style pose

Rare egoyomi depicting a couple in the doggy-style pose (c.1810s)


An excessively scarce egoyomi-e (calendar print) were already rare when they were issued in limited private editions for rich merchants and collectors at that time. The printing is exceptionally subtle, as is the use of pigments and techniques they are similar to surimono. The design is in the preferred Hokusai pose with the male penetrating his wife from behind.

hokusai prints for sale: Client and geisha from Overlapping Skirts

Client and courtesan‘ (c.1820) from the series ‘Tsumagasane (Overlapping Skirts)


An amusing scene from Hokusai’s lesser known Overlapping Skirts series featuring a middle-aged horny client overpowering a geisha.

hokusai prints for sale: Geisha with rich client

Geisha with rich client‘ (c.1820) from the series ‘Tsumagasane (Overlapping Skirts)

Striking Hairdo

Another piece from the Overlapping Skirts series portraying a rich merchant wearing a pink kimono and sporting a striking hairdo making love to a courtesan. His luxurious kimono is hanging over a screen that features a landscape. Click here for the price!

hokusai prints for sale:French kissing from the Jeweled Wig

French kissing‘ (c.1820) from the series ‘Tamakazura (The Jeweled Wig)

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