The Macabre Porn Art by Toshio Saeki
Marijn Kruijff
15 min

The Macabre Porn Art by Toshio Saeki

15 min

The art of Toshio Saeki (佐伯 俊雄, 1945-2019) can best be described as surreal porn (Freud’s Dream Analysis meets violent samurai). His immoral bloody and humorous world is inhabited by unfortunate tied down females, violent ninjas and samurai warriors performing vicious amputations, vagina-picking crows and roosters, the inevitable octopuses, mutilated mermaids, sadistic zombies, and other morbid creatures.

Horrifying Dream

His prints are a contemporary version of the classical Japanese woodblock printing technique, using strong vivid colors and strong lines. Saeki (born in Miyazaki) is not drawn to portray idyllic-looking scenery. In an interview in 2013 with Dazed he explained “…I try instead to capture the vivid flowers that sometimes grow within a shameless, immoral and horrifying dream.”

a young scarred male is carving the back of a geisha with a blade

Distort the Understanding

About the reluctance to talk about his art he commented “…I only explain myself through my drawings, I can’t put into words what the images mean. It would not be difficult for me to come up with various arguments concerning the images, but that will distort the understanding of the works for sure”.

Yakuza and Shunga

As an adolescent Saeki was a fervent fan of cheap samurai and Yakuza (Japanese crime syndicate) movies that included a lot of violence and gore but were intended to make the viewer laugh. At the art high school he also developed his interest in erotic art and was good at copying shunga. This gave him a certain reputation among his fellow students who would ask him to draw more of this dirty pictures.

toshio saeki painting with a young schoolboy caressing the private parts of a schoolgirl in the park


Striking is that Saeki doesn’t use models or source imagery. His imagery is drawn from the subconscious inspired on visions, dreams, and memories that have remained in his mind. Although he primarily uses his fantasy and recollection there are also components of Japanese culture present in his art, from interior design and textile patterns, to mythical characters, ancient shunga, and allusions to well-known stories.

Sex and Death

Saeki sees his work mainly as entertainment and not as self-expression. His art is filled with sex and death because he likes to provoke the viewer. In order to entertain his audience his work can not be boring. The more he creates, the more he wants to surpass himself, to shock even more.

Secret Voyeur

Like in the ancient shunga prints, Saeki’s images sometimes includes a secret voyeur. In shunga these peeking figures are part of the whole scene while in Saeki’s world they are added as a surreal component to create a dynamic of the psychic device that exposes the numerous sides of the human life.

John Lennon

Saeki’s exhibitions are popular and his audience is ever increasing. He is now in his seventies and still working, enjoys the interest of is ever increasing following and the impact his work has on young artists. Saeki designed the cover of one of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s albums (Sometime in New York City, 1972), and both Yoko Ono and their son Sean Lennon are fans and friends of him. So I suspect that this fact did not stand in the way of his fame!

Below you can find an extensive collection of Toshio Saeki’s gruesomely beautiful art…

toshio saeki art with a girl walking in brown colored river while the crying head of her family float by and a burning house in the background

toshio saeki art

Madoromi‘ (2015)

Toshio Saeki: wind-up doll making love to a school girl


a girl decapitates the forehead of a young man listening to a gramophone player with a lp by Toshio Saeki

(Source: AkaTako)

Toshio Saeki schoolgril riding her teacher with ropes on his eyes

Photo by

toshio saeki painting with boy and girl jumping from the cliff

green three-eyed cyclops with nude faceless geisha licked by a magic lantern and watched by a surprised schoolgirl

older male performing a puppet-show in front a young girl with a naked lower body by toshio saeki

female laborer holding the head of her lover holding a snake to her private parts by toshio saeki

toshio saeki art

toshio saeki art

Toshio Saeki art depicting skeleton eating the breast of a tied female


toshio saeki art depicting a scalping wig maker

toshio saeki painting with girl holding a box with a severed head and giant tongue inside of it to her vagina

toshio saeki

a man examines the private parts of a tied mermaid with a twig by toshio saeki

a young bald-headed boy is cutting the tail of a mermaid

Toshio Saeki: young girl looking in the mirror while cutting her face with a knife including a bloody cat with a human face sporting a moustache

From the book “Yumenozoki (Glimpse of a Dream)” (Source:

toshio saeki - invisible man with tied schoolgirl performing fellatio

toshio saeki - octopuses - ama diver - fellatio

toshio saeki peeing girl

toshio saeki: tied geisha getting her pussy licked by a dying elderly male

toshio saeki painting with castration by a samurai - tied female

crows eating vulva of tied woman with ninja by toshio saeki

old male with sickle striking the buttocks a young tied female by toshio saeki

pink colored print depicting a girl hitting a nail to her hand and the head of a young kneeling man by toshio saeki

a headless female breastfeeding a toddler while chasing a young boy with her head biting his ear by toshio saeki

rooster picking the vulva of a tied girl hanging above a well

Toshio Saeki: samurai frees a nude girl from a green monster using his sword

skeleton sporting a kimono with tiny copulating figures in his belt and a burning lantern by Toshio Saeki

toshio saeki print of a soldier with bloody mouth hanging on a chin-up bar

print featuring a red faced male with moving hair grabbing a nude girl by Toshio Saeki

Akai Hako (The Red Box)‘ (1972)

toshio saeki ero guro

Toshio Saeki: black and white print with a girl trying to catch an embryo with with a fish net

'Yarai' (1972) by Toshio Saeki

Yarai‘ (1972) by Toshio Saeki

Issen‘ (1972)

toshio saeki art

Injaki‘ (1972)

toshio saeki art

Onimijizou‘ (1972)

toshio saeki: three bald-headed kids with a bloody knife and a shy girl in a tub

Sanninwarabe‘ (1972)

Toshio Saeki: two-headed snalke with human upper bodies performing cunnilingus on a nude tied girl

(Source: da-end)

toshio saeki: red bald-headed dwarf playing the flute grabbing the attention of a young schoolgirl with a blowing skirt

(Photo source:

toshio saeki

toshio saeki art

painting by toshio saeki with a tied female and two bald headed males

toshio saeki art prints

Male sporting a giant tattoo on his back of a snake that starts a life of its own making love to girl by toshio saeki art

Jagaraminedoko‘ (1987)

toshio saeki bloody art

toshio saeki zombi

toshio saeki ero guro

toshio saeki art

Toshio Saeki: girl holding a crossbow shooting at colored male figures with target boards on their foreheads


(Source: child smashing the head of a yellow snake molesting a nude girl with a butcher knife by toshio saeki

Toshio Saeki: Tattoo with girl holding a birdcage with a decapitated head in it licking her private parts

toshio saeki ero guro art

macabre toshio saeki

toshio saeki macabre art

toshio saeki macabre artist

toshio saeki buddha

toshio saeki striptease

toshio saeki long-necked ghost

toshio saeki bamboo girl

toshio saeki forced masturbation

toshio saeki black and white

toshio saeki necrophilia

toshio saeki horror

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Update 16-1-2020: This week it was announced that on November 21, 2019 the brilliant artist Toshio Saeki died at the age of 74.  His discerning imagination will be surely missed!

Let us know your thoughts on this legendary artist who inspired so many contemporaries in the comment below….!!