Tentacle Erotica: Prepare For Some Notoriously Graphic Octopus Images..!
Marijn Kruijff
42 min

Tentacle Erotica: Prepare For Some Notoriously Graphic Octopus Images..!

42 min

In addition to one of our most read articles about the influence of Hokusai’s iconic The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife on a whole new genre called Tentacle Erotica (shokushu goukan 触手強姦, aka. Tentacle Rape, Tentacle Hentai or Tentacle Porn) we have included more exciting examples below (Beware: some of these images are very graphic!).

What is Tentacle Erotica?

In contrast to shunga, which is an art form, tentacle erotica is a kind of pornography. It is originated in Japan and merges conventional pornography with components of bestiality, fantasy, horror and science-fiction.

Tentacled Beings

Tentacle erotica is often added to horror or hentai animations, with tentacled beings (often imaginary creatures) involved in sexual acts, mostly with females. In some cases, the portrayed intercourse is consensual but most of the time the emphasis is on rape.


This exploitative genre is rather popular in Japan, and therefore subject of parody. Partly because of the internet, Japanese films (Fig.1) that feature tentacle erotica have also become popular in the West among genre devotees. Elements of tentacle erotica can also be found in the furry fandom.*

Small octopus kissing woman

Fig.1. Still from the movie Edo Porn (aka. Hokusai Manga) (1981) by Kaneto Shindô


The earliest examples of tentacle erotica, long before animated pornography, can already be found in the 18th century book illustrations of ukiyo-e masters such as Kitao Shigemasa and Katsukawa Shuncho. But the most famous one is without a doubt the illustration from the 1814 novel Kinoe no komatsu, written and illustrated by Katsushika Hokusai, commonly known as The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (Fig.2).

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife wooblock remake by Yuuya Shimoi (2018)

Fig.2. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (2018 Yuuya Shimoi wooblock remake) by Katsushika Hokusai

Sarah and Octopus

This so-called shunga design has been reworked by countless artists over the centuries. A wonderful contemporary example is the woodblock print designed by Masami Teraoka called Sarah and Octopus/Seventh Heaven‘ (2001) from the series ‘Waves and Plagues‘ (Fig.3).

Girl pleased by octopus

Fig.3. 'Sarah and Octopus Seventh Heaven' (2001) from the series ‘Waves and Plagues’ by Masami Teraoka (Photo source abbatefineart.com)

Abalone Diver Tamatori

There is an interesting discrepancy between the western audiences, who experience Hokusai’s image as an involuntary encounter, and the Japanese of the Edo period who saw it is as consensual.  The latter would have understood the dialogue that expresses the mutual enjoyment of both the diver and the octopuses. They also would have recognized the print as a reference to the legend of the female abalone diver Tamatori.

The heroine Tamatori, who has entered the Dragon King’s Palace, swimming through the waves holding an outstretched sword and the Treasure Pearl

Fig.4. 'The heroine Tamatori' (later remake) by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Dragon King

In this tale, Tamatori steals a jewel from the Dragon King (Fig.4). When she escapes she is chased by the Dragon King and his sea-life minions (including octopuses).


Contemporary censorship in Japan dates to the Meiji period. These so-called “obscenity” laws are still in force today but how this term is interpreted has not remained constant. Exposed genitalia are still illegal but the variety of acceptable sexual acts is now broad in comparison with other progressive countries.

Toshio Maeda

The artist Toshio Maeda (Fig.5), one of the pioneers within the tentacle porn industry, found a handy way around the “obscenity” law. Instead of creating sensual scenes between humans, he included creatures with tentacles. Their “penis” tentacles were just part of the creature, who don’t have a gender. Toshio noted: “You know, the creatures, they don’t have a gender. A creature is a creature. So it is not obscene – not illegal.”

