Jeff Faerber’s Naughty Erotic World (NSFW)
Marijn Kruijff
3 min

Jeff Faerber's Naughty Erotic World (NSFW)

3 min

Although the skinny and bony figures in the paintings of Jeff Faerber have stylistic similarities to Egon Schiele (1890-1918), his protagonists make a more cheerful impression. The scenery of his paintings as a whole offer a nice fusion of components of the ancient Japanese shunga (erotic) art and elements of contemporary Western culture.

Easily Offended

Faerber’s series of acrylic paintings (on his site they are called The Shunga Project) are actually modern representations of shunga.  These are bold paintings with unabashed depictions of hardcore sex that will shock the easily offended. Some of the pieces have leaked paint and stained details that contribute to the maladjusted attitude of the artist. Another striking feature are the accompanying cryptic titles of the works that remind me of my favorite Lowbrow artist Robert Williams (1943)

The included text in this article and to the illustrations below are my observations and views and not that of the artist Jeff Faerber…

tattooed female rimming another aroused female biting on a vibrator jeff faerber

Paramours with Steamed Dumplings Flirting with Small Death


The onlooker is offered a shameless lesbian encounter with a tattooed woman rimming the asshole of her female partner. The latter excitedly bites into a light blue vibrator. Next to them lay other sex toys such as green-colored orgasm balls (Ben wa balls or rin-no-tama) and a pink butt plug.

threesome with male bespectacled twins drinking tea during sex by jeff faerber

Male twins having threesome‘ (Made-up title)


A well-endowed set of male twins interrupt their love-making with another girl to drink a cup of tea. The folding screen behind them and the wakizashi samurai swords that lay besides them are typical references to the ancient ukiyo-e shunga prints. They both wear identical traditional kimono‘s.

painting depicting threesome with two girl performing fellatio on a male filming it by jeff Faerber

A Supplicant with Two Courtesans, All with an Enthusiasm for Honey

Double-Sided Dildo

An “Overhead shot” (viewpoint from above) of a striking threesome with both the cheeky girls licking the giant cock of the male participant. They record themselves with a digital camera. Behind the camera stands an ancient Japanese geisha pillow. The tagaigata (double-sided dildo) is a silent witness of their previous sensual activities.

jeff faerber painting with bald-headed male penetrating a female dressed as a geisha with a Hokusai fan in the background

Supine Couple with Hokusai Fan


A bald-headed man sporting a goatee is having an orgasm inside of his female partner. She is conventionally dressed like an ancient Japanese courtesan. Next to them lays a Tarzan vibrator and behind them a fan featuring the Great Wave by the great ukiyo-e master Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849).

jeff faerber - passionate couple making love with samurai swords and shamisen in the background

Tranquil Couple with iBook 17 inch PowerPC G4 1.2 GHz

A man with a newly shaved head is penetrating his lover sideways. The juxtaposition of the iBook and traditional Japanese attributes such as the shamisen* and samurai swords behind them are amusing details.

jeff faerber's painting depicting a gay encounter with oral sex

Two Scholars in the Cusp of Evening Utilizing Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

The title betrays the intentions of this young gay couple. They are experimenting with coconut oil as a possible lubricant. The tattooed leg of the submissive male features a typical contemporary tattoo including a skull. They are surrounded by many traditional Japanese items such as a gold-lacquered folding screen, portraying a pine tree in bloom, and in front of the screen a furo (portable brazier) including hibashi (iron chopstick pokers)**.

In his most recent work (2018) Jeff Faerber includes long enigmatic descriptive titles with amusing references to our contemporary interaction:

jeff faerber's with intimate couple looking atheir iPone during their love-making

The quotidian delights enjoyed by two left-handers included a brief digression from libertine pursuits for a visit to the twitterverse, breaking news trending” (2018)

painting portraying a threesome with anal sex and cunnilingus by jeff faerber

Eros’s passion is captured in a poetic jpeg [with 10:1 compression], caught at an appropriate vantage point due to a recent Amazon Prime purchase” (2018)

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* A shamisen is a three-stringed instument
**These are implements for a tea ceremony

Thanks for reading the article. I am curious about knowing your thoughts about this art. Can art be too offensive?