Juarez Machado and His Sensual Tango Dancers and Ode to Shunga (32 Pics)
21 mei 2021 
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Juarez Machado and His Sensual Tango Dancers and Ode to Shunga (32 Pics)

The now eighty-year old Brazilian artist Juarez Machado (born in Joyneville on March 16, 1941) can look back on a very productive career in which he has worked in many guises including painter, sculptor, illustrator, cartoonist, mime, writer, photographer, set and graphic designer and even as an actor. His paintings are characterized by a distinct use of color, humor and are often populated by sensual tango dancers with their curved bodies entwined in sweltering nightclubs, baths or Venetian locations.

Juarez Machado picnic

Fig.1. ‘Picnic in the Forest of Gustav Klimt

Artistic Potential

Machado studied at the School of Art of the city of Curitiba, in Paraná, and already had his first solo exhibition in 1964. Due to its artistic potential, he moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1966 where he had his second successful exhibition. For the next twenty years he stayed in Rio, where he will be best known as a cartoonist and his contribution to music videos for Brazil’s leading broadcast television network Globo TV. When he starts to concentrate fully on painting in the 1970s, his international success also came. In 1978. he went to New York, London and Paris. In the latter, he would open his own studio in 1986.

color palette Amelie film

Fig.2. Color palette in the film Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001) (Source: @colorpalette.cinema)

Five Oscars

Machado’s art was also influential among filmmakers such as the French film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet whose use of color (green, yellow and red – Fig.2) in his award winning Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain film (2001), was based on Machado’s paintings. The film was nominated for five Oscars in 2002.


I noticed that besides Gustav Klimt (Fig.1), Machado is also clearly intrigued by the sensuality of shunga art as evident in the first seven images below…

Juarez Machado tango erotic


Juarez Machado shunga


tango dancers painting Juarez


Juarez Machado shunga art


copulating couple on bicycle shunga


Juarez Machado couple in bath

Fig.8. ‘Oriental Bath

Juarez Machado shunga tattoo


Juarez Machado sensual couple on a boat


Juarez Machado Venice


Juarez Machado couple on cruise ship


Juarez Machado Pierrot


Juarez Machado Libertines


Tango threesome juarez


Juarez Machado gondola


erotic tango juarez


Juarez Machado paintings

Fig.18. ‘Clandestine Love‘ (1992)

Juarez Machado in the bath

Fig.19. ‘Horizontal Bath

sensual tango art juarez


Juarez Machado nude couple on the beach


tango dancers art


Juarez Machado female in the bath


Juarez Machado nudes


Juarez Machado painter and model


Juarez Machado sensual art


Juarez Machado erotic art

Fig.27. ‘Un Parfum Qui Habille, óleo sobre tela‘ (2008)

Juarez Machado the last tango

Fig.28. ‘The Last Tango (?)

Juarez Machado erotic

Fig.29. ‘Libertines

Juarez Machado erotic artist

Fig.30. ‘Libertines‘ (Honesterotica)

Juarez Machado bath

Fig.31, ‘Libertines‘ (Honesterotica)

Tango Juarez Machado

Fig.32. ‘Dance on Black Piano

painter and model Juarez Machado


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We’re curious to know your thoughts on the art of Juarez Machado, so don’t be reluctant to share them in the comment box below…!!

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on 12 Aug 2022

Beautiful work, with so many references to other artists styles and techniques. Nothing "new," but rather a sense of solid familiarity. Almost like if each painting is asking me, "Haven't we met before?" The print (fig. 26) is isolated...



on 12 Aug 2022

... It would be interesting to include other prints. (And why are comments here limited to 255 characters?)

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