The Risky Nude Impressionism by Harry Maas
02 oktober 2017 
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The Risky Nude Impressionism by Harry Maas

The following works that portray the nude impressionism (with some more explicit pieces!) by Harry Maas (1906-1982) are from a set of 13 pieces that included etchings and watercolors. They were offered at an auction held several years ago in the Netherlands.

Maas was a painter of mainly female beauty. He rarely exhibited his work after 1950. Besides portraits, floral still lifes and townscapes, nude studies were his trademark.

nude impressionism

Fig.1. ‘Toos and Nel‘ (1955)

sex on the dinner table

‘Fig.2. Henk fucks Joke on the dinner table‘ (1966)

nude impressionism

Fig.3. ‘Toos and Chris

nude impressionism

Fig.4. ‘2 Studies

erotic photograph lying peeing peeing nude female-photo


harry maas masturbating female


harry maas nude

Fig.7. (1970)

harry maas posing nude


harry maas girls at the lake


harry maas posing girl


harry maas two playful lesbian girls


harry maas intimate couple in the open-air

Fig.12. 'Addy '

harry maas erotic etching

Fig.13. Etching

harry maas risky etching

Fig.14. Etching

harry maas girls near the river

Fig.15. Etching

harry maas laying nude watercolor

Fig.16. Watercolor of lying nude entitled Titia (1970s)

harry maas oil laying nude female on bed

Fig.17. Oil on board Lying nude (1973)

harry maas lying nude oil


harry maas girl undressing


harry maas nude female watercolor


harry maas nude picking

Fig.20. (1971)

lying nude looking at herself in the mirror harry maas

Fig.21. Lying female nude looking at herself in the mirror (1960)

harry maas intimate couple in the field


harry maas female couple making love on chair

Fig.23. Watercolor 'Couple making love on chair' (1979)

The following short exciting video features 10 more pieces by Harry Maas’ Nude Impressionism:

H.Maas - Nude Portraits

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Marijn is the founder of With more than 20 years of experience within the sensual and erotic art of shunga he is an authority in the genre. During this time he served many customers with complementing their art collection.


on 26 Dec 2017

Nice Film Marijn,i am one of the biggest Harry maas collectors in the Netherlands See mij collection under the name harry maas The collection is now 200 pieces.



on 27 Dec 2017

Thanks a lot Ray. I have seen your impressive collection on the net before. If I am right there are even some of your pieces in the film. Are you a long-time collector of his work?



on 30 Dec 2017

Hello Marijn, Thanks. I am Harry Maas collector since 2006 I am also collector of the work of Huib de Ru You can see the collection also on under the name huib de ru. The collection is 94 pieces of erotic drawings. Greetings Ray



on 30 Dec 2017

Thanks Ray, very nice. He clearly preferred using the more voluptuous models. Do you also want to exhibit them in real life? You can unite both artists in a duo exhibition.

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