Girl with a cell phone and octopus

Fig.5. Sketch by Toshio Maeda (Source; Luccafan.com)

Anyway, no puritanical codes at this section of the world wide web. At Shunga Gallery you can enjoy this sensual phenomenon in all its graphic detail…

Tentacles tying up a girl

Fig.6. Tentacle BDSM art (Photo source; Etsy.com)

Two lesbians with tentacles in the clouds

Fig.7. 'Tentacle Erotica III ( Tako to ama)’ by Piera Gemelli (Photo source; Celesteprize.com)Octopus man pleasing a woman oralBehold the age old sexual prowess of the cunnilingus of Cthulhu is great   hentai

Fig.8. Behold the age old sexual prowess of the cunnilingus of Cthulhu is great (Photo source; Hentaihorror.com)

Modern variant of the dream of the fisherman's wife

Fig.9. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (Photo source; Raincoaster.com)

A young boy with long brown hear cuddling an octopus

Fig.10. Long haired boy and octopus (Photo source; Ryszberry.wordpress.com )

Modern art of a woman sleeping with an octopus

Fig.11. Sleeping with an octopus (Photo source; www.stile.it)

A girl with devlish horns is taken by tentacles

Fig.12. Devilish girl hentai (Photo source; Rebelsnotes.com)

Girl passionately loving a tentacle

Fig.13. Tentacle loving

Are tentackes stroking the woman or hands

Fig.14. Tentacles or hands

Painting of a girl using a tentacle as an instrument

Fig.15. Tentacle instrument (Photo source; httpswww.stile.it)

Woman lying with octopus on her lap

Fig.16. From the satirical magazine ‘Pchela’ (1906) (Photo source; Oneletterwords.com)

Young girl being grabbed by a giant blue octopus

Fig.17. Blue octopus monster (Photo source; wweek.com)

A girl trying to hold off a string of tentacles

Fig.18. Hold off the tentacles (Photo source; Kingdomofevil3d.com)

A lady lying on the floor with an octopus all over her

Fig.19. Tentacle bodysuit (Photo source; strangeandbeautifulworld.files.wordpress.com)

A girls fighting tentacles by sticking pencils in itTentacle erotica by Will Murrai

Fig.20. Tentacle erotica by Will Murrai (Photo source; Artstation.com)

A girl being lifted from the water by a giant tentacle

Fig.21. Art by Viko (Photo source; Vikowebsite.com)

Blacj and white picture of a girl picked up by tentaclesThe Offering, Slave to the Tentacle by Abigail Gray

Fig.22. The Offering, Slave to the Tentacle by Abigail Gray

A chubby girl making love with an octopus

Fig.23. Chubby girl with octopus (Photo source; Thedotspot.net)

A girl being grabbed by a tentacle monster

Fig.24. Tentacles and skulls (Photo source; Printussery.com)

A queen lying in the arms of tentacles

Fig.25. Queen of tentacles (Photo source; Deviantjunction.com)

Black and white picture of an octopus pleasing a naked woman

Fig.26. Intimate octopus by Sawatari Hajime (Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery)

An octopus is deflowering a youg woman

Fig.27. Octopus deflowering (Photo source; Memecenter.com)

Hentai of a woman being extremely penetrated by tentacles

Fig.28. Extreme penetration (Photo source; Rebelsnotes.com)

A woman slaying attacking tentacles with her sword

Fig.29. Slaying tentacles (Photo source; httpwww.coaching-et-formation-coaching.eu)

Tripich of a lying woman passionately surrounded by tentacles

Fig.30. Seductive female surrounded by tentacles (2010) by Daniela Uhlig

A naughty girl spanked by tentacles

Fig.31. Naughty girl (2012) by Daniela Uhlig

Uncensored tentacle rape cartoon porn of busty big tits steampunk hentai babe gang-raped by tentacles

Fig.32. Uncensored tentacle rape cartoon porn of busty big tits steampunk hentai babe gang-raped by tentacles (Photo source; Hentaihorror.com)

Afro american woman surrounded by tentacles

Fig.33. Tentacles (2017) by Reginald Gale

How to train your octopus

Fig.34. Gong Li & Tentacle by Serge Birault (aka. Papa Ninja)

Girl in black suit grabbed by a tentacle

Fig.35. Girl and tentacle by Serge ‘Papa Ninja’ Birault

3D Version of 'Harpoon girl' by Serge Birault

Fig.36. 3D Version of ‘Harpoon girl’ by Serge Birault (Photo source; Zbrushcentral.com)

Entanglement of human hands, feet and tentacles

Fig.37. Art by Chan4chan (Photo source; chan4chan.com)

Blue haired girl pleased by blue tentacles

Fig.38. Bluehaired girl (Photo source; Hentaireviews.moe)

Girl being penetrated by blue tentacles from behind

Fig.39. Anal penetration (Source; 3dwerewolfporn.com)

Girl sitting on glass tentacles

Fig.40. Glass tentacles (Photo source; amcb.be)

