The Nipple Sucking Erotica of Katsushika Hokusai
10 september 2018 
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The Nipple Sucking Erotica of Katsushika Hokusai

A more mature couple – husband and pregnant wife – are seen at passionate foreplay. The woman asks the flirtatious man to hurry and get on with the main act, abruptly directing him in the details of every desired variation of penetration. She wears a special sash to give support to her swollen stomach.

Hokusai Adonis plant

Fig.1. ‘Suckling‘ (c.1822) from the series ‘Fukujuso (The Adonis Plant)‘ by Katsushika Hokusai

Sensual Idiom

This is another of the most effective designs of Hokusai’s The Adonis Plant series with a forceful erotic power. Suckling scenes are rather common in Hokusai’s sensual idiom. One is reminded instantly of the captivating image of matron and young lover in Gods of Intercourse (Fig.2.) and particularly the scene of wanton passion so effectively portrayed in Models of Loving Couples (Fig.3.).

nipple sucking

Fig.2. ‘Masturbating woman and a copulating matron with young lover‘ (c.1821) from the series ‘Manpuku wagojin (Gods of Intercourse)‘ by Hokusai

nipple sucking

Fig.3. ‘Corkscrew‘ (c.1812) from the series ‘Ehon tsuhi no hinagata (Picture-book Models of Loving Couples)‘ by Hokusai

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