Izanami no Mikoto means ‘She Who Invites’ and Izanami was the Japanese Goddess of creation and of death.  As a Goddess, there was nobody more powerful, sexual or erotic than Izanami. Izanami and Izanagi were summoned into existence by Kunitokotachi and Amenominakanushi, the first known Japanese Gods.  As mythical creatures, these divine beings were given the task of creating the first self-forming land, Onogoroshima.

Izanami was a powerful and beautiful Goddess.  With her spear decorated with jewels, her wild mane of hair, her strong body and her clear confidence, Izanami and Izanagi initially skirted around one another.  With power, and the two were a pair of the most powerful Japanese mythical characters, comes sexuality and love.  In a charged atmosphere, power, creation and sexuality, they mated, which today would be called making love.

Izanami was the Goddess of Creation.  She was also the Goddess of Death.  She gave birth to several beautiful and passionate Japanese Gods, all connected to nature, but it was when she gave birth to the God of Fire, Kagu-Tsuchi, that she herself burned to death.  Her final resting place became Mt. Hiba, the land of the dead.  Izanagi visited her, rejected her because of her looks, and she then killed 1000 people a day in retaliation.

These stories have resulted in a collection of art, powerful, strong and erotic, items that all belong to collectors.
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