Old movie poster with woman being held by tentacles

Fig.41. Poster for the film Abyss (Topiel) (1917, Poland)

Woman being attacked by an octopus on the rocks

Fig.42. Art by Bastien LeCouffe (Photo source; rickwayne.blog)

Girls tied t a tree being attacked by octopusses

Fig.43. Art by Toshio Saeki

Young schoolgirl being pleased by an octopus in a ditch

Fig.44. Schoolgirl and octopus in a ditch by Toshio Saeki

Drawing of girl making love to an octopus

Fig.45. T is for tentacles (Photo source; Etsy.com)

Attributed to Yanagawa Shigenobu

Fig.46. 'Ama diver and octopus in the sea' (c.1830) attributed to Yanagawa Shigenobu (Photo by @Tuyashun)

Ama diver trying to ward off an octopus with her knife

Fig.47. 'Sensual fight between an ama diver and an octopus in the surf' (c.1806) by an unknown artist

A knight trying to free a woman from a tentacle demon

Fig.48. 'La Grande Danse macabre des vifs' (c.1905) by Martin Van Maele (1863-1926) (Photo source; Wikipedia)

A girl penetrated by pinned tentacles

Fig.49. Ravaged by monster octopus (Photo source; 3dmonster.xxx)

Girl being held by giant tentacles

Fig.50. The Untamed (La región salvaje 2016 by Amat Escalante (Photo source;Whatculture.com)

Tentacles lifting up brah to have a peek

Fig.51. Tentacles peeking (Photo source; Tentaclepress)

A monstrous octopus is grabbing a young lady

Fig.52. Extreme octopus

A woman taking a bath with an octopus

Fig.53. Octopus in my bathtub (Photo source; pigbear.org)

A vagina faced octopus monster

Fig.54. Cover art by William Stout for ‘Bizarre Sex’. Issue 10 (Kitchen Sink, Dec 1982) (Photo source; pigbear.org)

During an alaian invasion a woman is being pleased by tentacles

Fig.55. Cover art by John Pound for ‘Commies From Mars the Red Planet’. Issue 2 (Last Gasp, Dec 1979) (Photo source; pigbear.org)

Girl in vintage bathing suit with octopus

Fig.56. Cover art by Hugh Joseph Ward for Spicy Adventure Stories (Aug 1936). Illustration for Lew Merrill’s story ‘The White Godess’ (Photo source; picbear.org)

Satirical picture of an american octopus grabbing a european woman

Fig.57. Europa und Amerika (Aug 1918) from the German satirical newspaper ‘Simplicissimus’ by Wilhelm Schulz  (Photo source; picbear.org)

A girl walking the pirate's plank being taken by tentacles from the sea

Fig.58. Cover art by Sanjulian for 1994 magazine Issue 12 (Warren, Apr 1980) (Photo source; picbear.org)

A girl pleasing herself with the suction cups of a giant tentacle

Fig.59. Riding the tentacle (Photo source; httpwww.champagnecap.eu)

A man and a woman are examining an octopus under water

Fig.60. Examining the octopus (Picture source; picbear.org)

A man having intercourse with a tentacled woman

Fig.61. Tentacle-woman by Toshio Saeki

A nude beauty with an octopus on her head is poking a dwarf diver

Fig.62. Nude beauty, octopus and dwarf (2006) by Arthur Adams (Photo source; picbear.org)

A woman with tantacle hair and dragon feet sitting on a lot of money

Fig.63. Avarice (late 1960s) from the french magazine ‘Plexus’ by Gilles Rimbault (Photo source; picbear.org)

A hero about to rescue a woman from an octopus

Fig.64. Uncredited cover artwork for A. Merritt’s novel ‘Dwellers in the Mirage'(Avon Books 1952)

Hentai parody on superheroes

Fig.65. Hentai parody on superheroes ‘Ms. Marvel’ gets DP’d by a tentacled creature’ (Photo source; justlivetv.net)

A blond naked woman is visciously grabbed by tentacles

Fig.66. Cover art by Emanuele Taglietti for the italian fumetto Vipera Bionda issue 12 ‘La tigre gialla’ (1978)

An amazon is being attacked by an octopus wearing a mask from behind

Fig.67. The Nonchalant Amazon Syndrome by Robert Williams (Photo source; pigbear.org)

A red haired female warrior slaying a giant octopus with a sword

Fig.68. Art by Simon Bisley (Photo source; picbear.org)

An alien octopus is grabbing a running lady

Fig.69. Cover art by Bernie Wrightson for Nightmare Theater, Issue 3 (Chaos Comics 1997).

