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Join us and help create even more high-quality stories on the beauty of sensual art. An art form that is often misunderstood and increasingly being banned from social media platforms.

art by martine johanna

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Apollonia Saintclair

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What artists say about Shunga Gallery

A rare treat

Your article on me was just beautiful! It made me very happy and proud of what I have created. It is a rare treat to see my work through the eyes of an experienced person as yourself and it truly lifted my spirit!

Senju Shunga Profile picture
Matti Sandberg (aka. Senju Shunga)
Huge potential

The largest Shunga Platform on the Internet. I love the gallery's professionalism and collection type to be complete. I think the gallery has huge potential. I recommend visiting the gallery to enjoy the beautiful work.

Logo Pigo Lin Art
Pigo Lin (on Instagram)
Sumptuous site

As you know, I don’t say a lot about myself – but sometimes I talk about my work. Thank you Marijn and the ShungaGallery for giving me the opportunity and welcoming me to your sumptuous site.

apollonia-sainttclaire tied woman
Apollonia Saintclaire (on Twitter)
What a nice surprise to wake up to

Thank you so much! That’s an impressively deep article. I’ve posted it on Facebook and I m sure my people will like all the work on display there. What a nice surprise to wake up to today!

Portrait picture of the artist Van Arno
Van Arno

Hey! thanks a lot for the article... 

Profile picture of teh artist KerbCrawler
Embrace of brightness

It would be a real pleasure and an honor to have an article about my art on your site...

A portrait of the artist Zoe Lacchei
Zoe Lacchei
Proud to be part of it

Dear Marijn, Thank you so much for this article. I visited you gallery site and really liked it. Proud to be part of it. Hope you don't mind if I share the article and your site in my Fb group.I hope to hear from you again in the future. All best!

Portrait picture of Michael Hutter
Michael Hutter