pachu m torres suckling of breast
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Erotic Psychedelia of the Spanish Playboy Illustrator Pachu M Torres

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Drawing inspiration from topics such as, psychedelics, spirituality, and sexuality, Spanish artist Pachu M. Torres creates magnificent paper and digital illustrations fusing erotic pop culture references with a colorful aesthetic.

Psychedelic Color Palette

When I came across Toress' eye-catching tableaux recently, two artists whose work we covered earlier, came to mind with similarities in style and content. The first is the Canadian animator Jean Francois Painchaud, aka PHAZED, known for his sensual GIFs, with whom Torres shares the vibrant, psychedelic color palette, and the second is the French designer Gregoire Guillemin whose amusing close-up fantasies of the private life of iconic cartoon characters is also a recurring theme and choice of composition in Torres' work.

pachu m torres erotic art

Fig.1. Do It Harder, Please (2018)


Torres was born in Asturias in 1985. He started to draw at the age of 4.after seeing the movie Batman (1989), and announced his ambitions to become a comic book illustrator to his parents. After finishing high school and university, Torres tried to pursue a career as an illustrator and worked for, among other things, several Spanish magazines, the Spanish newspaper ABC,  Galician Federation of Booksellers, and also designed posters.


But his career really got a boost when he started publishing his work on social media in 2012. On Instagram, his daring illustrations were noticed by Cooper Hefner (Playboy's chief creative officer, son of Hugh Hefner) who then approached him with a request to collaborate. So it happened, and he has been working for Playboy since 2017.

pachu m torres psychedelic art

Fig.2. Threnody (2017)

Daily Work Routine

In an earlier interview, Torres explains his daily work routine as follows, "So crazy. I need calm and quiet to draw, so I do it all at night: coffee, music and the sofa to sketch ideas. Then, draw the ideas, get the good ones and start inking. If it's too late (usually 05:30 am) I stop there and continue in the morning. Then I give colours (the level of required concentration is different). I have a lot of art to send, so I wait for Mondays or Fridays and take them all, package and send it through the post offices (this process takes a lot of hours, I'm not Amazon hahaha)."

pachu m torres masturbating female

Fig.3. Lady Stardust (2012)


His art is handmade, using pencil and ink brushes. The color is applied digitally. First, he sketches some ideas for an illustration, then picks the best one and starts working. First penciling and then inking. This part, more or less,  takes him 2-3 hours. Then, he scans and adds color. Choosing a good tone and palette and work with it take another 2-3 hours. So, the average is 5 hours, but It can be more depending on the complexities of the work.

Special Facts

  • Torres' account was removed from Instagram no less than 13 times
  • He considers Milo Manara, Serpieri, Jordi Bernet, Tomer Hanuka and David Lynch as his main influences.

pachu m torres suckling of breast


pachu m torres Are you the rabbit?

Fig.5. Are You the Rabbit?  (June 2023)

pachu m torres friendship

Fig.6. Necessary Evil (2020)

pachu m torres Let's Play

Fig.7.  Discipline (2014)

pachu m torres Rough Passion

Fig.8. Please (2019)

pachu m torres This Is What You Want

Fig.9. High Intensity (1 June 2023)

pachu m torres orgasmic face

Fig.10 .In Flames (2021)

pachu m torres Dracula

Fig.11. Dracula

pachu m torres masturbating woman

Fig.12. Lady Stardust (2012)

pachu m torres fingers in mouth and on breasts


pachu m torres superman an wonderwoman

Fig.14. Kriptonian & Amazon (2018)

pachu m torres nude with rabbit mask


pachu m torres I've got something you can never eat

Fig.16. I've got something you can never eat (2016)

pachu m torres Spanking art

Fig.17. Spanking art (2017)

pachu m torres Happiness In Slavery (NIN)

Fig.18. Happiness In Slavery (NIN), 2016

pachu m torres finger-sucking

Fig.19. (2017)

pachu m torres After Work

Fig.20. After Work (2018)

pachu m torres Bang Bang!

Fig.21. Bang Bang! (2018)

pachu m torres

Fig.22. "Is She With You?" (2016)

pachu m torres My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

Fig.23. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend 

pachu m torres Altered Carbon

Fig.24. Altered Carbon (2018)

bondage art by Pachu M Torres


The official website of Pachu M. Torres can be found here.

In Premium you can find more than 4 times as many images of Torres' arousing psychedelia.

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