Pigo Lin and His Mellow Erotic Pop Surrealism
Marijn Kruijff
22 min

Pigo Lin and His Mellow Erotic Pop Surrealism

22 min

Pigo Lin is a 35 year old Taiwanese artist whose evocative erotic art attracts an ever increasing fan base. On his Instagram page he describes his work as soft erotic art, in which he mixes elements of manga, pop surrealism, anime and guro (gore art).

Rising Star

Although his star in the art world is rising (his past work is sold out already!) and has a Masters in Fine Arts from the National Taiwan Normal University, he is also still working as a professional watch designer.

Night Drawer

After his working day, he retreats into his little studio in Taipei City. In this place he devotes himself to his sensual dream fantasies until well into the night (he calls himself a ‘night drawer’).

pigo lin: Motoko Kusanagi in military uniform (l) and Combat Uniform (r)

Fig.1. ‘Motoko Kusanagi in military uniform (l) and Combat Uniform (r)‘ (Wikipedia)


In an earlier interview with Playboy he remarks that his sensual expressions are almost an exemplary metaphor of the suppressed single Asian male, who represses the desires that Western society more easily accepts and encourages.


It’s a place where they seek their salvation in love hotels, brothels, and indulge in remarkable fetishes such as used-panties (available at special vending machines) and strange baby-like manga all behind closed doors. Lin, himself bisexual, is fascinated by sexuality and how it is repressed and concealed in Asian culture.

Pigo Lin painting of a nude female carried by giant waves

Fig.2. ‘Drowning in a desire of you / Drop down with the current‘ by Pigo Lin

Boldly Sensual

In his paintings Pigo Lin uses his fantasy to tell stories about things that are real in today’s world. These fantasies are his journey to explore and understand the essence of himself. Lin’s images are as boldly sensual as they are equivocal, depicting the female form as grotesque, with unrealistic dimensions in various stages of euphoria and joy.


His ideas are full of intrigue, the treatment of the female is complex. In the Playboy interview he comments: “I think the ocean combines beauty, power and danger. I always use the ocean to represent woman. He admits that the illustrations represent his own sexual desires.

Pigo Lin's Boatswain: nude female sailor sitting on the jaws of a giant shark

Fig.3. ‘Boatswain

Great Wave

His style is rooted in Japanese anime and manga and influences are clearly to be found in the ancient ukiyo-e master Katsushika Hokusai (in particular his Great Wave) and in the provocative works of the contemporary artists Toshio Saeki and Suehiro Maruo.

Scarlett Johansson

Other influences are the anime classic Ghost in the Shell (also the live-action version with Scarlett Johansson) that features one of his great muses Motoko Kusanagi (Fig.1). Also Spielberg’s classic shocker Jaws had a lasting influence on the artist.

nude female in bathtub with red water and a circling finger by Pigo Lin

Fig.4. ‘Magical finger


The sexual humor can be found all across Lin’s works such as Handjob that portrays an ecstatic male only wearing a bathrobe lying on a bed while a giant female hand massages his penis with a lever (Fig.5).

pigo lin Handjob

Fig.5. ‘Handjob‘ (2017)

Slimy Snail Mermaid

Another comical piece is the one with a slimy snail mermaid lying on a veranda while a hasty young man throws a bucket of salt over her (Fig.7), or the amusing variation on Edvard Munch’s The Scream with a female opera singer pressing her breasts together during a high pitched vocal, drawing the attention of a curious black cat (Fig.8). Lin has also changed the title, which is now called The Voice.

eupting vulcano's, tits and vagina by Pigo Lin

Fig.6. ‘The Goddess

Salting the snail by Pigo Lin

Fig.7. ‘Historic photo of Charlie salting the snail. Colorized, circa ( 1868)

pigo lin parody on edvard munch's the scream

Fig.8. ‘The voice

pigo lin: sensual female with tentacles

Fig.9. ‘Kraken

female king kong sitting on a flat and yellow plane by pigo lin

Fig.10. ‘King Kong girl

sleeping lady in a red sea with dwarf in a boat taking pictures of ther vulva by pigo lin

