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12 January 2018 

Vintage Interracial Pics Portraying the Sexual Act

Below you can find vintage interracial pics from the early 20th Century showing mixed couple (white men with natives women) in European colonies (Africa, Asia, India, Ceylon, Gold Coast, Indonesian…etc.) and USA, colonial brothels, natives prostitutes,vintage  interracial porn scenes, etc.

Vintage interracial photograph of a Tamil prostitute on lying a sofa

Tamil prostitute on lying a sofa‘ (c.1900)

Vintage interracial black woman with knee-socks making love to a white man only wearing his socks

Intimate interracial couple‘ (c.1910s)

Vintage interracial - black girl and white colonist holding her boobs

Politically incorrect picture of a ‘White colonist with black girl‘ (c.1920s)

Vintage interracial photograph with a white female penetrated from the rear by a black male on the sofa

Interracial intercourse on the couch‘ (c.1930s)

Vintage interracial collage of pics with sensual interracial encounters

Series of photographs with an ‘interracial couple in various poses‘ (c.1920s)

Vintage interracial B&W picture of a white female performing fellatio on a black male

Vintage Western erotic picture featuring ‘a white woman performing fellatio on a black man’ (c.1920s)

Vintage interracial B&W photograph of a White male performing cunnilingus on a black female

White male performing cunnilingus on a black female‘ (c.1970s)

Vintage Interracial Pics

Drawing after a photograph of ‘an interracial couple having intercourse on the bed‘ (c.1930s)

Vintage interracial old photograph with a white woman sucking a black male

Female performing fellatio‘ (c.1920s)

Vintage interracial white male holding his penis while touching a black female

White male stroking the genital area of a black woman‘ (c.1930s)

Vintage interracial young black female performing fellatio on a white male

Black woman performing cunnilingus to a white male‘ (c.1920s)

Vintage interracial B&W pic featuring an orgy with one white male, one black male and three black females

Black girls servicing a black and a white male‘ (c.1950s)

Vintage interracial - two pictures with a black man having sex with a white female

Vintage interracial - black man performing cunnilingus on a white female

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Marijn is the founder of With more than 20 years of experience within the sensual and erotic art of shunga he is an authority in the genre. During this time he served many customers with complementing their art collection.
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