'The dressing room' April Lea Hutchinson
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The Seductive Work of Model and Photographer April-Lea Hutchinson

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Canadian model and photographer April-Lea Hutchinson was born in 1976 in Toronto, Ontario. Being a daughter of a police officer caused her to spent most of her childhood moving from city to city, and making her a little bit of a loner. The advantage was that this allowed her to devote herself completely to the arts, both photography and acting.

april lea hutchinson one of her first self-portraits

Fig.1. 'Self-Portrait '  (© April-lea Hutchinson)

Erotic Work

In her early thirties she began taking erotic photographs. Her experience as an art model had quite an influence on her. Her fascination with erotic work lies in the possibility to bring out feelings in the subject, photographer, and viewer. In her erotic work Hutchinson celebrates sexuality, sensuality, strength, and intimacy, ideally with a touch of nostalgia.

Different or Unique

Partly motivated by her own work as a model, she does not believe in the perfect model. She looks for something  different or unique, a personality and confidence  that shines through in the photographs. Hutchinson loves women in general , and has photographed all shapes, sizes, and ages. And, of course, she photographs herself.

Sense of Lust

In her opinion, a sense of lust is not mandatory in erotic work. Each viewer may experience a different feeling depending on how and why they connect with a photograph. The answer is really in the eye of the beholder.

April-Lea Hutchinson

Fig.2. 'Tanya'

April-Lea Hutchinson bondage

Fig.3. 'Tanya '

April-Lea Hutchinson nude

Fig.4. 'Erin '  (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson little fires

Fig.5. 'Little Fires'  (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson Erin.....mixing

Fig.6. 'Erin.....mixing ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

april-lea hutchinson lacey

Fig.7. 'Lacey ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson Francois and I

Fig.8. 'Francois and I ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson Nymph of Wildcat Hill

Fig.9. 'Nymph of Wildcat Hill ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson Nymph of Wildcat Hill

Fig.10. 'Nymph of Wildcat Hill ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson nude portrait

Fig.11. 'Erin ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson Andrea Rosu

Fig.12. 'Andrea Rosu ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

andrea rosu april lea hutchinson

Fig.13. 'Andrea Rosu ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson Meghan

Fig.14. 'Meghan ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson erin

Fig.15. 'Erin ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

'The dressing room' April Lea Hutchinson

Fig.16. 'The dressing room'' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

johanna april lea hutchinson

Fig.17.  'Johanna ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson model Johanna

Fig.18. 'Johanna ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

April-Lea Hutchinson Tanya Dakin

Fig.19. 'Tanya Dakin '

April-Lea Hutchinson Tattooed back

Fig.20. (Twitter.com)

andrea rosu hutchinson

Fig.21. 'Andrea Rosu ' (© April-lea Hutchinson)

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Sources: tumblr.com/soamused, The New Erotic Photography by Dian Hanson

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