A short haired girl being grabbed by tentcales from the lake

Fig.70. Art by Yellow (2017) (Photo source; iris.paheal.net)

A female beauty is caressing the tentacles of an octopus

Fig.71. Lust by Chomas (Photo source; parlorofhorror.files.wordpress.com)

A gay man being anally pleased by tentackes

Fig.72. Yaoi bara tentacles by Datawav

The room of a princess is being invaded by a giant monster octopus

Fig.73. Monster Invasion by Aivelin’h

Modern painting of the dream of the fisherman's wife

Fig.74. The dream of the fisherman’s ex-wife by JeromeBirti

At night a naked girl is being pleased by an octopus

Fig.75. Night at the beach – Dream of the fisherman’s wife’ by Radagaz

Modern aquarel of the dream of teh fisherman's wife

Fig.76. Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife by Kevin Maddrey

Sketch for a tattoo sleeve

Fig.77. Sketch for a tattoo inspired by Hokusai’s ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’ (2017) by Chris Iwaniuk

Full body tattoo of teh dream of the fisherman's wife

Fig.78. Complete body tattoo (Photo source SilkNeedleTattoo)

Greek drawing with a woman and octopus

Fig.79. The dream of the ancient greek fisherman’s ‘wife (2015) by Mabi

Three photo's of a tattoo sleeve

Fig.80. Octopus tattoo sleeve

Girl with pink octopus

Fig.81. Octopus by Lez ►DE◄ (Photo source; Flickr.com)

A woman pirate is grabbed and dragged by tentacles

Fig.82. Dragged by tentacles (Photo source; knowyourmeme.com)

Beautiful women merge with tentacles

Fig.83. Tentacle erotica by ToTrixie and Reptile

tentacle porn with green tentacles caressing a nude blond girl

Fig.84. Green tentacles

tentacle porn with green tentacles penetrating a vulva in close up

Fig.85. Tentacle stimulation

A girl with red panties and white socks swimming through tentacles

Fig.86. Tentacle swimming

tentacle porn with tentacles raping a gymnast

Fig.87. No holes left

Hentai girl with a funny looking octopus

Fig.88. Love that octopus (Source; httpswww.luscious.net)

Abstract paiting of tentacle loving

Fig.89. Tentacle Erotica IV

A woman lying on the floor covered with an octopus and tattoos

Fig.90. Octopus body Photo by Julian Murray

The tentacles are gently pleasing the woman's breasts and vagina

Fig.91. Nude girl with ink stains and tentacles by KarasuH

Woman with flower in her hair playing with an octopus

Fig.92. Tentacles love by Volatile Matter

Tentacle is holding a heart shaped mirror

Fig.93.  Vanessa Lake and Tentacle by PapaNinja (SergeBirault)

Tentacles peeking underneath skirt

Fig.94. Peeking tentacle by Daydreamdaredevil

Girl caressed by tentacles

Fig.95. Miss Tentacle Monster Girl 2009

Girl holding off tentacles after reading a book for summining for dummies

Fig.96. Tentacles summoned by a dummie

Girl looking up to a tentacle creature

Fig.97. Futanari Furry by Yellowroom

tentacle eroticaA girls building a sand castle is interrupted by a funny octopusFig.98.

Girls in bikini pleased by red octopus

Fig.99. Modern dream of fisherman’s wifeCop girl being penetrated by tentacleswet venom tentacle erotica

Fig.100. Wet venomA girl reading a novel while tentacles are hugging herThriller Novel Pigo Lin art

Fig.101. Thriller novel by Pigo Lin

Girl licking a cone of tentacles

Fig.102. Eyes-dream…and Octopuss by Nastassia Lazouskaya (Photo by Saatchi Art)

famous painting sleeping venus with an octopus invading the painting

Fig.103. Sleeping Venus and octopus reworking of Giorgione’s painting produced in 1510Woman being captured by giant squidSerie inferno by Alessandro Biffignandi

Fig.104. Serie inferno by Alessandro Biffignandi (Photo source; comicartfans.com)Sensual painting of a seductive fixenSmoking femme fatale wearing a red octopus

Fig.105. Smoking femme fatale wearing a red octopus by Brian M. Viveros (Photo source; mymodernmet.com)

