18th Century Chinese Album of 12 Paintings on Silk with Intimate Encounters
Marijn Kruijff
6 min

18th Century Chinese Album of 12 Paintings on Silk with Intimate Encounters

6 min

The images in this album do not refer to any of the well-known Chinese novels that often served as the basis for erotic paintings. The depictions are inventive and rendered from memory. However, we also see two more common humorous themes in the sixth image, a secret rendezvous, where the girl climbs out of a moon window, and in the ninth image, a man is caught by his wife and pulled by his ear. Although these paintings were made in the Qing dynasty, the hated Manzu braid is covered by a Ming bun, while the forehead is shaved.

Chinese intimate encounters ancient art


close up 1 Chinese erotic painting


Harmoniously Matched

The compositions have a static structure. Soft colors are translucent and harmoniously matched. Only the black, which also has a color function in Chinese painting, is opaque. In addition to the figures, much attention is paid to the environment. The moss and grass areas are very finely watered. See also the beautifully detailed pine tree in the eleventh image. It is striking that several times thinly painted landscape screens are depicted.

Chinese erotic painting in the garden


close up 2 Chinese erotic painting


Failed His Imperial Exams

The artist shows a deep interest in this. He reveals an inner balancing act. With one foot he stands in the respected world of the literate, where writing, poetry and knowledge of the Classics predominate, with the other he stands in the much less valued world of crafts. Like many of his talented colleagues, he probably failed his Imperial exams. Nevertheless, he undeniably possesses theoretical knowledge and artistic skills. By fate, however, he is forced to perform artisanal work, often at the behest of wealthy merchants, who are themselves illiterate. Most of the erotic albums have come about from this background.

Chinese erotic art couple in a chair


close up 3 Chinese erotic painting


Shocking Changes

Especially after the Qianlong period (1736-1795) shocking changes take place in Chinese society. The opium wars lead to widespread impoverishment and the state exams are lapsed. There is also no more money for the civil servants, but they still know how to handle a brush. The album is signed by the painter Xu Guan.

Chinese man showing his erection


close up 4 Chinese erotic painting


ancient Chinese erotic painting


close up 5 Chinese erotic painting


Chinese painting erotic Moon gate


close up 6 Chinese erotic painting


Chinese intimate couple on a table


close up 7 Chinese erotic painting


collection Ferdinand Bertholet


close up 8 Chinese erotic painting


Chinese sensual couple and nude female coming from the bath


close up 9a Chinese erotic painting


close up 9 Chinese erotic painting


Chinese intimate art


close up 10 Chinese erotic painting


Chinese sensual art painting


close up 11 Chinese erotic painting


Chinese erotic album 18th century


Chinese erotic masterpiece


Supreme Concentration

This painting (Fig.12) is the highlight of the album. From a beautifully landscaped garden, we have a view of an open room in which a woman bends over to let herself be loved. She dreams away in ecstasy, while the man narrows his eyes in supreme concentration. Their lovemaking is reflected in the entwining of the blooming plum blossom by the jagged rock formation. In both worlds the principle of the harmonious union of the feminine and the masculine, of the receptive and the creative, applies.

close up 12 Chinese erotic painting


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Source: ‘Liefde en Lentebloesems‘ by Ferdinand Bertholet

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