Godiva Ghoul the beasts
Marijn Kruijff
6 min

The Erotic Goth Pin-Ups of Godiva Ghoul

6 min

The female artist working under the pseudonym Godiva Ghoul divides her work in two parts; an innocent SFW section (Good Godiva Ghoul) featuring sweet 'My Little Pony'-like figures and a darker NSFW section inhabited by tactile fairies and succubi, stripping ghosts, confident transgenders, seductive Medusas, and other vamps occasionally accompanied by skeletons. Ghoul's style draws on the genres of manga, fantasy, occultism, pin-up art and contemporary gothic horror.

Godiva Ghoul Boo-Bies

Fig.1. ‘Boo-bies

Godiva Ghoul Ghostly

Fig.2. ‘Ghostly

Godiva Ghoul Wish you were here

Fig.3. ‘Wish you were here!

Godiva Ghoul Goth

Fig.4. ‘Goth

Godiva Ghoul Demon

Fig.5. ‘Demon of that small but somehow persistent feeling that you’re out of place

Godiva Ghoul Ega Amaranth Nymph of Waves

Fig.6. ‘Ega Amaranth Nymph of Waves

Godiva Ghoul Rubrum Daemonium

Fig.7. ‘The Red Demon or Blood Demon or Rubrum Daemonium

Godiva Ghoul Female Demon

Fig.7a. This illustration inspired by The Red Demon was made by Guilherme Borba

Godiva Ghoul Demon Queen


Godiva Ghoul my friends warm my heart

Fig.9. ‘Friendship‘ (B&W version)

Godiva Ghoul comic artist

Fig.10. ‘Friendship‘ (Color version)

Godiva Ghoul erotic art

Fig.10a ‘Detail ‘

Godiva Ghoul Gaelyn Herald of Liberty

Fig.11. ‘Gaelyn Herald of Liberty

Godiva Ghoul Pretty Noir

Fig.12. ‘Pretty Noir

Godiva Ghoul Screentone Goth

Fig.13. ‘Screentone Goth

Godiva Ghoul queen, Ankha

Fig.14. ‘Queen Ankha‘ (26 Sept 2021)

Godiva Ghoul soft spoken girlFig.15.  'Soft Spoken Girl ' (2021)

godiva ghoul libidinous

Fig.16. 'Libidinous' (3 March 2022)

Godiva Ghoul the beasts

Fig.17. 'The Beasts' (5 Dec 2021)

godiva ghoul toe nails

Fig.18. 'Toe-nails'

godiva ghoul The Vampire of Time and Memory

Fig.19. 'The Vampire of Time and Memory '

godiva ghoul nude pin-upFig.20. March 2024

Godiva Ghoul goth pin-upFig.21. March 2024

Godiva GhoulFig.22. March 2024

the cloak by Godiva GhoulFig.23. The Cloak (2024)

Godiva Ghoul goth artFig.24. March 2024

Godiva Ghoul demonFig.25. March 2024

Empyrean Demon by Godiva GhoulFig.26. Empyrean Demon (2023)

Godiva Ghoul Empyrean DemonFig.27.  Empyrean Demon series (2023)

Godiva Ghoul Goth semi nudeFig.28. March 2024

Cerbero by Godiva GhoulFig.29. March 2024

la gelosia jealousy by Godiva GhoulFig.30. La Gelosia (Jealousy), March 2024

La Vie Parisienne La Jalousie by Chéri HérouardFig.30a  La Vie Parisienne: La Jalousie (1928) by Chéri Hérouard

semi nude girl with bat by Godiva GhoulFig.31. March 2024

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