Secretly Peeking on Peeing Beauties By Aroused Males
Marijn Kruijff
3 min

Secretly Peeking on Peeing Beauties By Aroused Males

3 min

Voyeurism within shunga was a beloved subject among many ukiyo-e artists. A sub-theme within voyeurism is that of aroused men peeking on peeing beauties. Although rare, there are some appealing examples like the ones described below.

A masturbating man is peeking behind fence, looking at a peeing woman.

Peeking man behind a fence watching a peeing beauty near a stream‘ (c.1800) from the series ‘Treasure Room of Love (Ehon takara gura)‘ by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)

Peeping Tom

A peeping Tom is peeping through a tiny hole in a bamboo fench while jerking off fiercely. He is looking at a peeing beauty squatting near a stream. Below you can find another impression of this design.

Another impression of the masturbating man peeking at a peeing woman.

Another impression from the series ‘Treasure Room of Love (Ehon takara gura)

Farmer sitting behind a rice bale spying on a peeing woman near a stream.

Peeing woman near stream‘ (c.1835) from the series ‘Hana no miyakoji‘ by Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

Peasant Girl

Erotic image of a peasant girl urinating in a stream. She is being peeped by a horny country lad who is sitting behind a stack of rice straw.

In image with bizarre peep show and a peeing woman in the foreground.

´Bizarre peep show´ (c.1827) from the series ´Hiyaku mon futari furisode´ by Utagawa Kuniyoshi  (1797-1861)

Animal Sex Show

In this rather bizarre image by Kuniyoshi we can see a woman who is being spied on, by a man in the other room, when she is using the toilet. In the background an excited crowd have gathered watching some kind of secret animal sex show. One of the male spectators sports a tattoo on his leg.

A picture of a peeing woman in a bathroom.

Peeing woman in bathroom‘ (c.1825) from the series ‘Hyakki yagyo‘ by Utagawa Kunisada


Another scene with a peeing beauty in a toilet only this time we, the viewer, are the actual voyeurs. A subtle hint by the artist to his male audience. Like many of the other themes within shunga, Kunisada mastered all of them.

There’s also a toy print (shikake-e) version of this design including a door that can be closed.

Close of peeing woman's vagina.

Close of peeing woman‘ (c.1860) from an unknown member of the Utagawa school

Not directly representing the theme of this article but this very rare (first time I ever came across this kind of theme in seventeen years) design makes, like in the previous design, us the voyeur. The same applies to this ancient erotic picture from the 1920s…

Black and white photograph of a young Japanese peeing beauty.

Vintage B&W picture ‘Girl peeing in the forest‘ (c.1960s)

Sexual Organs

The reason for the popularity of this subject in shunga may simply be that it provides a convenient occasion and excuse for depicting the sexual organs exposed, but it is more likely that the intention was to show they have another function – and also, perhaps, to illustrate that we are all human, with no reason to be ashamed of such things.

An aroused male voyeur peeking at a peeing woman in the other room through a tiny hole in the wall of a public toilet' (c.1860) attrib. to Kawanabe Kyosai

An aroused male voyeur peeking at a peeing woman in the other room through a tiny hole in the wall
of a public toilet‘ (c.1860) attrib. to Kawanabe Kyosai

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