8 Marvellous Gifts for (Shunga) Art Lovers
Marijn Kruijff
4 min

8 Marvellous Gifts for (Shunga) Art Lovers

4 min

Bespoke shunga prints and paintings will delight someone you love this holiday

With their demanding taste, visual intellect, and keen eye for quality, art fans and collectors can be among the most challenging to buy a gift for. This season, ShungaGallery has gathered a collection of lavish offerings—from a very rare shunga scroll featuring silhouette paintings to a highly entertaining and much sought after Hokusai piece portraying a phallic Sambaso dancer — to satisfy the taste of the collector on your list.

Black and white ink picture of lovemaking couple

Shunga scroll

Black and white ink painting of couple have sex doggystyle.

Silhouette Paintings

An exclusive scroll consisting of twelve magnificent silhouette paintings with sensual encounters. The brush technique is brilliant and so detailed. This rare piece has been attributed to Suzuki Hyakunen (1825-1891) and was produced c.1860. We have treated this scroll in a previous post. The price at this time (December) is Euro 3850,- (Gallery Price Euro 4500,-)

Female ghost holding a phallus.


A small-sized treasure from the imaginative mind of the highly influential Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861). This very rare series called ‘Ghost Stories: Night Procession of the Hundred Demons (Kaidan hyakki yagyô, 開談百気夜行)’, published around 1830, even escaped the attention of the well-known Kuniyoshi expert Basil William Robinson. In this design we see the appearance of a winged-ghost with a vulva-shaped face holding a phallus-shaped newborn scaring off a traveller in the pouring rain. The price for this lovely piece is Euro 985,-. (Gallery Price Euro 1150,-)

Intercourse close-up of a Dutch couple.

Intercourse close-up of a Dutch couple‘ (c.1820) by Keisai Eisen (1790-1848)


Extremely rare close-up shunga by Eisen portraying an intercourse close-up of the exotic strangers (Dutch). Unfortunately this piece has been sold recently.

The rape of a rokurokub by two samurai.

The rape of a rokurokubi (c.1827) from the series ‘Fashionable Men of the Zodiac Year (Imayo toshi-otoko)‘ by Utagawa Kunitora


Superb fantasy scene with the shocking molestation of long-necked demon (rokurokubi). You can find more info on this design in the following post. The price for you, only in December 2017,  is Euro 1450,-. (Gallery Price Euro 1650,-)

Close-up of peeing woman's vagina.

Close up of peeing woman‘ (c.1860) by an unknown member of the Utagawa school

Peeing Vagina

Most probably the only close-up design of a peeing vagina. Published in the 1840s and designed by an unidentified member of the Utagawa school. We can offer at this time (December only) for Euro 395,-. (Gallery Price Euro 450,-)

An intimate couple is being disturbed by their cat.

Intimate couple with a cat‘ (c.1853) from the series ‘Shikido 18 kajo‘ by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861)

Cat Lover

A terrific piece with Kuniyoshi using the blanket as a compositional component. Kuniyoshi was an avid cat lover (especially white cats with black spots) and included one in this image for amusing effect. Temporary price (December only) is Euro 850,-. (Gallery Price Euro 935,-)

A sambaso dancer getting intimate with a woman.

Sambaso Dancer‘(c.1810s) from the series ‘Brocades of the East (Azuma nishiki)‘ by Katsushika Hokusai

You can discover more content on this great Hokusai shunga in the following article. We can offer this design for only this short period for Euro 3450,-  (Gallery Price Euro 3750,-)

General Minomoto and Tairo Tokuko are having sex from behind.

General Minomoto and Tairo Tokuko‘ (c.1855) from the series ‘Nezamedoko ikuyo no mutsugoto‘ by Utagawa Kunisada (1768-1865)

Excellent shunga design set against a purple ground. The protagonists are general Minamoto Yoshitsune and Taira Tokuko. Striking are the blue highlight details in the hairdos. There is a lot of attention to the printing details to the various parts of the kimono of the woman and metallic pigment details to the remaining parts of their clothing. The visible wood grain is an indication that it concerns an early impression. Price (only in this month!) is Euro 750,-. (Gallery Price Euro 825,-)

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