24 Explicit B&W Illustrations Depicting the Erotic Surrealism of Michael Hutter
Marijn Kruijff
5 min

24 Explicit B&W Illustrations Depicting the Erotic Surrealism of Michael Hutter

5 min

In our earlier article on the German surrealist Michael Hutter (1963) and the subsequent interview with him, we’ve already been able to get to know the artist and his work extensively.

Melchior Grün

Recently, I came across some striking b&w illustrations by the artist that were more explicitly erotic in their portrayal in comparison with his other work. I was curious about their background and approached the artist. Michael told me that some of the images are from a book entitled ‘Melchior Grün‘ published in 1999 and 2000, for which he provided both text and illustrations.

Melchior Grün Bard erotic

Fig.1. ‘Melchior Grün performing a ballad

Rat Kings

The book features the weird adventures of a medieval bard, Melchior Grün. This character with his pointed hat experiences fantastic and gallant adventures on his journey and meets rat kings, magicians, monsters and erotic women. Stylistically, the work is a mixture of fresh fairy tale subjects and a parallel world from the Cthulhu mythos.

Evil Magician

The apperceptions combine to create a coherent, gloomy image with intertextual echoes: the evil magician evokes memories of Petrosilius Zwackelmann, the narrative of a “Journey to the Moon” seems to be based on the film of the same name by Georges Méliès (see video), the narrative style of Moritats is similar to biblical texts. The stories are quite erotic, but not really pornographic.


Melchior Grün Michael Hutter adaptation

Fig.2. Book cover of ‘Melchior Grün: Fünf  Moritaten (Melchior Green: Five Moritats)‘ (1999)

Melchior Grün tales Michael Hutter


Michael Hutter Melchior Grün tales


Melchior Grün tales erotic


michael hutter lesbian


Michael Hutter erotic


Michael Hutter Bestiality


Michael Hutter erotic art


Michael Hutter Tales Melchior Grün


Michael Hutter women with dog


The following images are loosely connected to the Melchior Grün tales and are more explicit in nature…

michael hutter tentacle


micheal hutter Lepidopterus

Fig.13. ‘Lepidopterus

micheal hutter Gartenbank

Fig.14. ‘Gartenbank (Garden Bench)

micheal hutter Im Spiegel

Fig.15. ‘Im Spiegel (In the Mirror)


girl playing with herself michael hutter


michael hutter Kommode


Melchior Grün Michael Hutter

Fig.18. ‘Kanibalen (Cannibals)‘ (1999)

Woman with dog Michael Hutter

Fig.19. ‘Frau Mit Huendchen (Woman with Dog)‘ (1999)

alien sex Michael Hutter

Fig.20. ‘Alien Sex‘ (1999)

Michael Hutter unicorn

Fig.21. ‘Unicorn‘ (2015)

Michael Hutter Ausritt

Fig.22. ‘Ausritt (Ride out)‘ (2016)

micheal hutter am pool

Fig.23. ‘Am pool (At the Pool )

michael hutter akt act

Fig.24. ‘Akt (Act)‘ (2015)

Melchior Grün is available on Etsy.com…!!

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The above pics have been made available by the artist!

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