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The Trip of Naked Lust In the Paintings By Anzor Valetov

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Since our platform is devoted to erotic art in all its manifestations, from classical to modern, we appreciate acknowledged geniuses and young talents independently of their cultural impact and popularity on the web. There is not much info about the subject of our current article, yet his stylish digital paintings may give you a dose of dizzy 1960s filled with sex, drugs, pop art, and forbidden fiction of Burroughs.

Anzor Valetov

Fig. 1. Anzor Valetov (

 day at the gallery by Anzor Valetov

Fig. 2. Day at the gallery (

 anzor Stripes erotic 10

Fig. 3. Stripes erotic 10 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 11

Fig. 4. Stripes erotic 11 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 7

Fig. 5. Stripes erotic 7 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 4

Fig. 6. Stripes erotic 4 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 5

Fig. 7. Stripes erotic 5 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 6

Fig. 8. Stripes erotic 6 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 12

Fig. 9. Stripes erotic 12 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 9

Fig. 10. Stripes erotic 9 (

Conquer The World

Anzor Valetov (b. 1996) lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. According to his profile on, Anzor and his brother Temo were inspired by their father, an artist, to start drawing from an early age. The brothers have devotees in their homeland, and draw portraits from photos. Though it’s unknown, whether Anzor used photographs for his set of erotic paintings, some of the women seem to wear recognizable features of Dita von Teese (fig. 4). Anzor also has a YouTube channel with painting lessons for beginners, though the last video was uploaded three years ago. The artists are quite ambitious: as follows from the Artmajeur Gallery profile, in 2021, they would relocate to France to "conquer the world of arts." At the moment, they are still in Georgia, and, judging by Anzor's Facebook posts, he has married recently.

 anzor Stripes erotic 1

Fig. 11. Stripes erotic 1 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 8

Fig. 12. Stripes erotic 8 (

Look Nice On The Wall

Besides the stylistic and color decisions of his paintings, there is one more amusing thing about this artist: on the one hand, he confesses that he must conquer the world of arts, which is the goal we admire; on the other hand, he finishes his profile description with this, rather modest, notion: "I think my paintings will look very nice on the wall." After all, this is what the modern art market tends to value most.

anzor Stripes erotic 3

Fig. 13. Stripes erotic 3 (

 anzor Stripes erotic 2

Fig. 14. Stripes erotic 2 (

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