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Covers And Strips Of The Rooie Oortjes Magazine To Make You Giggle

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In the current article, we'll take a look at some amusing covers of the Belgian adult comic magazine Rooie Oortjes (Red Ears), founded by comic book artist Daniel Henrotin (Dany). 

rooie oortjes magazine 

Fig. 1.

 rooie oortjes erotic

Fig. 2. Original art from one of covers (

rooie oortjes comic 

Fig. 3. Romantic series (

rooie oortjes red ears

Fig. 4. The cartoon album series (

 rooie oortjes The cartoon album series

Fig. 5. The cartoon album series (

Does That Interest You

Rooie Oortjes was launched in 1990. Nowadays, it's been published by Joker Editions and counts more than 40 books without recurring characters. Among contributors are Edouard Aidans, Bob de Groot, Josep Marti, and others. Danny produced the first six books under the name "Ca vous intéresse?" ("Does that interest you"). In Rooie Oortjes' blog, the Turkish comic artist Gürcan Gürsel is now mentioned as the author of visual design. The magazine specializes in one-page gag strips. Besides regular issues, there are specials and albums. The Holiday album is devoted to men's and women's adventures on the beach, for instance, swimming on a rubber sex doll or hunting the mermaid. 

 rooie oortjes Holiday album

Fig. 6. Holiday album (

 erotic magazine rooie oortjes

Fig. 7.

 red ears rooie oortjes

Fig. 8.

 Rooie Oortjes

Fig. 9.

 rooie oortjes hospital

Fig. 10.

 rooie oortjes cartoons

Fig. 11. The cover of DVD-edition (

 red ears comic

Fig. 12.

 rooie oortjes cartoon album

Fig. 13.

 red ears erotic comic

Fig. 14.

 comic rooie oortjes

Fig. 15.

Leave Something To Imagination

In the blog of the magazine, you can find an interesting reflection on what eroticism is. Although it's said in a Wikipedia entry that the content can be classified as dirty jokes, black comedy, and soft pornography, the producers of the magazine define it as erotic and make a distinction between eroticism and pornography. In one of the posts, they write the following: "Eroticism has very little to do with pornography. That's why a comic erotic comic magazine shouldn't look pornographic. The pictures depicted should leave something to the imagination" ( Speaking about their audience, the editors mention that, though the comics are primarily produced for adults, it doesn't exclude a younger audience, so the accent must be put on humor rather than naturalism in depicting the intercourse. Well, let's look at some strips and covers to raise our spirit! 

rooie oortjes mix

Fig. 16.

 red ears erotic magazine

Fig. 17.

 Rooie Oortjes erotic magazine

Fig. 18.

cartoon rooie oortjes 

Fig. 19.

 rooie oortjes Belgian comic

Fig. 20.

 rooie oortjes Daniel Henrotin

Fig. 21.

 Daniel Henrotin

Fig. 22.

 Belgian Rooie Oortjes

Fig. 23.

 rooie oortjes Belgian erotic

Fig. 24.

 rooie oortjes book cover

Fig. 25. Back cover (

red ears comic 

Fig. 26.

 rooie oortjes

Fig. 27.

 rooie oortjes strip

Fig. 28.

 strip magazine rooie oortjes

Fig. 29.

 rooie oortjes comic erotic

Fig. 30.

 rooie oortjes Strip by Gürcan Gürsel

Fig. 31. Strip by Gürcan Gürsel (

She Thought It Was Money 

rooie oortjes translation

Fig. 32. Priest: Do you take Herman Grootbalk as your husband? Bride (whispers): Hey, is it true that you've been saving during your whole life? Groom: Oh, I've saved everything for you! Bride: Yes, I do! (7 hours later) Porter: Lady, what's wrong with you? Bride: When he said he'd saved up so much, I thought he was talking about money!! (Cartoon album 39 by Eugian).


rooie oortjes translation

Fig. 33. She: No, darling, I have a headache. He: You've had a headache for three months already! He (sees her reading): Ouch, my leg! Don't you have a problem with your leg? She: No. He (sometime later): My stomach, it hurts... Don't you have a problem with your stomach? She: Nooo. He (comes back later): Ouch, I have pain in my neck! Don't you have pain in yours? She: Noo! He: (comes back the fourth time): Oh, my teeth! Don't your teeth hurt? She: Nooo! I can't read anything! I want to read. He: But I have such a terrible headache... Don't you have a headache? She (angry): No, I don't have a headache!! He: I've caught you! Now fucking... 

This One Does

red ears comic page

Fig. 34. 3rd pic: Are we really not allowed to talk to them? 4th pic: At least, we're allowed to rest for a while. 5th pic: Morning, beautiful ladies! 6th pic: Oh, good lord! Such a tender thigh! 7th pic: Two more miracles from god! 8th pic: God forgive them, they don't know what they're doing! 9th pic: This one does! (Cartoon album 39 by Eugian)

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