Barnaby WardBlack and white pictire of an octopus holding a woman

Fig.106. Barnaby Ward (Photo source; albumsceline.blogspot.com)Cubic blue colored image with octopus and nude femaleDavid Merveille blue octopus

Fig.107. David Merveille (Photo source; albumsceline.blogspot.com)Half mermaid,half octopus girlEnoki Toshiyuki octopus

Fig.108. Enoki Toshiyuki (Photo source; albumsceline.blogspot.com)

Breasts caressed by tentacles

Fig.109. Barbie Bitch and octopus by Nicolas Benedetti Salani (Saatchi Art)

Octopus pleasing a man from behind

Fig.110. Octopus My Queer Fish by Barbara Bianchi (Saatchi art)

nude female with purple tentacles and stain

Fig.111. Painting by Anastasually (Etsy.com)

An elf like princess with tentacles

Fig.112. Underwater princess by Hamsterfly

Painting of a black haired woman grabbed by tentacles

Fig.113. Taken by the creature by Ashley Laufer

painting with female sporting an octopus back pack

Fig.114. Amelia & octopus

Nude female from the back with red tentacles over her shoulders

Fig.115. Painting by Anastasually (Etsy.com)

comical painting with a chubby nude red-haired girl and a blue octopus

Fig.116. Squid friend by Spunkrock (Etsy.com)

sensual tentacle art with nude girl surrounded by black creatures

Fig.117. Mizu-Ha-No-Me (2016) by Mimi Scholz

Naked young boy embracing an octopus

Fig.118. Young boy with an octopus

Modern tentacle art

Fig.119. Tentacle erotica (2014) by Fluxbiota (Imgur.com)

puppets of an octopus performing cunnilingus on a nude female with skeleton hands

Fig.120. Digital sculpture ‘Kinoe no komatsu’ by Jeremietentacle porn: nude girl seen from the rear with tentacles in her private partsdouble penetration hentai octopus

Fig.121. Anal penetration (source; luscious.net)

Sea under by Mioree Art

Fig.122. Sea under (2012) by Mioree Art

Marilyn Monroe riding a giant octopus

Fig.123. Marilyn Monroe (2013) by Edgar Sandoval

pink octopus with eye-patch approaching a young blond girl holding a can of coke

Fig.124. Day at the beach by Karl Liversidge

octopus in love’ by Serge Birault

Fig.125. Comical sketch with ‘Pin-up girl and octopus in love’ by Serge Birault

tattooed girl with octopus art

Fig.126. Tattoos running from body

Modern painting of a woman lying in tentacles

Fig.127. Kakémono N°7 Octopus (2016) by Mme S (photo; Galerie de Francony)

A woman lying in the arms of an octopus

Fig.128. Sensual Side Of An Octopus (2016) by Diane Peterson (Photo; Fine Art America)

A woman sleeping in a bed of tentaclesN°42 Octopus (2018) by Mme S

Fig.129. N°42 Octopus (2018) by Mme S (photo; Galerie de Francony)

octopus AnastasuallyTentacle porn: Nude females with green tentacles by AnastasuallyFig.130. Painting by Anastasually (Etsy.com)

female sitting in a chair with an octopus on her lap

Fig.131. Octopus on her lap

couple having sex in a boat with the female holding the tentacle of an octopus under water

Fig.132. Octopus distraction

Octopus tattoonig a ladyoctoo krakenkatz

Fig.133. Octoo by Krakenkatz (Photo form Deviantart.com)

A red octopus is holding a mermaid captive

Fig.134. Red octopus by Frank Brunner

On the surf, a large octopus uses its tentacles to please an ama diver

Fig.135. On the beach (c.1820s) from the series ‘Ehon shina sadame’ by Utagawa school

Blacj and white drawing of a woman being attacked by an octopusOctopus by Andrea Bulgarelli

Fig.136. Octopus assault on the beach (2017) by Andrea Bulgarelli

geisha with sword and an octopus performing oral sex surrounded by numerous emoticons

Fig.137. Tentacle erotica (source; Style.it)

A happy octopus is lacing up a woman's corset

Fig.138. Otto lacing up by Brian Kesinger

A pregnant nude is sitting down with an octopus

Fig.139. Pregnant Nude With Octopus Mother by Jennifer Brown (Source; Saatchi Art)

