The Psychedelic Erotic GIFs by PHAZED Will Leave You Amazed
14 augustus 2020 
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The Psychedelic Erotic GIFs by PHAZED Will Leave You Amazed

Jean Francois Painchaud, aka PHAZED, is a Canadian animator, hailed and maligned for his psychedelic erotic GIFs. Indirectly, he owes his fame to Facebook who banned a lot of his erotic material in 2015.  This ban caused a flood of followers to his other social media accounts.

Jekyll and Hyde

In his early years as an artist he kind of had a Jekyll and Hyde existence, working for the PBS kids show Wild Kratts by day and creating sexually explicit GIFs by night. It was his purpose to not have to do work he didn’t like and to take orders from someone he didn’t want to work for. Painchaud successively studied game development, animation and conceptual art and although he didn’t complete these studies he learned the most fundamental and important parts that he would later use in his art.


Interestingly enough, his art really took shape when he started to experiment with mushrooms. It not only changed the direction of his art but also his life. Using mushrooms opened new doors and helped him to handle the demons from his past. The bad relationship with his father and being bullied at high school. In an earlier interview with VICE Colombia, PHAZED explains its influence on his art,”Before I found mushrooms, I was making art to improve my skills. It was as if I was trying to impress myself or show off. But what’s the point of sharpening your tools, if you’re never going to build something of your own?” The idea of the rainbow colors that move through certain body parts (often genitals) clearly emerged during psychedelic mushroom sessions.

PHAZED on Censorship

In that same interview, PHAZED he elaborates more on the censorship of his work, “soon after I started posting my art online, I found out that there are people out there who are very sensitive when it comes to the female body. Some get particularly upset when they see a nipple. No matter how much I censor my work, I still get reported. It’s ridiculous. So, whenever they take down my art or censor me, I make a big deal out of it, hoping that we might be able to change this culture of incessant censoring over time. That’s the main thing I learned from practicing Judo – to use whatever people throw at me, against them.”

Prudish Walls

This passionate statement on censorship by PHAZED emphasizes our own mission of breaking down these ‘prudish walls’, and therefore close to our heart…

Here are some of his stills…




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