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Namio Harukawa and His Insatiable Buttocks Fetish

Namio Harukawa (1947-2020) was a leading SM illustrator whose work is completely devoted to the power of the female bottom (in Japanese oshiri). His world is inhabited by intensified stereotypes, intimidating women armed with voluminous asses with which they degrade their small, scrawny bald-headed male slaves.

Robert Crumb

When I first saw his work, I immediately thought of Robert Crumb’s drawings. Although the work of the latter is more varied and sometimes even the reverse, that is to say “violently misogynistic”, they both unapologetically display their unorthodox ass fetish.

Cover of Robert Crumb's Bigg Ass Comics

Cover of ‘BIG ASS Comics #1 5e‘ by Robert Crumb

Garden of Domina

Namio’s busty ladies love to humiliate their male victims and his drawings explore the brutal pleasures found beneath their stunning endowment. In his book Garden of Domina: An Illustrated Story published in 2012, Namio (responsible for both the text and the illustrations) tells the tale of the ruthless master Ohara Kana.

Ass Fantasies

She is a cosmetics company president who loves to abuse men with her immense rump, and creates a Garden of Paradise where she, her lusty companions and slaves can indulge in their ass fantasies.

Your Opinion

Although the theme does not appeal to me personally, I can appreciate his art. Anyway, I have added some nice examples of Namio’s work below so that you can judge for yourself, and please do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comment box below…

Namio Harukawa: tied skinny man eating the pussy of a corpulent women drinking wine and smoking a cigarette

Namio Harukawa: woman sitting on a naked man in the snow

Namio Harukawa: curly corpulent woman sittting with het butt on the face of a nude tied male

Namio Harukawa: Nude lady with a big ass reading on the bed while a caged man is eating her

namio harukawa: female sitting on a male equipped with a saddle and bit passing a counter

Namio Harukawa: a corpulent nurse sitting with her naked ass on a tied nude male

Namio Harukawa: a big busty female holds a male between her legs

Namio Harukawa: a female without underwear lying on the ground with a skinny male between her legs

Namio Harukawa: a smoking geisha with a big ass sitting on the face of a tied bald-headed man

namio harukawa chubby female drinking tea while sitting on the face of a tied male in the field

Namio Harukawa: slave on a leash eating the pussy of a corpulent geisha

Namio Harukawa: big woman with glasses hitting a tiny man while squeezing her ass into the face of a male tied to a pole

Namio Harukawa: a big Japanese woman with a giant rump and booties holding a tied older naked male between her legs

Namio Harukawa: a female stepping out of a car with her stiletto heel on a nude boy

Namio Harukawa: a female sitting in a car while sitting on the neck of a tied man

Namio Harukawa's drawing called Coffee please

Coffee please‘ by Namio Harukawa (Photo by SakuranboDaruma)

namio harukawa's color drawing of a smoking female with a big butt peeing on a tied male

From the virtual exhibition called ‘Ecstasy Under Her‘ (Image by

namio harukawa drawing of a voluptuous female lying on the face of a male

‘From the virtual exhibition called ‘Ecstasy Under Her‘ (Image by ‘

namio harukawa

namio harukawa: chubby female wearing a tiger print blouse sitting on a scrawny male

namio harukawa: three corpulent females using three nude males as a barstool

namio harukawa: corpulent nurse holding an injection needle sitting on skinny male


namio harukawa: female with whip sitting on a little male

namio harukawa

namio harukawa: nude corpulent female sitting on a tied nude male performing cunnilingus while smoking

Click HERE for more shibari (bondage art)….!!

What do you think about Harukawa’s “face-sitting” art? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below…!

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on 27 October 2019

However the act has no appeal to me ,I can appreciate the Domina as she is pictured..Really comical.



on 27 October 2019

Thanks Peter, I completely agree!

Carmelo Militano

Carmelo Militano

on 27 April 2020

Powerful, artistic, and on another level scary and far too edgy for my tastes or sensibility. But, there is also something comic and absurd about the drawings as well as men getting their comeuppance.



on 27 April 2020

Thanks Carmelo. I agree, It is also the bizarre humor that appeals to me the most! It's fascinating that this "butt-fetish" gave Harukawa incessant inspiration.

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