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What visitors say about us!

I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your gallery. I am looking forward to your publications.

Marcello Rastrelli, Italy
Portrait picture of Michael Hutter

Ps. Really enjoy your site! :-)

Michael Hutter - Artist
Nikola Sinkovic profile picture

Dear Marijn, thank you once again for recognizing my art and deciding to present it to the public. I can’t describe how happy I am to have become a part of your website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

(Nikola Sinkovic - Artist - Croatia)
Senju Shunga Profile picture

Your article on me was just beautiful! It made me very happy and proud of what I have created. It is a rare treat to see my work through the eyes of an experienced person as yourself and it truly lifted my spirit!

(Matti Sandberg aka. Senju Shunga - Modern Shunga Artist - Umeå, Sweden)

Thanks for the good work in your newsletter. I really like to read it and I am always excited what you might show next.

(Joscha Bender - Germany)
Owner Bibliothèque Infernale

Hello from Spain, Marijn, this is Salva Pi, the librarian of Bibliothèque Infernale. It's been an honour for me! I fucking love, it's a site simply grandiose, just for fine palates.

(Salva Pi, Bibliothèque Infernale)
alphonse mucha

Hey Marijn, love the article thank you!

(Gerald Feliciano, Artist - New York)
Portrait picture of the artist Van Arno

Thank you so much! That’s an impressively deep article. I’ve posted it on Facebook and I m sure my people will like all the work on display there. What a nice surprise to wake up to today!

(Van Arno, artist)
Portrait picture of Michael Hutter

Dear Marijn, Thank you so much for this article. I visited you gallery site and really liked it. Proud to be part of it. Hope you don't mind if I share the article and your site in my Fb group.I hope to hear from you again in the future. All best!

(Michael Hutter, artist)

It would be a real pleasure and an honor to have an article about my art on your site...

(Zoe Lacchei, artist)

Good Monday to you, A wonderful weird way to start the day/week – never heard of Van Arno, but amazing stuff! Thank you

Mark P. (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) 

Wow…love it! My favorite is ‘The Tar Baby’ (Artist: Van Arno).


A great selection of his work (artist: Van Arno). Thank you for this!

(Ausganger, Germany)
The site is excellent.
(Courcelle, France)
First of all, I want to say that I feel really lucky to find Shunga Gallery which has introduced a fantastic new world for me. I wouldn't know the existence of these amazing erotic art if it wasn't because of you. I want to thank you for sharing your great knowledge with us and I'm really excited about the collection that I'm going to start.
(Rao F., Canada)
Your site is artistically appealing and intellectual. Comparing genres of artists and form with Shunga has been an enjoyable revelation.
(Roy Ricci - USA)
Many thanks for this and all previous articles, I immensely enjoy reading your posts.
(PaMar - Estonia)
So glad I get your e-mails bringing joy and intrigue to our lives (especially in this time of lock-down). The Calender from 1929 is a good example of your range of subjects – and discoveries.
Thank you!
I love what you do already - fascinating profiles of artists...and photography...Excellent stuff...It cannot be better - Thank you
(Steve N. - United Kingdom)
The largest Shunga Platform on the Internet. I love the gallery's professionalism and collection type to be complete. I think the gallery has huge potential. I recommend visiting the gallery to enjoy the beautiful work.
(the artist Pigo Lin on Instagram)
Thoroughly enjoyed this article, as well as the most recent one by Darya. Thank you for pushing the “Shunga envelope” and showing us how much this art form has influenced artists and art over the years.
(Alan J. - United States)
Bought one of the sweetest shunga once here. Luv the site,.. Luv shunga’s and all kinds of eroticart. So nice the background info and extra story’s about other ero art and stuff.. Nice!
(Vanessa - The Netherlands)
Some read their horoscope each morning - i prefer this site 
(Ubu - Germany)
You cover the whole gamut and you pique my interest in everything you present 
Thank you for sharing your knowledge here with us, I truly appreciate it.
(Rao Fu - Oakville, Canada)
Interesting site with some good easy to understand information on a wide range of Shunga.
(Mark Chapman)

Great website and even better pictures. Have always been a fan of Shunga since I read about ”pillow books” in the James Bond novel You Only Live Twice..

(Howard Jones)

I love the site, and really appreciate you sharing your knowledge of shunga. Thank you.

(Stuart Updegrave)

"As always wandering around your Posts proves interesting with to be honest has so much to peruse and enjoy, thank You!" 

(David L. - U.S.)

I appreciate all the work you continue to put into your is truly a treasure trove for all things Shunga!

