The Chubby Aesthetics of the Russian Realist Andrey Surnov
Marijn Kruijff
5 min

Chubby Aesthetics of the Russian Realist Andrey Surnov

5 min

Andrey Surnov is a Russian artist who prefers realistic art and completely emulates the process of traditional painting on digital canvas. He was born in 1983 in Moscow. After graduating from school with an artistic penchant, he graduated from Russian State University of Tourism and Service (RGUTIS) with a degree in graphic design.

Successful Sale

In the past, Surnov worked for several large design companies as a designer of exhibition stands, produced illustrations for books, game concepts, taught academic graphics and 2D graphics at Skills Up. Since 2019, after the successful sale of some works, he is now able to solely focus on his creative projects.

Plump Females

His work could be described as a realistic mixture of the austere landscapes of Edward Hopper (Fig.1 and 2) and the plump females of Fernando Botero. As you are used to from us, the attention of the images below will be mainly on the latter…

Andrey Surnov Edward Hoper

Fig.1. ‘Shooting Gallery‘ (2015)

Andrey Surnov Dark Street

Fig.2. ‘Dark Street‘ (2015)

chubby nudes in the grass art

Fig.3. ‘View to Ostankino TV Tower‘ (2018)

Andrey Surnov chubby nude on a building

Fig.4. ‘View to Ostankino TV Tower 2‘ (2019)

Andrey Surnov chubby nude in the grass

Fig.4a. Close up of the chubby nude on the roof

Andrey Surnov posing chubby nude

Fig.5. ‘Spring‘ (2017)

Andrey Surnov Klimt nude

Fig.6. ‘Red and Yellow‘ (2019)

Andrey Surnov yellow and red

Fig.7. ‘Red and Yellow‘ (2019)

Andrey Surnov fat nude art

Fig.8. ‘Earth Mother‘ (2017)

Andrey Surnov chubby nude and water melon

Fig.9. ‘Earth Mother 1‘ (2017)

chubby nude with white breasts and belly

Fig.10. ‘Earth Mother 2‘ (2017)

chubby nude in the dark Andrey Surnov

Fig.11. ‘Window‘ (2019)

Andrey Surnov nude

Fig.12. ‘Window I‘ (2019)

Andrey Surnov the dream of the fisherman's wife

Fig.13. ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife‘ (2020)

Andrey Surnov still life with lobster

Fig.14. ‘Still Life with Lobster‘ (2020)

Atom Heart Mother Andrey Surnov

Fig.15. ‘Atom Heart Mother‘ (2018)

Pink Floyd

Atom Heart Mother is inspired by a Pink Floyd’s track with the same title. Although he loves the band this never was his favorite song, but he always loved the title and therefore made this visual interpretation.

Andrey Surnov bloody nude male

Fig.16. ‘Riot‘ (2019)

Andrey Surnov avatar

Fig.17. ‘Avatar

Avatar Andrey Surnov


andrey surnovFig.18.

andrey surnov chubbyFig.19.

andrey surnov chubby female on the beachFig.20.

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