The Captivating Voyeurism of the French Doctor Jean Morisot (38 Images)
Marijn Kruijff
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The Captivating Voyeurism of the French Doctor Jean Morisot

12 min

The obscure French artist Jean Morisot (1899 – 1967) was a doctor by profession who also produced risky drawings. He worked under the pseudonym Jean de Sauteval. A lot of his art has a voyeuristic starting point, cheerful and humorous, but from time to time Morisot doesn’t shy away from a grimmer atmosphere.

jean morisot black lover doggy style

Fig.1. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)


Little is known about the artist but his satirical erotic etches and engravings clearly show that Morisot is looking for provocation and radiate the same pleasure similar to that of the British caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson.

Bloody Glans

His subjects range from lesbian prostitutes (Fig.3), horny maids and butlers (Fig.2 and 7), demons (Fig.11), satyrs (Fig.13), witches (Fig.6), a Pierrot performing cunnilingus to a young actress (Fig.9), and he also drew several versions on Leda and the Swan (Fig.14 and 20) and the flying phalluses with the bloody glans (Fig.5) recall Kyosai’s scroll (on the screen on the far right!) with the dancing bodyless costume and the elephant.

jean morisot initiation in the attic

Fig.2. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

Interracial Love-Making

Morisot seems to be particularly fascinated with interracial love-making and includes references to the French colonial territories in Africa (Fig.16). Above and below you can find no less than 5 tantalizing examples of this exotic theme (Fig.1, 4, 18 and 24).

Jean Morisot lesbian

Fig.3. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

jean morisot interracial lovemaking

Fig.4.’Priapées‘ (1950)

flying phalluses jean morisot

Fig.5. ‘Douze images‘ (1930)

jean morisot witch

Fig.6. ‘Witch‘ from ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

Jean Morisot peeking butler

Fig.7. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

Jean Morisot voyeur

Fig.8. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

jean morisot clown cunnilingus

Fig.9. ‘Douze images‘ (1930)

Jean Morisot demon


Jean Morisot rape demon

Fig.11. ‘Douze images‘ (1930)

jean morisot horny monkey

Fig.12. ‘Douze images‘ (1930)

satyr jean morisot

Fig.13. ‘Ex Libris

jean morisot leda and swan

Fig.14. ‘Leda and Swan‘ ( ‘Ex Libris‘)

Jean Morisot nude with skull on a battle field

Fig.15. ‘Ex Libris‘ (

jean morisot black native rape

Fig.16. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

jean morisot lesbian lovers and voyeur

Fig.17. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

jean morisot black man at a masked ball

Fig.18. ‘Douze images‘ (1930)

jean morisot murderous barber


leda and the swan

Fig.20. ‘Ex Libris

jean morisot tied female spanking


jean morisot kidnap


jean morisot lesbian orgy


jean morisot interracial couple


jean morisot phallus painter

Fig.25. ‘Ex Libris

jean morisot intercourse


jean morisot threesome

Fig.27. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

jean morisot orgy

Fig.28. ‘Douze images‘ (1930)

jean morisot phallus floor

Fig.29. ‘Douze images‘ (1930)

jean morisot foursome

Fig.30. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

jean morisot post coital

Fig.31. ‘Priapées‘ (1950)

jean morisot nude female

Fig.32. ‘Ex Libris

jean morisot skeleton with nude model

Fig.33. ‘Ex Libris

jean morisot ex libris

Fig.34. ‘Ex Libris‘ (

ex libris jean morisot

Fig.35. ‘Ex Libris – Ninon

jean morisot ex libris johan schweinele

Fig.36. ‘Ex libris

The following three illustrations are from a late clandestine title ‘Les Putains Ou le Traite des Perversions‘ that also includes work from other artists…

jean morisot les putains

Fig.37. (Source:

jean morisot spanking

Fig.38. (Source:

jean morisot interracial threesome

Fig.39. (Source:

jean morisot ex libris

Fig.40. 'Ex-Libris - Ninon ' (1950s)

ex libris jean morisot

Fig.41. Ex-Libris

Jean Morisot Menu


Jean Morisot erotica

Fig.43. La guirlande de Priape (The Garland of Priapus) (1933)

Jean Morisot sex quartet

Fig.44.  La guirlande de Priape (The Garland of Priapus) (1933)

jean morisot girl on bed erotic

Fig.45. Ex-Libris

ex libris art Jean Morisot

Fig.46. Ex-Libris (1955)

two frightened nude girls running for the devil erotic illustration

Fig.47. Douze Images (1930)

The pencil drawings and sketches below Morisot produced privately and were never published, are wonderful examples of his broad erotic imagination.

Emphasis on Bondage

The scenes, some drawn on stationery that read: "Docteur Jean MORISOT, 40, rue Godot-de-Mauroy, Paris 8e", show the artist's ability to evoke an erotic tension just through the facial expressions and poses of the protagonists, making it easy for us as viewers (voyeurs!) to follow the story.

jean morisot erotic drawing

Fig.48. Erotic drawing

erotic drawing Jean Morisot

Fig.49. Erotic drawing

jean morisot erotic sketch couple in a chair


jean morisot sketch two seductive females



jean morisot aroused female in chair


jean morisot intimate dance


jean morisot whipping


jean morisot two charming females


jean morisot night scene


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