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"I'm so glad that there are sites like this that collect tons of amazing erotic art for people such as myself to look at. It's amazing to see the variety of style and subject matter, I didn't realize there were so many ways to draw sexy stuff!"

(HectorDude - United States)

Merciless (29 Dec 2023) by Bear X

Thank you for posting my art work on Shunga Gallery. I appreciate it very much and have become a premium subscriber to your wonderful site. I find it fantastic that there is somewhere on line where people can view uncensored erotic art. Finding a platform to see art like my own is a rarity.!

(Bear X, Erotic artist)

Eden Michael Hutter

Always enjoy your Premium posts.

(Michael Hutter - Surreal artist)

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One of the bright spots of this year was your work on Shungagallery. Thanks for that and keep going!

(Henry V, Dutch Premium member)

Giuliano Amedeo Tosi

I have to admit, that your online gallery (and Premium) is truly a treasure of erotic art. I have never seen such an inspiring collection before. Wow, congrats!

(Giuliano Amedeo Tosi - Swiss professional artist)

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I am always impressed with the amount of content included to each new entry in Premium almost every day. Keep it up!"

(Gijs K. , Zutphen, the Netherlands)

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Hi Marijn, I just wanted to tell you that I’m really enjoying Shunga Gallery premium. Your stories/articles continue to open new doors to this exciting, erotic literature. I especially like the fact that at the end of a particular article, you usually have reference to additional articles of a similar subject. Keep up your excellent work!

(Rich M. - Arizona, United States)

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I think this is one of the most significant pieces of information for me. And I’m glad to have read your article. The website style is perfect, the articles are really great.

(Hazel Collins - London, United Kingdom)

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...I'm always looking forward to your daily mailings and the varied erotic surprises they contain. I've already discovered many new artists through the blog, but especially through the longer versions in Premium and also learned more about artists I already knew. Thanks Marijn.

(George E. - London, United Kingdom)

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Your Premium work is remarkable and excellently documented..

(Stéphane B., France)

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What I like about Premium is the great variety of genres and topics. Found a lot of (new) artists that I was not familiar with. A nice way to stay informed. Tu déchires!

(Émeric F. - Montpellier France)

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Love the Premium option!! The frequency of newly added content only seems to grow. I came across your site when I was looking for Zichy. Thanks.

(Ferenc S. - Pécs, Hungary)

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Love Shunga Gallery Premium, it always gives me a lot inspiration.

(Pigo Lin - Artist, Taiwan)

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I'm a big fan of Frazetta and Corben, and what the site (Premium) offers on these artists can't be found anywhere else. I also search a lot in the bondage and photography categories (lots of surprises there). A no-brainer at this price.

(Stefan Kr. - Cologne, Germany)

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...By the way, you've already done a lot of work. Your website is so huge. Very nice. I am almost retired, and I am already looking forward to visiting all those original works that you have collected there.

(Henry V., Dutch Premium member)

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I like Premium a lot. It's a nice extension of the blog with lots of additional info and images and more categories (and ebooks). Also cheap price for good quality.

(Andreas K. - Hamburg, Germany)

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I am really enjoying my premium subscription!

(Rich M. - Arizona - U.S.)

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Thanks for a great site (Premium)!.

(Michael G. - Denmark)

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Thank you for maintaining Premium which I very much enjoy - keep it coming!

(Christopher M., United Kingdom)

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Things have been very busy for me, and I am finally catching up on all the wonderful things on the Premium site.

(Eric B. - South Carolina, United States)

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The Premium Gallery is a Master Class in art. For me, the Gallery increases our knowledge and a deeper appreciation of all the genres represented. Initially the Shunga Gallery captured my aesthetic values of Japanese Art, especially Shunga, and presented these"Images of Spring" in an erotic and positive light. The relativity of art is constantly displayed on the Site, but more importantly totally embellished by the insight and thorough research by the talented members of the Premium Gallery. I might not favor every presentation, yet the art and the histories that are enhanced in the Premium Gallery are worth a venture.

(Roy Ricci - New Mexico, U.S.A.)

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Thanks for the quality of your work and selections in Premium.

Yves V. - Paris, France)

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I hadn't had much time to really explore Shunga Gallery Premium until recently, but I’m finding it to be marvelous! So many unexpected discoveries!

(Timothy J., Tokyo, Japan)

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I became a premium member, because there is always a higher quality in exchange for a higher price! Especially when it is related to quality erotica art, this is all the more promising. It was the promise of a more nuanced, more delicate material that prompted me to become a Premium member. Since the price is minuscule, I was almost discouraged at first! If people enjoy the free material, they will definitely love the quality and variety of the premium material.

