The Pornographic Fantasy Saga 'I Roved Out' by Alexis Flower (47 Pics)
4 december 2020 

The Pornographic Fantasy Saga 'I Roved Out' by Alexis Flower (47 Pics)

Again, a great tip from Jeff Faerber who drew my attention to the well-drawn erotic comic strip I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love (2018) by Alexis Flower, who is responsible for both text and artwork.

Pornographic Fantasy Saga

I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love, on the site accurately described as “A Warmly Pornographic Fantasy Saga”, is a high fantasy erotic comic about a lazy fairy trying to avoid an epic expedition everyone wants to send her on. The tale revolves around Cinderella, a very affectionate, high-spirited adventurer, and her best friend Maeryll, a part-time assassin with an acquired taste.

Lovelyss and Lovesyck

I was able to find little about the background of this gifted male artist aka. Rupert Everton, living in Winnipeg, Canada, but he is clearly influenced by hentai (Japanese erotic manga and anime), and made two other amazing comics Lovelyss (2014) and Lovesyck (2016). Lovelyss is a sexy outer-space nightclub pulp adventure in three parties and Lovesyck is a prequel to Lovelyss, and both comics are mysteriously interlinked. These earlier comics have a more sketchy drawing style using a neon color palette.

Sex Drove the Story

On Kickstarter, Alexis describes the I Roved Out project as follows: “My barest goal with this project was to create a porno where sex drove the story and vice versa. Because sex is basically ridiculous, the work fairly drips with humour, but it’s sincere, and friendly, with lots of diverse characters who are just trying to get on in a vast, mysterious world. By way of comparison, I Roved Out sits in the middle of the road between Oglaf and Dark Souls.”

Salute to Hokusai

Below you can check out some random pages and images from the porn fantasy comic I Roved Out. Figure 8 depicts a scene taking place at a tentacle pond which offers an amusing salute to Hokusai’s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
Alexis Flower I roved out

Fig.1. Album cover

Alexis Flower erotic comic

Fig.2. Cunnilingus scene with Maeryll and a black girl in a library just outside Wiccton

I Roved Out Erotic Comic

Fig.3. Cinderella with prince.

Alexis Flower art

Fig.4. Moment of the curse.

Alexis Flower erotic

Fig.5. Squirt scenes involving Cinderella and Maeryll while being observed by the cursed prince who has taken the shape of a toad.

Alexis Flower erotic comic art

Fig.6. Lesbian encounter including the cursed prince 

Alexis Flower I roved out comic

Fig.7. Cinderella performing fellatio to the stressed scoutmaster Crescentwood.

alexis flower comic book porn

Fig.8. Cinderella at the tentacle pond. The last illustration on this page is a nice reference to Hokusai’s iconic ‘Octopus’ design!

Alexis Flower I roved out fellatio

Fig.9. Fellatio in the shower

Alexis Flower lesbian

Fig.10. Lesbian lovers using a strap-on

Alexis Flower Hentai

Fig.11. Squirting Cinderella

alexis flower porn comic

Fig.12. Post-coital image with Cinderella and Maeryll 

I Roved Out Alexis Flower

Fig.13. Threesome with a squirting Cinderella

Here’s some artwork from Lovelyss

Alexis Flower lovelyss comic


Alexis Flower lovelyss


Alexis Flower lovelyss strip


Alexis Flower lovelyss sf comic


Artwork from Lovesyck  

Alexis Flower Lovesyck


Alexis Flower sf comic


Alexis Flower Lovesyck comic


Alexis Flower Lovesyck comic art


Alexis Flower erotic comic book art


Alexis Flower seduction


Alexis Flower lesbian art


alexis flower lovelyss art


I Roved Out Alexis Flower comic


Alexis Flower lesbian lovers


sleeping nude alexis flower


horny females alexis flower


I Roved Out Alexis Flower erotic


erotic comic alexis flower


tentacle alexis flower


early morning ride erotic


Alexis Flower fellatio scene

Fig.34. ‘Cinder performing fellatio

alexis flower lesbians


I roved Out Lesbian

Fig.36. Scene with ‘Breast sucking with Maeryll and Cinder‘ in ‘I Roved Out

alexis flower bathing nudes

Fig.37. ‘Shower scene’

alexis flower elf octopus


I roved out erotic comic art


I roved out erotic comic art


Maeryll' I Roved Out

Fig.41. The character ‘Maeryll‘ from the comic ‘I Roved Out

Cinder and maeryll I Roved Out

Fig.42. ‘Maeryll and Cinder

Cinderella I Roved Out

Fig.43. ‘Cinder(ella)

I Roved Out Alexis Flower crow


tentacle art alexis flower


alexis flower tentacle art


I roved out hentai comic


You can click HERE and check out the complete erotic story I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love and much more for FREE or obtain a physical copy of the sequel (the first one has been sold out!) by clicking HERE …!!

Click HERE and find a blog that shows the shocking hentai images of one of our videos that were banned from YouTube..!!

Let us know your thoughts on this kind of erotic art in the comment box below….!!

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Jeff Faerber

Jeff Faerber

on 8 December 2020

So glad you review this work! I want to purchase Vol 1 of "I Roved" but it is out of print.



on 8 December 2020

Thanks Jeff. Yes, me too. Sooner or later there will be a second edition. Anyhow, the sequel is still available!



on 10 December 2020

Interesting write-up. In particular, I think figs 5 & 6 look very erotic.



on 10 December 2020

Thanks Daniel. You're absolutely right. Funny is how the erotic scenes are interspersed with those of the cursed prince (see Fig.3) who has taken the form of a fat toad.

Vialet R.

Vialet R.

on 19 December 2020

Thank you for this great presentation.



on 19 December 2020

Thanks a lot. I am pleased you like it!

olivier manoury

olivier manoury

on 12 March 2021

Thanks Marijn for selecting these great art works! It is all electronics I think but it really has the touch or a great draftsman. I always enjoy and share your publications, please go on!



on 13 March 2021

Yes indeed, it was done digitally but that requires a similar craftsmanship as you already expressed. I'm very pleased that you enjoy and share our content. Much appreciated!

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