15 Aviation Pin Ups of the American Illustrator Romain Hugault
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26 Aviation Pin Ups of the French Visual Artist Romain Hugault

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Lovers of seductive pin-up art and classic aircraft can indulge in the work of Romain Hugault. The designer, born in 1979, developed a passion for the aeronautics sector very early on and obtained his pilot's license at the age of seventeen. He then has the choice between doing his job as a pilot and drawing for fun, or becoming a designer and piloting for leisure: he opts for the second option.

Pin Up Wings

Following his studies at the École Estienne, he illustrated reference books in aviation, including some for the Air Force. Most of his work consists of aviation comics during the two World Wars. Also inspired by the pin-ups of this time, he is the author of several artbooks entitled Pin-Up Wings. He has sold over 800,000 albums to date. His series Angel Wings, Le Pilote à l'Edelweiss (The Pilot at the Edelweis) and Le Grand Duc (The Grand Duke) have been translated in many countries.

female plane mechanic Romain HugaultFig.1.

Romain Hugault swimming pin upFig.2.

Romain Hugault female pilotFig.3.

plane pin up Romain HugaultFig.4.

Romain Hugault afficheFig.5.

Romain Hugault female plane mechanicFig.6.

Romain Hugault winga pin upFig.7.

Romain Hugault pin up artFig.8.

pin up art Romain HugaultFig.9.

Romain Hugault HonoluluFig.10.

Romain Hugault illustratorFig.11.

Romain Hugault aviation pin upsFig.12.

aviation pin up Romain HugaultFig.13.

Romain HugaultFig.14.

pin up Romain HugaultFig.15.

Romain Hugault army pin upFig.16.

Romain Hugault Salute!Fig.17.

Romain Hugault bare breasted pn up in front of a planeFig.18.

romain hugault pin upFig.19.

romain hugault pin up with bookFug.20.

romain hugault pin up and helicopterFig.21.

romain hugault planeFig.22.

pin upart romain hugaultFig.23.

romain hugault aviation pin up artFig.24.

romain hugault nose artFig.25.

romain hugault blonde pin upFig.26.

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