(Joseph M, Istanbul, Turkey)

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I have been a fan of Shunga Gallery for long. Relaying on them for a discriminate, yet ample source of erotic arts and artist. Not an easy task, given the current puritan times we are living. When I found about the premium option I immediately went for it, to give it a try. It has not disappointed at all. It really delivers a deeper dive on the subjects.

The content is well organized and the articles are well researched. I would certainly recommend it to anybody looking for a good source on erotic arts

(Javier Cuervo - Mexico City)

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Thank you very much for the wonderful content you produce on shunga gallery premium.

(Jeffrey DeC. - Washington, U.S.)

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My first foray into university was in the visual arts. I gave it up for other pursuits and later lived in Japan for ten years. It was there that I discovered hanga, Japanese wood block prints and then shunga, their hidden face. Since that time, I have pursued erotic art in all of its forms.

That search has been haphazard – a little here, a little there and the occasional book. It was quite by chance that I found Marijn’s incredible website which brings us the best of the world’s erotic art in one magnificent location. Here we can find not only the work of long-gone trail blazers but all the best in cutting edge contemporary art as well.

This treasure trove is accompanied by Marijn and his co-authors' passionate and insightful commentary. This experience has been made even better with the establishment of Shunga Gallery Premium. I didn’t have to think twice about joining.

The articles and the accompanying illustrations are expanded and the price is very small considering the volume and quality of the content. If you love art, you must join.

(Robert McArthur, U.S.A.)

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The Shunga Gallery is a rare space. Content is uncensored. Censorship seems to be always lurking around the corner; it has been so for a long time. It does not matter what gets canceled, what censored content is: political, ideological, religious, sexual, censorship is always the same thing --- a scourge!

Ideologues, scientists, philosophers, artists all have struggled, for hundreds, thousands of years, with and against it, and in many cases paid the ultimate price and lost their lives fighting it. It will continue to be so for as long as humans live and continue to create and procreate.

Sexual activity, on which, at least for the time being, the preservation of the species relies to avoid extinction, is necessary, and the source of both joy and misery. We all know that. Sexual activity can be spoken of, described and depicted in many ways. Pornography is one aspect of it, and some people argue that there is a difference between porn and erotic art; others, that it's indeed a thin line that separates both; and yet others argue that eveything showing nudity is pornography --- sexual acts being present or not! --- it's all the same. There will never be consensus, and that's why spaces like the Shunga Gallery are so important.

The Shunga Gallery went from being a depository of Japanese Shunga, to becoming, with the passing of time, more and more inclusive, adding to its pages the work of artists from all over the world, who produce sexually explicit work, in many cases inspired by Japanese Shunga. Some may be considered art, some maybe not. Some may be just erotic, some make no excuses about being straight in your face pornographic. There's a variety of content and styles that defies one single classification. It's like a menu: you can choose what your meal will be. You may try new dishes, and decide that something is not for you and never taste it again. As you browse the Shunga Gallery, you may be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised. One thing is certain: you make the decision! You are free to explore and you can be certain that there's no censorship. If you post a comment, someone may answer, or not. Comments are not edited. Your opinion, your feedback are published as you send it, not edited.

Recently, the Shunga Gallery launched a new experiment: a Premium, members only area. Articles are more profusely illustrated. It needs time to grow. If you think that supporting a website that is censorship free makes sense, and you can afford it, you should join and support the effort. Very much like it is often said that "love is in the eye of the beholder," I'd say that the same is true when it comes to what's considered pornography and what is included in the Shunga Gallery.

If you either think and agree that "Sex and art are the same thing" (Picasso) and/or that "All art is erotic" (Klimt) I'de add that not all graphic representations of nude bodies or sexual activity can be considered considered art, or even erotic; but the Shunga Gallery offers you a space to explore this subject and discuss it, free from censorship! If nothing else, this alone makes it a place to stop by on the internet, a project worth supporting and being thankful for."

(JB. - U.S.A.)

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If anyone is at all temped by joining the premium service, I would highly recommend it. It is always a pleasure when the email newsletters arrive in my inbox. Despite hours of surfing erotic art sites, I am always learning about new and fascinating artists. When I learned that there would be a premium service, there was never any doubt that I'd sign up. Anyone with an interest in Shunga art needs to join."

(Jeff Faerber, neo shunga artist, New York, U.S.)

