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The Passionate Violence in the Bondage Art of Maeda Juan

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Born in Hokkaido in 1939, the Japanese Maeda Juan (is pronounced "Joo-ahn) is the prototypical magazine illustrator as fine artist. After dropping out of high school in 1957, Maeda started his art career as a novice to the renowned Gekiga (a style of Japanese comics aimed at adult audiences and marked by a more cinematic art style) artist Oka Tomohiko in 1957. With the explosive output of SM magazines in the early 1970s, Maeda began regularly contributing to many of them and soon became much sought after.

juan maeda shibari artistFig.1.

Most Sadistic

His style can be best described as "passionate" but also disquieting as his wonderfully rendered (in a soft pencil and ink wash similar to the watercolor medium) female figures are frequently portrayed in the most arduous of kinbaku (bondage) hardships. Maeda alternates charming scenes with violent ones including agitated spiders (Fig.12 and 15), bottles (Fig.11 and 13) and giant dildos (Fig.16). The most sadistic tableau is probably the one in which the tormentor uses his spectacles to converge sun rays in order to burn the tied female's private parts (Fig.6).

Juan Maeda kinbakuFig.2.

Hidden in a Corner

Another quality that distinguishes him from all other bondage illustrators is his propensity for doing magnificent and detailed landscapes in each of the four seasons where the viewer has to search for the kinbaku scene somewhere hidden in a corner of the frame (Fig.3). In this he follows in the footsteps of the classical ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), where the Japanese landscape and the beauty of the four seasons is celebrated.

juan maeda landscapeFig.3. 'Flower Bonfire', SM Select (Apr 1976) (Source:

juan maeda artistFig.4. 'Flames of Lust', SM King (Nov 1974) (Source:


With the downfall of the majority of SM magazines, Juan Maeda was more fortunate than many of his colleagues in that he's been able to earn a living and exercise his great talents by producing illustrations for mainstream magazines and even sport periodicals.

Juan Maeda kinbaku artFig.5.

Juan Maeda Art Works

He has also had his SM art included in two nicely done SM art compilation books released by MYWAY MOOK in 2008 and 2011 subsequently and in 2000 a wonderful volume of only his art entitled 'Juan Maeda Art Works'.

Maeda JuanFig.6.

Maeda Juan bondageFig.7.

kinbaku art juan maedaFig.8.

tied female juan maedaFig.9.

juan maeda tortureFig.10.

Maeda Juan kinbakuFig.11.

Maeda Juan kinbaku artFig.12.

Maeda Juan shibariFig.13.

Maeda Juan shibari artFig.14.

Maeda Juan artFig.15.

Maeda Juan Japanese artistFig.16.

juan maeda eroticFig.17.  'Alluring Woman'

juan maeda ropeFig.18. 'Charming Rope Scenes '

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