Shigenobu's Focus On the Female Genitalia
27 oktober 2017 
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Shigenobu's Focus On the Female Genitalia

A rendezvous between two quarelling lovers. It is close to the style of the Utagawa school, but not quite. The composition is explicitly designed to display the forcefully erect penis and the smallest details of the female genitalia. These details are reminiscent to the popular close-up scenes in shunga books (see Fig.3.).

Fig.1. ‘Quarelling couple‘ (late 1820s) Plate 7 from the series ‘Willow Storm (yanagi no arushi)‘ by Yanagawa Shigenobu (1787-1833)

Fig.2. Detail Plate 7 ‘Willow Storm‘ design

woman's genitalia

Fig.3. ‘Intercourse close-up‘ (c.1842) from the series ‘Shiki no sugatami (Viewing Forms in the Four Seasons)‘ by Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

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Source: ‘Vol.4 of ‘Teihon ukiyo-e shunga mrihin shusei (The Complete Ukiyo-e Shunga), 1997′ by Hayashi Yoshikazu’

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