51 Darkly Erotic Fairy Tales of the Italian Artist Simone Pinna
27 november 2020 
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51 Darkly Erotic Fairy Tales of the Italian Artist Simone Pinna

Winged beauties adorned with feelers and equipped with insect-like limbs. Simone Pinna’s graphite drawings evoke a fairy-tale world full of strong sexual references and often with a darker subtext.

Erotic Fairies

The hybrid, mainly female figures (he names them ‘erotic fairies‘) are alternately playful and vulnerable. They inhabit a world where phallus-shaped mushrooms and other ‘sensual’ crops are recurring ingredients, becoming part of their erotic fantasies.

holes hotel simone pinna

Fig.1. ‘Holes Hotel ‘ (January 2019)

Right Emotion

In an earlier interview the passionate Italian artist explains that he has to induce the right emotion for himself in order to draw. Lines, shades, lights, dynamics, forms, are all the elements that arise instinctively. Therefore his drawings are labor-intensive. The drawing entitled ‘Holes-Hotel ‘ (Fig.1) for instance took him over a month to complete.

H.R. Giger

An important influence on Pinna is the work of the Swiss artist H.R Giger (1940-2014), known for the portrayal of human bodies and machines in bleak, complementary relationships, and famous for his Oscar-winning creation of the Alien creature in the film of the same name.

simone pinna nude girl wth flowers

Fig.2. ‘Sunflowers‘ (October 2020)

Beastly Elements

While Pinna’s work is erotically charged, it’s not necessarily sexually arousing (at least in my opinion) because of the added beastly elements. My personal preference is for Pinna’s dark works such as the fairy tied up on the bed (Fig.3) or the desperate naked girl in the attic (Fig.5). On the other hand, who can resist a rabbit-woman intensely suckling one of her feet (Fig.10)?

nude girl with lost wings tied to the bed

Fig.3. ‘The Fairy Collector‘ (October 2020)

two nude elves playing with mushrooms

Fig.4. ‘Fairies‘ (2020)

broken simone pinna

Fig.5. ‘Broken‘ (2020)

devotion by simone pinna

Fig.6. ‘Devotion

aroused females and mushrooms

Fig.7. ‘Erotic Fairies‘ (August 2020)

masturbating fairy

Fig.8. ‘White Cicade

fairy with branch in her vagina

Fig.9. ‘Fire-fairy

half rabbit human female

Fig.10. ‘Rabbit Burrow

simone pinna nude female in a well with penises

Fig.11. ‘Wishing Well

carotona by Simone Pinna

Fig.12. ‘Carotona

happy bee simone pinna

Fig.13. ‘Happy Bee‘ (July 2020)

seductive chess teacher

Fig.14. ‘Chess Teacher‘ (July 2020)

Scolopendra by simone pinna

Fig.15. ‘Scolopendra

simone pinna mole cricket

Fig.16. ‘Mole Cricket‘ (Apr 2020)

simone pinna the prince

Fig.17. ‘The Prince‘ (Feb 2020)

simone pinna erotic fairy

Fig.18. (2018)

simone pinna femme fatale

Fig.19. ‘Femme Fatale‘ (2018)

simone pinna fin fetish

Fig.20. ‘Fin Fetish

simone pinna queen checkmate

Fig.21. ‘Mato di donna (Queen checkmate)‘ (2019)

simone pinna janas

Fig.22. ‘Janas‘ (Apr 2020)

simone pinna white wasp

Fig.23. ‘White Wasp

simone pinna flight calibration

Fig.24. ‘Flight Calibration‘ (April 2020)

simone pinna daisies for the queen

Fig.25. ‘Daisies for the Queen‘ (Nov 2020)

simone pinna Spirifex shoe

Fig.26. ‘Spirifex Shoe‘ (Nov 2020)

simone pinna man hawk wasp

Fig.27. ‘Man Hawk Wasp‘ (April 2020)

simone pinna The princess unicorn

Fig.28. ‘The Princess Unicorn‘ (Jan 2020)

simone pinna pussy in boots

Fig.29. ‘Pussy in Boots‘ (Dec 2019)

simone pinna bee

Fig.30. ‘Bee‘ (2019)

simone pinna camouflage

Fig.31. ‘Camouflage‘ (2019)

simone pinna mermaid lure

Fig.32. ‘Mermaid Lure‘ (2019)

simone pinna torn off

Fig.33. ‘Torn off‘ (23 Dec 2020)

simone pinna scorpion

Fig.34. ‘Scorpion‘ (1 January 2021)

simone pinna wasp

Fig.35. ‘Man hawk wasp‘ (13 Jan 2021)

simone pinna Artichoke fairy

Fig.36. ‘Artichoke fairy‘ (February 2021)

simone pinna art

Fig.37. ‘Fuck my brain‘ (12 March 2021) (Collaboration with the singer and songwriter Anna Soares)

Simone Pinna Italian

Fig.38. ‘Dolichomitus Imperator‘ (12 March 2021) ‘

simone pinna artist


simone pinna rabbit girl


simone pinna girls of the desert

Fig.41. ‘Sorelle del deserto (Sisters of the desert)‘ (29 June 2021)

simone pinna slave

Fig.42. ‘Slave‘ (7 June 2021)

simone pinna bee in stockings

Fig.43. ‘Bee in stockings

simone pinna anna williams

Fig.44. ‘Anna Williams‘ (5 June 2021)

simone pinna Libellula

Fig.45. ‘Libellula‘ (May 2021)

simone pinna erotic art

Fig.46. ‘Regina di perle (Queen of Pearls)‘ (July 2021)

simone pinna Sedazione

Fig.47. ‘Sedazione (Sedation)‘ (August 2021)

simone pinna fairy


simone pinna Musa culottona

Fig.49. ‘Musa culottona‘ (Sept 2021)

simone pinna flower lover

Fig.50. ‘Flower Lover‘ (20 Sept 2021)

simone pinna Saturniidae

Fig.51. ‘Saturniidae‘ (Sept 2021)

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Marijn is the founder of shungagallery.com. With more than 20 years of experience within the sensual and erotic art of shunga he is an authority in the genre. During this time he served many customers with complementing their art collection.
Simone Pinna

Simone Pinna

on 27 Nov 2020

Omggg thank you! 😍😍😍 I LOVE IT! WHAT SURPRISE❤



on 27 Nov 2020

Thanks a Lot Simone! I'm pleased that you like it! Shunga Gallery promotes erotic artists like you!

carmelo militano

carmelo militano

on 27 Nov 2020

The mixture of innocent fairytale and wings and organic penises, sensual pleasure and macabre create a kind of gothic eroticism. Not all of his images are sensual but they have the feeling of a dream walking in a mysterious dark wood, pardon the pun.



on 27 Nov 2020

Thanks Carmelo. Yes, gothic eroticism is a good description!



on 15 Jan 2021

Wow I have been looking for art such as you have here for so, so long. Thank you! I could almost stop creating myself.... almost. Thanks, Rock



on 15 Jan 2021

Thanks a lot Rock. I'm pleased you got inspiration on our site!

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