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Katsushika Hokusai - diving girl

Do you have a passion for the aesthetics of sensual art?

" Sex and art are the same thing " 

(Pablo Picasso, shunga fan and collector)

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There is a lot more to discover on shunga. Such as the life and work of all the great UKIYO-E artists of the different era's. The stories behind specific shunga books or particular prints. And the colorful characters in Japanese culture and their role in shunga prints.

Find out in our books section.

The anatomy of Hokusai;s rarest shunga series
The largest Shunga Platform on the Internet. I love the gallery's professionalism and collection type to be complete. I think the gallery has huge potential. I recommend visiting the gallery to enjoy the beautiful work.
(the artist Pigo Lin on Instagram)

What other enthusiasts say about us

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Passionately devoted to Shunga
To me the keyword in shunga is passion. The artists were often at there most passionate when creating this particular type of art. The images themselves convey undiluted passion in every form. And now, we finally see a website passionately devoted to shunga. Keep it up!    
Michael Fornitz
Passion and dedication
Shunga art is as fascinating as elusive it can get. You can really feel the passion and dedication the author has spent investigating, organizing and preparing the excellent compilations of high quality pictures really well documented and dated. It’s been a great finding this very web-page for us shunga lovers!
Embrace of brightness

Good day Marijin and Team Shunga,
 On an overcast dreary day in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the postman delivered an embrace of brightness. The print, "Intimate Couple", was delivered in perfect condition. Thank you for this splendid gift of art. Also BIG thanks for presenting Shunga in an enlightened and informative manner. All the best,

Roy Ricci - Albuquerque,New Mexico

Oasis in the middle of the desert
A whole library could (should?) be written on all these subjects. Thank heaven for artists and those who can enjoy sex for what it is: an essential part of life, pleasurable, enjoyable, and at times even laughable!
Your website is somehow one more oasis in the middle of the desert.
Joao Barroso, Elkins (United States)
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