Fig.11. ‘The shape of mind

pigo lin: The fast and the ban

Fig.12. ‘The fast and the ban

Pigo Lin's Midnight Date

Fig.13. ‘Midnight date

surf rescuer with shark mask by Pigo Lin

Fig.14. ‘Surf rescue

Take your suit off, and tell me what's happening today by pigo lin

Fig.15. ‘Take your suit off, and tell me what’s happening today‘ (2018)

Pigo Lin's painting called 'Cyprinoid jump over dragon door'

Fig.16. ‘Cyprinoid jump over dragon door’ (2019)

girl with soaked clothing is sprayed wet with a garden hose by an inattentive gardenerby pigo lin


sad girl standing in the water (surrounded by a puddle stain) by Pigo Lin

Fig.18. ‘Moon reflection

pigo lin


Almost nude short-haired girl reading a book with wet contents by pigo lin

Fig.20. ‘(Fresh Meat)‘ (2017)

pigo lin: marine girl shooting a torpedo from her private parts


Rose is hard up for water by pigo lin

Fig.22. ‘Rose is hard up for water‘ by Pigo Lin

pigo lin: Shake your hands. Be a friendly gesture

Fig.23. ‘Shake your hands. Be a friendly gesture.

Love-clad legs by pigo lin

Fig.24. ‘Love-clad legs

Pigo Lin: Nude girl with big bosom drooling into a fish bowl

Fig.25. ‘How to comfort your lonely fish‘ (2019)

French kissing by Pigo Lin

Fig.26. ‘French kissing‘ (2019)

semi-nude female touching her breats with four arms by pigo lin

Fig.27. ‘Emotional

Candlelight dinner by pigo lin

Fig.28. ‘Candlelight dinner

hedge clipper cutting the string of a passed-out girl with phallus-shaped trees in the background by pigo lin


intimate couple on a duck boat surrounded by floating bananas in a river by pigo lin

Fig.30. ‘Banana

pigo lin: intimate couple on a duck boat surrounded by floating bananas in a river


pigo lin: nude female embracing a male mannequin with winding key


pigo lin: waving dream


Eve Mask by Pigo Lin

Fig. 34. ‘Eve Mask

pigo lin: sensual nude female holding a crocodile

Fig.35. ‘Swamp

Pigo Lin


Pigo Lin


 'Two tone bra' by Pigo Lin

Fig.38. ‘Two tone bra

Painting called Cactus by Pigo Lin

Fig.39. ‘Cactus‘ (2019)

Wake up, sleepyhead' by Pigo Lin

Fig.40. ‘Wake up, sleepyhead‘ (2019)

wonderland pigo lin

Fig.41. ‘Wonderland‘ (2019)

Dive with you Pigo Lin

Fig.42. ‘Dive with you‘ (2019)

Flora by Pigo Lin

Fig.43. ‘Flora‘ (2019)

Three hands by Pigo Lin

Fig.44. ‘Three hands‘ (2019)

Safe place by Pigo Lin

Fig.45. ‘Safe place‘ (2019)

Painting called Dancing by Pigo Lin

Fig.45. ‘Dancing‘ (2019)

Pigo Lin's 'Fingersmith'

Fig.46. ‘Fingersmith‘ (2018)

pigo lin: female snail reading a book while leaking fluid

Fig.47. ‘Reading in my closet‘ (2019)

Pigo Lin: Grey colored painting with a female masked assassin holding a knife

Fig.48. ‘Assassin‘ (2019)

Pigo Lin's Counting sheep

Fig.49. ‘Counting sheep‘ (2019)

Waterspout by Pigo Lin

Fig.50. ‘Waterspout‘ (2019)

 'The number you dialed is busy, please try again later' (2020) by Pigo Lin

Fig.51. ‘The number you dialed is busy, please try again later‘ (2020)

Painting called 'Calla lily' (2020) by Pigo Lin

Fig.52. ‘Calla lily‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin's painting called 'Pull the Plug'

Fig.53. ‘Pull the plug‘ (2019)

painting with a girl playing with herself while looking at her iphone by Pigo Lin

Fig.54. ‘Do exercise before bed‘ (2019)

