emi makida phallus forest
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The Phallic World Of The Japanese Artist Emi Makida

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The author of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, is believed to say "Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar." In the art of modern painter and photographer Emi Makida (b. 1991), the cigar is always a phallus. Makida's images show life and death, two powers ruling the world, which are depicted as phallic eruptions followed by corruption. The pictures of dismembered corpses, embodying death and accomplished in a manner looking like a mix of Max Ernst and Zdzisław Beksiński, adjoin the dozens of flourishing phalluses that remind us of various pagan cults.

 Emi Makida

Fig. 1. Emi Makida (emi-makida.com)

makida Self portrait living in great optimism(Dedicated to Gantonokan), 2019

 Fig. 2. Self portrait living in great optimism(Dedicated to Gantonokan), 2019 (instagram.com)

 emi makida Existence

Fig. 3. Existence (instagram.com)

 emi makida Japanese artist

Fig. 4. instagram.com

 emi makida Self-Hate

Fig. 5. Self-Hate, 2011 (emi-makida.com)

emi makida Scars of Youth

Fig. 6. Scars of Youth, 2018 (emi-makida.com)

emi makida painting

Fig. 7. instagram.com

emi makida Installation

Fig. 8. Installation (instagram.com)

 emi makida Photography

Fig. 9. Photography by Makida (instagram.com)

emi makida Lack of romance and love

Fig. 10. Lack of romance and love, 2019 (emi-makida.com)

emi makida phallic mushroom

Fig. 11. instagram.com

 emi makida Lady Killer Flower

Fig. 12. Lady Killer Flower, 2016 (emi-makida.com)

Iron Man And Lust For Life

Emi Makida was born in Toyama Prefecture in a family of iron factory owners. The artist spent her childhood in a "steampunk" environment with craftsmen coming in and out of a workshop and a warehouse. She used to listen to the noise of machines processing the iron and regarded that specific world as pretty boring until she watched Shinya Tsukamoto's body horror Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) and reimagined her routine as a part of the movie: I realized that I was the daughter of an iron factory, my father was the director, and the craftsmen working there were all connected to the world of "Tetsuo". Having access to the web, Makida surfed the net and stumbled over the things that attracted her. One such thing was corpses at the Siriraj Corpse Museum in Bangkok. The other thing was huge plants, namely, giant phallic baobabs embodying the lust for life.

 emi makida vulva tree

Fig. 13. instagram.com

emi makida phallus forest

Fig. 14. instagram.com

 The Little Prince - If a lot of baobab grows on a small star, the star will break by emi makida

Fig. 15. The Little Prince - If a lot of baobab grows on a small star, the star will break (emi-makida.com)

emi makida erotic art

Fig. 16. emi-makida.com

In Premium more about Makida's view on porn movies and its impact, her initial hatred for men and phalluses and how she overcame it, 40 additional visual examples of her phallic-fixated work.

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