Epochal Eroticism of the Court Painter Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger
Marijn Kruijff
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Epochal Eroticism of the Court Painter Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger

5 min

Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger (1805-1880) was a prominent artist from Vienna, Austria. Coming from a lineage of sculptors, he was initially going to follow the family tradition but his talent for the two-dimensional arts eventually caused him to become a prolific painter and lithographer.

Johann Nepomuk Geiger Lithograph by Franz Eybl,

Fig.1. ‘Johann Nepomuk Geiger‘ (1849) Lithograph by Franz Eybl  (commons.wikimedia.org)

Erotic Drawings

Although Geiger produced numerous illustrations of historical works and poetry, such as for Goethe, Friedrich von Schiller, William Shakespeare, and Anton Ziegler’s ‘Vaterländischen Immortellen (Immortals of the Native Land)’, as well as oil paintings for the Austrian royal family, he is mainly remembered for his erotic drawings as they were not expected from a court painter.

Johann Nepomuk Geiger Battle of Ankara

Fig.2. ‘The Battle of Ankara. Bayezid I in an iron cage, while his captive wife is treated as a slave.‘ (1860) (Nl.Wikipedia.org)

Historical Precision

Geiger ‘s most creative period came when he returned from a trip to the East that he undertook together with Maximilian I of Mexico in 1850. In that period he also illustrated oriental life and designed a set of banknotes. In 1853 he became a professor at the Vienna Art Academy. The historical precision and passionately rendered details earned him the reputable title “Austrian Menzel”. Works by Geiger are part of the Austrian National Gallery, the Berlin National Gallery and other public collections.

Terrific Examples

The following erotic water colors (in which he often mocks the Catholic Church) are terrific examples of Geiger’s ingenuity and his knowledge of human behavior. They were produced around 1840…

Johann Nepomuk Geiger art

Fig.3. ‘Nude couple making love leaning against a wall

Johann Nepomuk Geiger Viennese artist

Fig.4. ‘Elderly male and a younger prostitute

masturbating female Johann Nepomuk Geiger

Fig.5. ‘Female satisfying herself with a wooden dildo

Johann Nepomuk Geiger erotic

Fig.6. ‘From the rear

Johann Nepomuk Geiger Austrian painter

Fig.7. ‘Monk and corpulent female lover

Johann Nepomuk Geiger Austrian

Fig.8. ‘Ecstatic male with female lover on top of him

Johann Nepomuk Geiger

Fig.9. ‘Housemaid making love with a secret lover on a sofa

Johann Nepomuk Geiger from the rear

Fig.10. ‘A monk making love from the rear to a praying woman during her penance. …A whip is next to them.

Johann Nepomuk Geiger erotica

Fig.11. ‘An ecstatic couple preparing for intercourse

Johann Nepomuk Geiger masturbation

Fig.12. ‘A female lover helps her husband a hand 

intimate couple in a chair geiger

Fig.13. ‘A female lover brings her husband to orgasm using her hand

Johann Nepomuk Geiger erotoc art

Fig.14. ‘A bearded man explores his lover’s buttocks

Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger

Fig.15. ‘Nipple sucking

Johann Nepomuk Geige erotic

Fig.16. ‘A couple who make love standing up

Johann Nepomuk Geige erotic art

Fig.17. ‘A wild passionate encounter

erotic art Johann Nepomuk Geiger

Fig.18. ‘A hunter with a young mistress

ejaculating monk erotic art

Fig.19. ‘Ejaculating Catholic monk

Johann Nepomuk Geiger enema

Fig.20. ‘Vagina pump

Johann Nepomuk Geiger copulation

Fig.21. ‘Sex on a pillow

Johann Nepomuk Geiger fellatio

Fig.22. ‘Pose 69

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