Japanese Shunga Surimono Depicting the Collection of Vaginal Fluid
20 oktober 2017 
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Japanese Shunga Surimono Depicting the Collection of Vaginal Fluid

In this probably unique and distinguishing Japanese shunga surimono (commissioned print) Shigenobu portrays his sensual participants, a European couple, as godlike figures (the female is stunningly beautiful) set in a celestial setting.

Underneath the genitals of the woman vaginal fluids are collected on a plate. The inevitable incense burner(*) on a small table in the background.

Fig.1. Surimono featuring a ‘Western Couple‘ (c.1830) by Yanagawa Shigenobu (1787-1833)

This specific print is depicted in the book ‘Strangers in Paradise‘ by Dr.Richard Lane. On p.122 (see Fig.2.) it is juxtaposed against a lithograph by Picasso (dated 1963), which is inspired on Shigenobu.

japanese shunga

Fig.2. (p.122 ‘Strangers in Paradise‘ by Dr.Richard Lane)

japanese shunga

Fig.3. (p.71 in ‘Strangers in Paradise‘ by Dr.Richard Lane)

Jaoanese shunga

Fig.4. ‘Dutchman with Nagasaki geisha‘ (c.1823) attributed to Yanagawa Shigenobu

Japanese shunga

Fig.5. Oban-sized print ‘Odd foreigner making love to a Japanese female seamstress‘ (c. 1820) from the album ‘Koi no harizuki‘ by Hokusai school

Japanese shunga

Fig.6. ‘Intercourse close-up designs of a foreign couple (l) and foreign couple tongue-kissing (r)‘ (c.1783) from the series ‘Kabumakura‘ by a pupil of the Utamaro school

Japanese shunga

Fig.7. ‘Dutch intimate couple‘ (c.1820s) from the series  ‘Kaidan hyakubobo-gatari‘ by Keisai Eisen

Japanese shunga with intimate foreigner on a boat

Fig.8. Egoyomi featuring ‘Dutchman and a Japanese courtesan on a sail boat (probably a VOC ship)‘ (c.1820) attributed to Keisai Eisen (1790-1848)

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*Incense burners were frequently added when foreign couples were depicted. In Japanese/Nagasaki society it was whispered that these exotic foreigners were rather “smelly”.

What is your favorite subject in shunga (such as foreigners, gay (male-male), lesbian, tattoo, bathhouse…etc.)? Leave your reaction in the comment box below…!!

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