Sketch of a lying nude by Eusebio Planas
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Eusebio Planas, The Obscured Artist Who Started Pornography In Spain

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Eusebio Planas y Franquesa (1833-1897) was a prolific Spanish lithographer about whom little is known now. Being a leading illustrator of novels in the period between 1850 and 1897, Planas provided images to texts like The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, which were popular back then and became classics later. He studied lithography techniques in Paris and managed to transfer to Spain the exquisite local approach as well as French enthusiasm for producing anti-clerical and erotic books.

 Eusebi Planas by Escaler

Fig. 1. Eusebi Planas by Escaler, 1891 (

 Painting by Planas

Fig. 2. Painting by Planas (

 Eusebio Planas Historia de una mujer, 1880

Fig. 3. Historia de una mujer, 1880 (

 Eusebio Planas erotic

Fig. 4.

To Paris And Back

Eusebio Planas was born in Barcelona in the family of a lawyer who wanted the son to follow in his footsteps. Planas was reluctant to make a career in jurisprudence, so eventually, his parents had to send him to the Escuela de la Lonja (The School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona). After studying there for some time, Planas apprenticed in the lithographer's workshop. In 1849, when Planas was barely sixteen years old, his father sent him to Parisian lithographer Emile Lassalle to learn the latest trends in lithography. Lassalle was an honored artist who would become a Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1861. With his protection, Planas began working for the publisher Goupil. His first remarkable lithograph was a portrait of Eugenia de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III, on horseback dressed as an Andalusian. During his time in Paris, Planas also manifested himself as a caricaturist. In 1854, the artist returned to Barcelona because of the cholera epidemic outbreak in Paris.

 eusebio planas Academias de Mujer

Fig. 5. Academias de Mujer (

 eusebio planas Academias de Mujer by Eusebio Planas

Fig. 6. Academias de Mujer (

 Eusebio Planas erotic engraving

Fig. 7. Academias de Mujer (

 eusebio planas nude

Fig. 8. Academias de Mujer (

 eusebio planas lying nude

Fig. 9. Academias de Mujer (

 eusebio planas semi nude with fallen hat

Fig. 10. Academias de Mujer (

 eusebio planas nude closing the curtain

Fig. 11. Academias de Mujer (

 eusebio planas nude tied to a branch

Fig. 12. Academias de Mujer (

 nude in chair by eusebio planas

Fig. 13. Academias de Mujer (

 nude female on a swing by eusebio planas

Fig. 14. Academias de Mujer (

 Eusebio Planas nude woman on a swing

Fig. 15. Academias de Mujer (

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Settling back in Barcelona, Planas was disappointed by the local level of printing, as Raimon Casellas, the art historian and collector, mentioned. "[He found out that] neither in the quality nor in the graining and preparation of the stones had the lithograph printers of Barcelona made much progress. The excesses of acid that were used to obtain the reproduction and the enormous print run to which the stones were forced, resulted in a hard and coarse impression, without transitions, which was the least suitable for the smooth gradations and the fine modeling, and the lightness of line that were the hallmarks of Planas." Planas' Parisian studies made him one of the most outstanding lithographers of Spain whose skill couldn't be surpassed. At the same time, the artist, favoring dandy looks, was a partygoer and gambler and led quite a debauched life.

Historia de la prostitucion by eusebio planas

Fig. 16. Historia de la prostitucion (

 Sketch of a lying nude by Eusebio Planas

Fig. 17.

In the extended Premium edition more on Planas'erotic work, his stay and study in Paris, what made him one of the most outstanding lithographers of Spain, the hallmarks of his work, his financial success and great influence on the development of pornography in Spain, and 20 additional images with the more intimate scenes.

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