Rare 1920s Vintage Erotic Photographs Depicting Lesbian Encounters (27 Pics)
Marijn Kruijff
7 min

36 Rare 1920s Erotic Photographs Depicting Lesbian Encounters

7 min

Below a photo collection of 1920s French postcards of posing nude women (often wearing the then fashionable striped knee-socks) enjoying themselves with each other. There was a great lesbian (sapphist) movement in Paris at this time as liberated women chose to follow their desires and got involved in amorous relationships just like men (these bisexual flappers were known as garçonne).

Erotic Effect

This was increasingly reflected in the cards themselves which, began to not just show a number of naked women posing together but interacting with each other to erotic effect.

Vintage Erotic Pictures Depicting Lesbian EncountersFig.1.

vintage photograph of nude female acrobatsFig.2.

vintage photograph of lesbiansFig.3.

vintage erotic photograph playful nude femalesFig.4.

kissing females vintage erotic picFig.5.

old photograph females playing with a dildoFig.6.

lesbian hookers vintage erotic picFig.7.

lesbian cunnilingus vintage photographFig.8.

long haired lesbians photographFig.9.

lesbian pose 69 photographFig.10.

chubby lesbian hookers vintage erotic photographFig.11.

posing courtesans vintage erotic picFig.12.

lesbian photographyFig.13.

lesbian photography dildo vintageFig.14.

vintage photograph female playing with herselfFig.15.

lesbian cunnilingus vintage photoFig.16.

lesbians kissing vintage photographFig.17.

lesbians from the rear vintage photographFig.18.

lesbian sex photographFig.19.

lesbians with strapon photographFig.20.

lesbian strapon doggy-style photographFig.21.

lesbian sex with dildo vintage photographFig.22.

vintage lesbian photographyFig.23.

vintage lesbian lovemaking photoFig.24.

lesbians standing doggy styleFig.25.

photograph of two nude lesbiansFig.26.

lesbians on a chair vintage picFig.27.

lesbian with suspenders vintage pictureFig.28.

vintage photo Two females experimenting with a strap-on standing on a leopard skinFig.29.  'Two females experimenting with a strap-on standing on a leopard skin ' (c.1900s)

vintage picture  'Close-up of female lovers' (c.1920)Fig.30. 'Close-up of female lovers' (c.1920) 

vintage photography lesbiansFig.31. 'Lesbian country girls' (c.1880s)

vintage photography 'Lesbian couple with dog' (c.1880s)Fig.32. 'Lesbian couple with dog ' (c.1880s)

vintage lesbian photographyFig.33.

vintage lesbian photography Performing cunnilingusFig.34, Performing cunnilingus (c.1900)

Lesbian cunnilingus (c.1900)Fig.35. Lesbian cunnilingus (c.1900)

vintage photography Submissive nun (c.1890)Fig.36. Submissive nun (c.1890

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