These colourful and powerful sketches of the deity Izanagi are collector’s items, especially for those who appreciate fine erotic art.  The story behind Izanagi is one of passion, fire, love and richness.  According to Japanese folkore, Izanagi no Mikoto was the exalted male, all powerful, all heroic and all passionate, also known as ‘He Who Invites’.   Izanami no Mikoto was the exalted female, or ‘She Who Invites’.  Together, they created the Japanese archipelago, giving them the power of creation as well as the power over all other deities.

Izanagi and Izanami came from that place between heaven and earth, the Floating Bridge of Heaven.  These Gods, or mythical creatures, descended from the bridge to the raging ocean below, forming the island of Onogoro, an island of extreme wealth and power.  With power came love, heightened sexuality and prowess. While they had their disagreements, should the man or the woman make the first move, ultimately they fell in love.  The erotic art of Izanagi depicts the passionate, fiery and powerful relationship between the two deities.

Izanagi and Izanami had two children together, another Japanese legend and one that is the subject of Japanese art too. The children, Hiruko and Awashima, meaing ‘leech child’ and ‘pale island’ were not considered to be Gods, although Hiruko ultimately became the Japanese God, Ebisu.
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