Ashley Wood’s Post-Apocalyptic Erotic World
Marijn Kruijff
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Ashley Wood's Post-Apocalyptic Erotic World

8 min

The Perth-based illustrator Ashley Wood (1971) is one of the big names in the international comic book industry. He started in the UK where his drawings of the character Judge Dredd stood out. As a result, he attracted the attention of great American publishers such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics and subsequently worked for Image from Todd McFarlane (for whom he worked on the character Spawn) and IDW Publishing.


Wood’s breakthrough came in 2000 with the comic Popbot. In a 2001 interview Wood described Popbot as a ‘mixture of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and ‘Fritz the Cat‘, with a side serving of David Lynch weird ass salad.’  The tale is about a cat that was once a world-famous rock star whose career is in decline and who has to reimburse huge amounts of debt to various parties. The tone moves from eccentric parody and absurdity to haunted house and contemplation.

Long-limbed Amazon Girls

The gloomy post-nuclear world portrayed in his graphic novels and paintings is inhabited by heavily-armed robots, rabid zombies, dead cosmonauts, long-limbed amazon girls, sexbots, new age ninjas, violent soldiers, and other predatory creatures. Wood’s painting style is very loose and expressive with a rich lush patina. His realm of thought and style can probably be best described as Philip K. Dick meets Cézanne.

ashley wood: Nabler on location

Nabler on location

ashley wood painting entitled Lasstraunaut 1

Lasstraunaut 1

Erotic Work

In his erotic work the intimate protagonists are placed at desolate impersonal locations such as poorly lit factory halls. The alienating atmosphere is enhanced by the invisible or partially visible (in the pin up scenes) female face. The male faces are completely absent since they wear either an astronaut helmet, an oxygen or a gas mask. In the intercourse scenes the faces are never visible. The young scantily-clad girls (Amazones) often only wear light stockings and lean or sit on helmets or so-called Popbots while the man often only plays a supporting role.

ashley wood

ashley wood painting entitled 'Nude'

Mixed media ‘Nude‘ (2012)ashley wood

Oil painting ‘Nude with Popbot‘ (2010)

ashley wood: Giclee print Nabler domestic scene

Giclee print ‘Nabler domestic scene‘ (2012)

Ashley Wood's Tank Girl

Tank girl

Painting with girl stripping for robot mask ashley wood

ashley wood: robot and stripping girl on a sofa

Painting entitled 'Fat Tarino' by Ashley Wood

Fat Tarino

ashley wood: oil painting with a nude girl on a bed showing her ass

Oil painting ‘Title unknown’

Oil Painting entitled 'The Rider' by Ashley Wood

The Rider

ashley wood painting entitled Favorite sitting device 5

Favorite sitting device 5‘ (2012) Photo from jonathanlevineprojects

ashley wood's Surgery I

Surgery I‘ (2012) Photo from jonathanlevineprojects

ashley wood art

Blue Nabler‘ (2013)  (Source:

girl playing with herself by ashley wood

Ashley Wood on Twitter

Shunga inspired ink-drawings by Ashley Wood:

ashley wood shunga lesbian couple

ashley wood shunga depicting two lesbians with one of them wearing a strap on dildo

ashley wood shunga

ashley wood shunga with two lesbian girls

ashley wood painting inspired by shunga

Image by ashleywood3a

ashley wood sketch with two lesbian females with one sucking the nipples of the other

ashley wood: new year's greeting card inspired by shunga art

ashley wood erotic drawing

ashley wood: erotic drawing inspired by shunga depicting a girl wearing a ageboshi making love to a male with a robot head

ashley wood: shunga depicting male with robot head and girl

ashley wood: shunga depicting a girl sitting on top of a male with a robot head

ashley wood: erotic drawing depicting a girl wearing a kimono watching the erection of a male with a robot head

ashley wood

A2 Poster Print  ‘Bathing Tank Girl’ 

Signed Poster ‘Tank Girl with bazooka 

ashley wood erotic

ashley woord erotic

ashley wood sexy astronaut

ashley wood masturbating female

ashley wood erotic sketch

ashley wood close up sexy astronaut

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