Pigo Lin: nude girl lying in the desert near a oasis with a tiny drinking camel


'Girl in underwear standing in front of a mirror with a male reflection' by Pigo Lin


girl on the beach with a jumping whale in the background by Pigo Lin


Pigo Lin Art: Nude girl with squirting breasts sitting on a pealed squirting banana


Girl sitting in a bath with a crowned toad by Pigo Lin

Fig.59. ‘The frog prince

girl standing on a human surfboard riding a huge wave by Pigo Lin


nude girl lying on the edge of a skyscraper holding a leaking iPhone by Pigo Lin


Pigo Lin: Aroused young female leaning on a pink pillow holding an iPhone to her private parts





Pigo Lin 'Cinderella'

Fig.66. ‘Cinderella‘ (2019)

Pigo Lin: tipsy girl on a bed with a wet male hanging on the windowsill


Nude female lying on a green sofa by Pigo Lin

Fig.68. ‘Watching from jungle

'Curiosity'by Pigo Lin

Fig.69. ‘Curiosity‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin's 'Into the woods

Fig.70. ‘Into the woods‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin: Girl in a mushroom field cutting a sad mushroom with a knife


Nude girl lying on bed looking at her mobile phone

Fig.72. ‘Message‘ (2019)

Sweaty girl sitting in front of a fan with a human head sticking out of it by Pigo Lin


Pigo Lin art: sad girl


young woman with the hair stuck in a hair dryer by Pigo Lin


pigo lin: tree goddess

Fig.76. ‘Tree goddess‘ (2020)

painting called armpit hair by Pigo Lin

Fig.77. ‘Armpit hair‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin: Nude girl lying on red sofa in the water with shark fin


Pigo Lin; girl on bed playing with her iPhone eating a crunch bar

Fig.79. ‘Enjoy time

Pigo Lin's 'Golden Dress'

Fig.80. ‘Golden dress

Blood red by Pigo Lin

Fig.81. ‘Blood red

Pigo Lini: Monet's garden

Fig.82. ‘Monet’s garden‘ (March 2020)

Fig.83. ‘Before exercising‘ (March 2020)

Fig.84. ‘Ablution‘ (March 2020)

Pigo Lin: One eye

Fig.85. ‘One eye‘ (March 2020)

Pigo lin: nude girl with juicy lower body

Fig.86. ‘Happy Lunar New Year

Pigo Lin: nude girl sporting am eye-patch holding a capsule


Painting by Pigo Lin with a girl on the beach drinking from a bottle held by a waiter


Pigo lin's painting entitled 'Let your hair down'

Fig.89. ‘Let your hair down‘ (April 2020)

Pigo Lin's Waterspout

Fig.90. ‘Waterspout‘ (April 2020)

Pigo Lin painting Reading in space'

Fig.91.  ‘Reading in space‘ (May 2020)

Pigo Lin painting

Fig.92. ‘Reading in space‘ (2018)

Painting 'Moon reflection' by Pigo Lin

Fig.93.  ‘Moon reflection‘ (May 2020)

Pigo Lin's painting called 'Dorothy'

Fig.94. ‘Dorothy‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin's Candle

Fig.95. ‘Candle

Lotus lady by Pigo Lin

Fig.96. ‘Lotus lady‘ (2018)

Pigo Lin painting entitled 'Melt'

Fig.97. ‘Melt‘ (2018)

Immersion by Pigo Lin

Fig.98. ‘Immersion‘ (2017)

Pigo Lin Art

Fig.99. ‘Treasure of suturing

Pigo Lin Tattoo

Fig.99a. ‘Temporary tattoo inspired by the previous painting


Fig.101. ‘Mushroom sofa

Fig.102. ‘Secret date‘ (2019)

Fig.103. ‘Where are my pets‘ (2019)

Pigo Lin's Laptop

Fig.104. ‘Laptop‘ (2019)

Pigo Lin's Wolf

Fig.105. ‘Wolf

Pigo Lin 'Stranded Beauty

Fig.106. ‘Stranded beauty‘ (2019)

Warm and soft by Pigo Lin

Fig.107. ‘Warm and soft‘ (2017)

Pigo Lin: painting called 'Yoga'

Fig.108. ‘Yoga‘ (2017)

Pigo Lin Wet girl


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