Casual Sensuality of Adult People in the Works of Vasko Lipovac, Part Two
9 min

Casual Sensuality of Adult People in the Works of Vasko Lipovac, Part Two

9 min

Here’s the second part of our article (first part here) on the works of Croatian painter and sculptor Vasko Lipovac, where we pay attention mainly to his sculptural opuses and interviews. Although, while studying, Lipovac shifted his interests from sculpture to painting, he didn’t leave this art form out of sight. The artist produced many sculptures reminding of primitive creations of ancient ethnos and also of Japanese netsuke.

Vasko Lipovac under the blanket

Under the blanket, 2002 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 212)

Vasko Lipovac lying nude

Lying Nude, 2002 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 213)


The sculptures of Lipovac are often made of wood, wax, and terra cotta. His ready-made compositions of holey and knotty wood pieces representing genitals are also highly amusing. The sculpture is commonly preceded by a sketch or a drawing, which allows us to compare Lipovac-painter with Lipovac-sculpturer as well as to compare these art forms in general.

Vasko Lipovac semi naked

Untitled, 1984 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 188)

Vasko Lipovac model

Model, 1985 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 189)

Vasko Lipovac bullet and bang

Banana and Apple, 2001 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 335)

Vasko Lipovac banana and apple

Bullet and Bang, 2001 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 332)

Vasko Lipovac directing

Directing, 2001 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 330)

Vasko Lipovac two birds

Two Birds, 2001 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 105)

Vasko Lipovac sailors dream

Sailor’s dream, 1997 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 103)

Why Wood

Among all media, Lipovac especially liked working with wood: “I’m most attracted to wood because it can be painted without problems. And you can achieve the final result relatively quickly or at least at your own pace. When you work with bronze, when you cast your sculptures, you must wait for the final result. It’s in the hands of another professional, the brass-founder, and goes through a technical and technological process de- pending on size. It can take ten days or two months. When you work in wood, you can make your own corrections, you can end it yourself… actually, it never ends, but at least you can say: I think it’s enough now!” (Interview with Vojo Šiljak)

Vasko Lipovac willing

Willing, 2000 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 209)

Vasko Lipovac on the foursquare

On the foursquare, 2001 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 208)

Vasko Lipovac nude woman

Female Nude, 1990s (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 207)

Vasko Lipovac corpulent female nude

Female Nude, 1990s (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 207)

Vasko Lipovac stilita

Stilita, 1999 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 203)

Vasko Lipovac statues

Stilita, 1996 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 198)

Vasko Lipovac poles

Stilita, 1996 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 199)

Vasko Lipovac nude on pole

Stilita, 1996 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 200)

Vasko Lipovac nude galerija

Stilita, 1996 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 200)

Vasko Lipovac adam and eve

Adam and Eve, 1997 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 227)

statue adam and eve

Adam and Eve, 1990 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 128)

female nude vasko lipovac

Female Nude, 1995 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 151)

The Painting Sculptor and Sculpting Painter

In the interview with Vojo Šiljak, Lipovac recalled the years of scholarship and his choice between painting and sculpture: “I never wanted to separate the two. I was still a freshman when I enrolled in the sculpture class of Radovani. Only in the third semester – when people have already chosen their path – I asked, requested to switch to painting. It was strange and unusual, but they made an exception and let me move from sculpture to painting. Eventually, I ended up in the Master Class. But I was always interested in both.

Vasko Lipovac woman with green hat

Woman with Green Hat (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 196)

stilita vasko lipovac

Stilita, 1996 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 197)

Vasko Lipovac pink leggings

Stilita, 1996 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 197)

lipovac stilita

Stilita, 1996 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 195)

Form Comes First

I was interested in form; it’s very probable that, at a basic level, form comes first, the sculptural form, and then all this painting. I’d never want to separate the two. I keep on developing; when you work for a long time, you start to repeat yourself, you come to a wall and wonder what to do next. When I feel a lack in my paintings, I look for something attractive to turn it into a form. Whether I succeed – that’s another matter. I never like to talk about how good things are. It’s up to the viewers and critics of visual arts who are able to discuss it. I’m supposed to work.”

Vasko Lipovac tanned

Tanned, 2002 (Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 85)

Vasko Lipovac circe

Circe, 1987 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 65)

I Play Seriously

That’s what Lipovac answered to the interviewer when was asked whether he played in his work. “I play seriously. I’m totally serious with everything I do. If it turns into a game, especially for those who see it later, I’m glad. I didn’t want to make anybody sad or happy, I just did what I could at the time. I accept both ways of looking at it. It would be pretentious to say I didn’t care what people think. I do care! In the end, we work for ourselves, first and foremost. We make our own balance of what we did and achieved. When it makes others feel good or happy, as you say, it’s just a bonus to something that fulfills me, to the daily task I set to myself, which I try to achieve alone or with helpers.”

love potion vasko lipovac

Love potion (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 159)

message in bottle lipovac

Message in a bottle, 1998 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 158)

Vasko Lipovac 2nd program

2nd program, 1994 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 321)

adam and eve lipovac

Adam and Eve, 1984 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 50)

lying nude art

Lying Nude, 2002 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 210)

lipovac masturbation

Lying Nude, 2002 (Erotika (catalogue), 2008, p. 211)

lovers model lipovac

Lovers, model, 2008, p. 314

Vasko Lipovac boing boing

Boing-boing, model, 2008, p. 315

Sources: Vasko Lipovac. Erotika (catalogue), 2008.

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