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For many years, as a long-time collector of Japanese prints, I had only a passing interest in shunga. However, since joining Premium, I have become much more aware of the importance and beauty of this genre. Every week, Premium gives me access to many new, well-researched, and richly illustrated articles that showcase particular prints and artists in compelling ways. Most articles include numerous cross-cultural references, for example, that help place works of erotic art in global aesthetic and historical perspective. These articles also highlight the humor or subtle social commentary that may underlie more obvious sexual content. In my opinion, Premium’s low monthly price, accessibility, informational content, and full-color illustrations make it preferable over many books on the topic. I would encourage anyone with an interest in Japanese prints, erotic art generally, or even cultural anthropology and psychology, to become a member of Premium.

(James Tiesinga, Anchorage, Alaska)

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Shunga Gallery’s premium site offers a quickly and steadily growing collection of articles across erotic art genres, rooted in classical Japanese shunga but with branches stretching as far as contemporary Western and Japanese art photography, pulp novel covers and comic books. The site doesn’t shy away from any part of the broad range of sexual expression and fantasy that art has depicted.

The Shunga Gallery’s small team of knowledgeable writers provides interesting biographical background on the artists and their artistic influences and sometimes even some learned art criticism. Also, the site spotlights some of the best contemporary artists, whose names are not yet widely known but who deserve attention.

Of course, the heart of the site is the illustrations—always copious and well-chosen. The free e-mails, issued several times a week, are excellent, but the premium site both expands on the free articles with more art and more text and offers unique content not covered in the e-mailed newsletter. A bonus of premium membership Free access to the Shunga Gallery’s growing collection of e-books. Shunga Gallery’s premium site deserves support from art lovers and is well worth the small charge. Highly recommended for every connoisseur and devotee of erotic art.

(Ward R., Gex, France‌)

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I suppose I’m one of the earlier subscribers to Shunga Premium; I don’t regret it. For the cost of one or a couple of coffees a month, this site presents me, on a three-times-per-week basis, a cornucopia of artists who push boundaries in their representations of the human figure. The site features creators who shamelessly address raw and obscure desires within the depths of the human psyche. I wouldn’t term their work pornographic, as it has aesthetic merit; it's simply obscene....

Premium is well researched and provides me access to a multitude of artists that I’ve never came across in my own studies. Entries are also referenced, which makes it easier for anyone who wishes to go beyond the contents of the site.

Premium requires time and commitment from those persons who are behind it. I thank them for such a service, and wish them the best of luck with their project.

(Lawrence Buttigieg, artist)

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Being educated as a lithographer I always was interested in grafic art, Japanese Woodblock print in special, being a Premium member of Shunga Gallery I enjoy the most lively woodcut prints and I am amazed about the amount of high quality art prints I am able to see through the membership of Shunga Gallery.

(BW. Proudman, Denmark)

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I became a premium member as I love the work of masters like Milo Marana, Senju, Van Rijn, and Saintclair. At first, the price was for me the decisive factor to join. Shunga Gallery Premium is a place for me where you can find something different from pornography.

(Pete - mainland China)

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The following poem is a Shunga inspired homage to Hokusai and your premium site and newsletter. Your newsletter introduced me to the delights of Shunga art, your e-books to the wonderful vast and varied Shunga artists and now your premium site expands my horizons to the extraordinary variety of erotica, historical, modern, and contemporary. Thank you:

Hokusai writes to his solitary mistress

Our bed is a book

Come love, let us write letters

Let the ink follow the C of your hip

Stroke in one quick gesture the W of your breasts

Tongue X on your neck, brow, ear and lips

Pause. Enter the Y of your legs, trace a question

Never tragic when you raise your hips

Explain how you knot a special carved tortoise shell to your ankle

Push past your labia lips shaped like puckering goldfish

Stain the dark wide tip

Catch urgent rhythm of my polished sentences

Follow your body's answers

Wait for my elegant reply.

(Carmelo Militano, Canadian poet)

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Your (Premium) material is brilliant, btw." (Gerrit - South Africa).

(Gerrit - South Africa)

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I like very much the Shunga Gallery, its wide collection of Japanese and Chinese, ancient and recent erotic drawings. I like also the recent extension to Western drawings. I wonder how it is possible to collect so many rare documents. I subscribed very quickly to the Premium account, mainly to support maintaining the Gallery. The price is definitely affordable. The content is fine, but the free section is already quite rich. I hope that this remark will not discourage anybody to subscribe to Premium.

(Bruno C. - France)