A young girl holding the tentacles of an octopus

Fig.140. Young girl with octopus

adolescent nude female lying on a red octopus

Fig.141. Woman lying on a red octopus

black an white photo of a girl lying on the beach with an octopus on top of her

Fig.142. Asian girl with octopus on top

lesbian girls with octopus bodies kissing sensualy

Fig.143. Two girls with octopus bodies

A Leviathan being assaulted on a raft at sea

Fig.144. Leviathan Harnessed By Harlow’s Nightie by Van Arno

Afro american woman appears with tentacles

Fig.145. The Birth of the Bride (Frankenstein Venus) by Mike Bell

Cute girl with tentacles coming out of her eyes and hair

Fig.146. Daddy’s Girl (from The Tentacle Set) by Ben Newman

Retro girl with tentacles and steering wheel

Fig.147. Missy Malone (from The Tentacle Set) by Ben Newman

Octopus lady holding a spear

Fig.148. Octohunter (2014) by Waldemar von Kozak

Seductive woman in green outfit sitting on a red octopus

Fig.149. Madame Hydra by Steevinlove (manof2moro.tumblr.com)

A woman being loved by a tentacled creature

Fig.150. Tentacle love

Woman in waves with octopus and mout fuji in the background

Fig.151. Fisherman’s wife modern (fugu-suicide.tumblr.com)

Nude woman with octopus body

Fig.152. Octopus Lady (Reddit.com)

A nude woman lifted up by tentacles

Fig.153. Nude with tentacles (2010) by Brezelburg (Deviantart.com)

A woman only wearing underwear surrounded by black tentacles

Fig.154. Tentacles by Badspot (Deviantart)

Longhaired herione rescueing a woman from an octopus

Fig.155.Red Rescues the Ocean Princess (2010) by Jebriodo (Deviant art)

A woman is trying to pull an octopus from her bathtub with a plunger

Fig.156. Octopus in a bathtub

Apollonia Saintclair tentacle erotica

Fig.157 ‘Le tâtonnement aveugle (The blind trial and error)‘ (2013) by Apollonia Saintclair

tentacle erotica sao chang

Fig.158. ‘Férocités sensuelles‘ (1935) by Sao Chang

tentacle eroticaFig.159.

tentacle love by Digital MakeFig.160. Artwork by Digital Make (2012)

hentai tentacleFig.161. Art by Saval Kas

cavewoman hentai artFig.162. Art by Avulchibi 

octopus by OosakikoFig.163. 'Octopus and diver' (2016) by Oosakiko

The Fisherman's Wife by Peter FortinFig.164. ''The Fisherman's Wife' (2008) by Peter Fortin

Sawatari Hajime tentacleFig.165. Tentacle art by Sawatari Hajime

drawing with nude female and tentaclesFig.166. 'Grafite Meitom' (2011) by Pedro Vale

Ken Kelly Eerie MagazineFig.167. Cover of 'Eerie Magazine #60' (Sept 1974) by Ken Kelly (b.1946) (Source: Eroticmadscience.com)

tentacle Chris GuarinoFig.168. 'Tentacle' (2017) by Chris Guarino

tentacle HedonixFig.169. 'Tentacle' by Hedonix

poiuo by ~Sasha GreenFig.170. 'Poiuo' by SashaGreen

tentacle erotica two femalesFig.171.

tentacle erotica pregnant femaleFig.172.

tentacle eroticaFig.173.

tentacle erotic art hentaiFig.174.

tentacle rape artFig.175.

tentacle rape eroticaFig.176.

tentacle erotica smoking nude girl with glassesFig.177.

tentacle rape hentaiFig.178.

tentacle erotica hentaiFig.179. Hentai art by Kyuri Tizu

tentacle erotica hentai artFig.180.

Ink etching 'Sakuragasaki ' (2008) by Asako HayashiFig.181. Ink etching 'Sakuragasaki ' (2008) by Asako Hayashi 

'Fields of Lust' (2012) by Ben MorbezFig.182. 'Fields of Lust' (2012) by Ben Morbez

'A tentacle glory hole? 'Fig.183. 'A tentacle glory hole? '

Octopus and the shell diver by Atom CyberFig.184. 2021 Tribute to the famous Octopus and the shell diver ("tako to ama" also known as to "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife") woodblock print by Hokusai (1814) by Atom Cyber

'Seven Deadly Sins: Lust ' by Connor WrightFig.185. 'Seven Deadly Sins: Lust ' by Connor Wright

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