Onanistic Imagery in the Midnight Stories of Bambi Fontaine (37 Pics!)
Marijn Kruijff
8 min

Onanistic Imagery in the Midnight Stories of Bambi Fontaine (36 Pics!)

8 min

Meryl Franck is a French comic artist and illustrator, working under several pseudonyms. Bambi Fontaine is the one she uses for her more daring sensuous outings like the recent animation series for Adult Time entitled Midnight Stories, that started June 17 (2021).

Bambi Fontaine Midnight Stories

Cover ‘Bambi Fontaine’s Midnight Stories

Tantalising Journey

This pilot takes you on a tantalising journey as it plunges into a polished, sensual art style, bringing back to mind 60s and 70s pop graphic art. While the illustrations are explicit and intended to be arousing, onanistic material, there is no denying the gorgeous originality of the illustrations apart from this purpose. Fontaine has a powerful vision of what subjects and themes she wants to put on the agenda, with emphasis on the fantasy aspect of each taboo story.

Little Pornography

“Being a storyteller of sex stories is a field of exploration of my erotic imagination, a unique opportunity to share certain obsessions and mental images which, carried by my drawings, come to life in a very personal, almost indiscreet form,” said Fontaine of the project. “It’s an invitation into the privacy of my little pornography.”

The 37 images below feature Fontaine’s adult art on various projects over the years…

Bambi Fontaine masturbating girl

Bambi Fontaine Coucou


Bambi Fontaine

Bambi Fontaine adult comic


Bambi Fontaine adult comic art

Bambi Fontaine squirting female

Bambi Fontaine erotic comic

Bambi Fontaine cunnilingus comic

adult comic cunnilingus Bambi Fontaine

comic art fellatio Bambi Fontaine

Bambi Fontaine magazine “le bateau” #13

Page 1 from the magazine “Le Bateau” #13

Translation first panel: “…understand that he loved to eat my pussy! As soon as we saw each other, he thrust his tongue deeper into my slit … The more he aroused me, the more my vagina dripped, and of course, the more he liked it! .Man: ..”… don’t move love, I haven’t finished! hmm …” Woman: “oh yes I promise!” Yes, he was addicted to MY TASTE!

Second panel: This is how one fine day, piqued with curiosity, that I caressed myself, the vulva full of spasms and juice… I decided to taste myself.

Third panel: I greedily sucked the thick and transparent milk that the excitement provided me … It was a truly fabulous experience! I introduced this new ingredient to my palate, as fragrant as it is incongruous. This immediately gave me a whole bunch of exotic ideas in terms of … gastronomy…

sacrilege bambi fontaine


Bambi Fontaine Adult theater

Cover of the May issue of ‘Le Bateau‘ (2019)

porn comic Bambi Fontaine

Bambi Fontaine cunnilingus

Bambi Fontaine fellatio

Bambi Fontaine sex orgy

Bambi Fontaine hentai art

Did you meet Candice yet ?

Bambi Fontaine Seductive girl with sagging panties

Intimate scene from Bambi Fontaine’s Midnight Stories pilot episode

Bambi Fontaine art

Bambi Fontaine Doodle

Bambi Fontaine bondage

meryl franck peeing woman

meryl franck Monica Belluci

Monica Bellucci on bike

Bambi Fontaine pole dancer

Pole dancer

Bambi Fontaine pornographic art

meryl franck Deus Ex

Deus Ex

meryl franck sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty I

bambi fontaine sleeping beauty

pettes histoires bambu fontaine

Petites Histoires de Cul Illustrées (Vol.1)

Bambi Fontaine Petites Histoires 2

Petites Histoires de Cul Illustrées (Vol.2)

Bambi Fontaine Petites Histoires

Petites Histoires de Cul Illustrées (Vol.3)

petites histoires bambi fontaine girl with dildo

pose 69 Bambi Fontaine

Bambi Fontaine pose 69

Bambi Fontaine nude female and raven

Bambi Fontaine pin up art

Fontaine’s Midnight Stories can be found on the site Adult Time and check out her limited edition prints in her shop..!!

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Sources: the subject was suggested by Jeff Faerber, meryl-franck.com/, fleshbot.com

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