(Alan J- United States)

Good day Marijin and Team Shunga,
 On an overcast dreary day in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the postman delivered an embrace of brightness. The print, "Intimate Couple", was delivered in perfect condition. Thank you for this splendid gift of art. Also BIG thanks for presenting Shunga in an enlightened and informative manner. All the best,

(Roy Ricci - Albuquergue, New Mexico)
I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your posts to be just what I'm looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content for you? I wouldn't mind creating a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write with regards to here. Again, awesome site! 
(Dewitt - Salt Lake City, Utah)
Thanks for all you do at Shunga Gallery!
Big fan of shunga and this site!
(Mark Harada)
I have read the ShungaGallery article. Thank you very much!! It is so beautiful!!
(Pigo Lin - Taipei)
This website is always so interesting. I discovered so many artists and great art here. Keep up the good work.
I appreciate the frequent posts here! Outstanding!
(Ryan Rubinstein - U.S.A)
I have become a devotee of this wonderful art form!
(Chris Hamilton)
You have a great site, and always interesting art works to show, with excellent articles. Well done.
(Brian Berman - U.S.A. ) usual, thumbs up for yet another delightful addition to the Shunga Gallery!
(Joey B. - U.S.A. )
Thank you for your website and all the effort and time you put into it.
Joao B, United States
I like very much all what you show on this site.
Your documentation is outstanding, as it does not only concern japanese pictures but related chinese and European only. Please continue.
Courcelle, France
A whole library could (should?) be written on all these subjects. Thank heaven for artists and those who can enjoy sex for what it is: an essential part of life, pleasurable, enjoyable, and at times even laughable!
Your website is somehow one more oasis in the middle of the desert.
Joao Barroso, Elkins (United States)
I definitely enjoy these extra subject studies.
James R. Holland (Boston, U.S.)
Today's material included at least two excellent, educational articles. Thanks.
James H., Boston (United States)
Thank you for your website and all the effort and time you put into it.
Joao B, United States
Very informative article. Japan is a country that’s always fascinated me (I never been however!). And today I learnt that sex toys have been around in the land of the rising sun for a long time. 

Thanks so much for sharing. 

Sandra  from
Exquisite collection! My favorite post so far! Amazing to see so much artists from around the globe sharing the same taste and giving a round a with their own style.
As usually, very good researches on this uncommon theme, you have to write folios on your researches and propose it to all over the world city museum with important Ukiyo-e Collection.
Sebastien (France)
I consistently enjoy your writings enlightening us of all things shunga. Please keep it up. The time for my re-indulgence is none too far as your website is permanently one of my browser start pages. Thanks.
K.U (Anonymous)
I highly appreciate your posts on modern american “shungas". Thanks.
Jaroslav (Czechia)
The explanation on your site makes many pictures more accessible. 
P.C. Brouwer (the Netherlands)
I like your recent posts! Very enjoyable
Guy (France)
Thank you Marijn for the continues effort of explaining the human aberrations on their sexual journey in the past era.
Peter B. (the Netherlands)
I enjoy your articles, and they are a good contribution to general knowledge of the subject.
Billy (U.S.)
This is the first time that I've seen this kind of shunga
Kerahdah (South Africa)
Your mailings are fantastic so I have no plans to unsubscribe. Keep up the good work!
Mark P. (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) 
Fantastic, Marijn! Thank you very much! It's a great article on one of the most dramatic shunga ever produced.
Fred K. (U.S.)
Great article, very informative as always." 
Hayden M. (Canada)
All I can say is “WOW!!” What a comprehensive listing.....superb job, Marijn....kudos!
Alan J. Venetuolo (U.S.)
I was almost late to an appointment with our CPA about our income taxes, but the Octopi adventures were a perfect distraction. Thanks for the sea adventure.
James R. Holland (Boston, U.S.)
Exceptional!...So much researches, and very good findings! Amazing Picasso picture, never seen before! Really Congratulations to You, Marijn
Sebastien Barrio (France)
I admire your knowledge of the detail in the pictures.
Peter (Thailand)
You really do have the most amazing shunga-related items. Love your website
Guy Delar. (France)
All downloaded and much appreciated. What excellent E-books... Thanks so much. I am so pleased that I discovered your website.
Steve N., Kingsteignton in Devon, United Kingdom
Fabulous addition to any shunga collection, regardless if it’s small or big. And this the best website to enrich one’s collection. I ought to know; I’ve been a client for years!
Guy Delarupelle
Hi Marijn, I just received the piece today, in excellent condition. It's awesome. Thanks & kind regards.
Harald Schultz (Austria)
As a long time lurker, I was pleasantly surprised to see good copies of this iconic image come up for sale. So of course I grabbed the chance to buy and the process was easy, efficient and the item arrived well-packaged to Sydney, Australia not long after.  The quality of the print is superb.  Thank you!
Gabby Malpas (Sydney, Australia)
...I love your challenges, and your capacity to make true your dreams, and to make revival the Ukiyo-e old art in 21 Century. Congratulations!
 Sebastien B.
Shunga art is as fascinating as elusive it can get. You can really feel the passion and dedication the author has spent investigating, organizing and preparing the excellent compilations of high quality pictures really well documented and dated. It’s been a great finding this very web-page for us shunga lovers!
Amazing. Thanks for your blog,
Rene Donais
To me the keyword in shunga is passion. The artists were often at there most passionate when creating this particular type of art. The images themselves convey undiluted passion in every form. And now, we finally see a website passionately devoted to shunga. Keep it up!                  
Michael Fornitz
'ShungaGallery has become my go to blog for everything Shunga'
'Your blog is always interesting. Thank you !'
'My (usually) Monday morning e-mails from ShungaGallery always get my week off to a good start!'
Mark Poysden
'Big fan of shungagallery, It's wonderfull that you still post on tumblr and fill my dashboard with beautiful images and great information, keep the good work!'
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